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  1. Dont port to jio..... if the network is bad in ur area then u r doomed...... i am stuck cause i ported my number......
  2. The worst ever service by Jio. Complaints are just closed without any resolution. In total 5 complains closed by them (all 5 where opened after the last was closed) At my residence my phone show 5 bars of network with only jio as network name. in this status the my phone is unreachable and i am not able to make any calls.... then i put the phone in airplane mode and retry for the network 2-5 times i get network with 5 bars and Jio VoLTE as network name (Network name JIO LTE in iPhone), thats when my phone works. But these A**holes don't understand the problem at all and nothing is done. i have requested for engineer for visit so that i can explain the problem, but no use. The phone again after sometime shifts to the other network when i move from one room to other...... So in short i am un-contactable when i reach home....... and my wife is totally un-contactable...... DONT PORT TILL THEY ARE COMMERCIALLY READY TO LAUNCH THEIR SERVICES, UNLESS YOUR NUMBER IS NOT IMPORT FOR YOU
  3. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    not working in prepaid...... its saying information not available please try later...... tried for 3-4 days then posting this message
  4. iPhone 5 with Data on Reliance CDMA?

    i think parin has put a video on youtube for iphone5 working on reliance
  5. Pros & Cons: HTC Droid Incredible 2

    Very True... they look good with silicon covers
  6. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Megaupload is down forever. Can someone upload the ROM's Again ?
  7. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    pls upload on some other host.... Megaupload is shut {maybe forever} due to piracy act
  8. great.... actually u took so much efforts to contact customer care !! hats off to u !
  9. thanks a lot i use airtel but will put this in my phone ringtones
  10. yaar reliance prepaid mein bhi i am charged on 50 paise for all calls {local / std} plus roaming mein also its 50 paise for outgoing and incoming
  11. i agree with u Hitesh bhai.... u have always helped me a lot & spend lots of time on my work....
  12. if he will enter the telecom market then he will not start from scratch..... he will buy out a existing player.....
  13. Airtel Gprs New Plans

    Valid in Mumbai for sure on idea for other states..... ya i think.... if they have purchased the license then they will definitely improve the speeds
  14. Bluetooth Stereo Headset Problem In 8830 We ?

    i am sorry.... i am a little confused... either the songs should be ripped at 44k or 48k sorry for the confusion... but either will work for sure....