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How Can I Transfer Photographs From Lg Rd-6130

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hello Friends,

plz Help me i have the LG handset i.e. of RIM LG RD-6130, i had captured the Photographs with camera now i want to transfer the Photographs to my Computer with the help of DATA CABLE which i have. plz tell me abt the software which can do this and send me that Software

will wait for the Positive Response

bye for now

Thanks & Regards

Heeresh Khatri

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Heeresh you can easily transfer the camera photos to your computer by using the LG sync and link software.

Just download the attached software.


download from here

LG Sync_Link

Install the soft ware on your PC

You will see two new programs LG Sync & LG link.

Connect your phone to the PC using the data cable.

Important: Select appropriate post setting depending on the data cable (USB or COM)

To transfer phone book, to do list, memo etc. use LG Sync.

To transfer photos use LG link.

Try and reply.

A piece of Information: There is a dedicated topic for 6130 under Handset discussions > LG > All about 6130.

You will find ton of info over there.

>> I am not able to attach the file.

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