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  1. Sync To Outlook

    you mean you can sync phonebook but not the schedules? and just to clarify you have a 2030 that you want to sync to an outlook schedule? right?
  2. Sync To Outlook

    did you try out the method i had suggested/
  3. 2 Mdn On 1 Gtran

    you can read and dial numbers stored on your RUIM even with GTRAN... when you choose my names, change the first option from phone book to UIM
  4. DADP Self-testing Tools For J2me Applications

    i registered but cant see anyting on the rworld platform - cud anyone use this tool successfully?
  5. Who Offers Fastest Net Connectivity?

    why dont you swtich to iqara? 880 pm incl tax... a bit better speed. i think they cover most cities in Guj.
  6. First Nokia Camera Phone Launched With Fm Radio.

    the looks are quite ugly... and overpriced too. Does this have a fully functional IR port or is it also like the LG model?
  7. Best Of The Breed

    none of the cdma phones can match the average GSm phone
  8. Lg 6130

    i think one of their other phones is also RUIM... the one that is supposed to look like a watch
  9. Gmail Offers Free Pop !

    IMAP on gmail is not very useful bcoz u cannot create folders. you have a fixed number of folders - inbox, sent and archives. Everything else is managed by labels.
  10. Nokia Cdma Range

    i have asked both reliance and nokia about the release date for n6255... but both are not willing to provide any information
  11. Yahoo Joins 1 Gb Bandwagon

    mine is 100 mb too!!
  12. Lg 6130 V/s Gtran 4020

    the LG still looks a better bet overall... you will have local ASC support and RIM will support the handset much better then GTRAN
  13. Lg 6130 V/s Gtran 4020

    u'll get bored with uploading pics and ringtones preety soon... dont use that as an eval criteria. Plus LG can always come out with better software, dont expect a unknown company like GTRAN to provide you with software updates
  14. Signing Into Mobile Device Using Y!m

    Hey same thing happened with me!
  15. Buggy "update Phonebook" Under "all About 93"

    the GTRAN doesnt even have the Update Phonebook application... so consider yourself lucky to atleast have a buggy software instead of no software