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  1. People using whatsapp are very unlikely to shift. No need to pay extra though.
  2. Simplest guide to Reliance Data plans I have ever encountered. Thanks Amit. One query though: Windows Mobile plan are RMW PPP or RNC PPP Plans?
  3. HTC Droid Eris ROM Sense 2.3.3

    Shall it work for Sprint htc hero also? I have a impression that Hero & Eris are same, which is also MTS Pulse.
  4. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Thats the thing in rules. But when application itself is not processed and rejected, then at the time of payment into treasury the ST number is not accepted and payment gets delayed which causes other implications. and this has happened. Now the things are on ACES so its smooth. Still one recent incidence to share. Just a month back we amended our excise registration online. New RC was generated online. That was fine. but to get the physical stamped and signed RC from the AC, we had to pay 7k till then it was not delivered. What in case of C Form. anyone engaged in interstate business would know how much have to be paid to get C form on time. Now where in this are we asking for extra favour, we are not asking for Fake C Form, but give legitimate C forms on time at least. I completely agree on this. and this should happen soon. Heck we dont need invitation on this, lets pledge it that if system dont compel us we wont pay.
  5. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    It is no where claimed that this movement will eradicate corruption 100% from the grass root level and frankly no one expects that to happen overnight. But why not support a movement for change. We acknowledge something is bad, but that is too complex and too big to change... so don't we ever try to change things. Cant we acknowledge the opportunity as a start of the process of change. The whole argument that 'we our selves have to change to stop corruption. Stop giving bribes etc etc.' is all too good. But practically even that has to be collective and simultaneous effort and a mass movement. It is necessary because corruption has become systematic rot. If single person here and there will stop paying bribe then he will become victim of the system. I didnt give donation for admission in school for child and missed the opportunity and was called 'kanjoos' and 'irresponsible' in matter of child's future. Nothing else changed, donation is still very much in-thing. Go for Centralized service tax registration, 15 point list of documents is prescribed, every document is proper and ready, but your application will be rejected on some or other pretext because 10k is asking rate of 'unofficial fees'. This is situation where we are forced to be corrupt. Same in case of refund of VAT, the commissioner of appeal ask of bribe to sustain the legitimate appeal as if it is his birth right. The confidence with which he ask for bribe shows that there is no fear of law. If he rejects the appeal, we have the option to go to tribunal. But the case will come up for hearing after 3 years. That way we lose on interest on the sum of refund. What option do we have? The system forces to be corrupt. What is wrong in asking for strong measure/law as well as an strong enforcement agency to punish the corrupt? what is wrong is asking for a citizen charter in govt. offices? Small corruption may not end, but atleast the ray of hope is that big scamsters will get probed and punished in an independent manner. Lets start somewhere...
  6. Tax Efiling Sites

    Horrible.....to say the least. How can personal data get changed after confirmation? strange. @tanveer the site mentioned is taxspanner.com
  7. Any wireless Keyboard + mouse combo available with Caps lock/ num lock indicator on keyboard? I have seen that i-ball, logitech doesnot have caps lock indicator.
  8. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Finally, "been there ... done that" moment. First hand look at the protest at Azad maidan (opp. CST station) in mumbai. A real scene of patriotism. People from all walks, ages, sections, rich, poor, collegiates, office goers, retired, everyone was to be seen.
  9. Surprise surprise... Cool and refreshing new look. Custom uploaded profile pics are gone or m i missing some thing
  10. iOS Mobile Devices - Basics'n Giudes

    Thats very comprehensive and needful information.

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Hetal bhai
  12. Filing Income Tax Returns

    Instead of looking for a TRP at this stage, I would suggest to just go ahead and file your return on your own. Rajan has clarified everything in very easy language. Though ITR- 4 is a big form and you may find it little diff. to fill in, I guess you will most probably need ITR-2. In any case write-in here if you are stuck anywhere.
  13. Source Just to add one thing. If you are writing esn then type the following command before writing esn RequestNVItemWrite scm 0x2a (this will change the mode from meid to esn)