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Found 23 results

  1. This forum started for maintenance and guidelines for the CDMA user community. If one carrier stops, we switch to a different operator. I am writing this, because no one is sure of any particular CDMA continuing in short future. BSNL can help CDMA users in some regions of service and will help those who have single network handset. I am also aware that BSNL is surrendering cdma spectrum in some states but it still help us. RUIM of BSNL is hybrid type, data works on normal sim based handsets like Moto E, Moto X, Droid series etc and also on handsets like VZW Note 3, Note 5, S5, S6, S7 Nexus 6 etc. A small amount of one time programming is required after sim activation. Note that there is no *228 for OTAF and was removed from network in 2010. MIP profile type:- make simple IP from mobile ip (mainly essential) Ppp user= your10digitmin@AAAVD.in (only required in some handsets) Ppp pass= your10digitmin Dial string/APN= #777 BSNL CDMA back end all India operations are handled from Vadodara and we can directly contact them for any issues. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Guys, Like I said in my introduction post, I'm still discovering and familiarizing with the things. Please ignore me If I'm digging old stuff. As said I'm very new reliance CDMA customer with two devices (ZTE AC3633 and Huawei EC306 plus OMH card).ZTE AC3633 looks like a crappy hardware as when I use it heavily starts dissipating huge amounts of heat and with that it also disconnects internet frequently, adding to that the WiFi goes completely off frequently (at least 1 or 2 times a day) in which had to switch it off and on to get it back. Recently I've unlocked the MTS Huawei EC306, it was really easy for me being a tech guy myself after checking various sites/forums and also came across various old hacks related to Huawei EC306. Really liking this device which I got it for Rs.400/- from eBay. After knowing various things I thought of implementing some of the old hacks with some modifications and improvisations. I've just ordered some stuff from china and will reveal all my project details once I start the project.Thats said, now I'm looking into software side and was really curious to have all the features such as voice call, call log, USSD and others. This is where I really can't find enough info on the supported dashboard features of EC306. I also found smartfren dashboard for EC306-2 with call feature but not sure the pic is legitimate or some fake. After all this I thought its better to post here and get some really good advice from some of the smart wise old gentlemens of this community. I'm sure many of them in this community are most experienced than me and might definitely come across my query some time in past. Hoping for the best I'll leave it to you guys. Please let me know the details of any modem that supports CDMA Rev B. with full dashboard features. Also as you all know the main reason to get this is to make use of the Rs.949/- unlimited plan with calls, sms and data. Thank you and Regards, i0s9
  3. Reliance CDMA EvDo users in Delhi / NCR?

    Hi, I was wondering if we have any Delhi based group members who use EvDo data on Reliance CDMA network? Every time I raise a service request with Reliance about HSD network they say that I'm the first to complaint about that and they are unaware of any network issues. I guess I'm not the only one though. Who all do we have on board and what handset do you use? I'm Delhi based EvDo user and use Samsung Ace 2 duos (SCH-I589).
  4. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    The Free & Easiest way to get MSL/SPC OF LG TRIBUTE in 2-3 Minutes... Step 1: Signup/signin or use Amazon Account to Login on https://z60qpd32f89.ting.com/ Step 2: Click on Activate Tab & Enter Below Details (Keep Below Details Handy) MEID ICC ID Zip Code(i used 10018,New york it worked for me) Virtual Credit/debit Card Step 3: You will receive Mail with MSL/SPC. if you think above things are complicated,then you can buy MSL/SPC from below Link http://www.ebay.com/...n-/181624125269
  5. I want to buy a an Android CDMA handset with 1GB of RAM (or more), I will use it for the following features: Voice Calls and SMSs EVDO whatsapp chatting/sharing pics/videos etc. 24x7 (not 1x, original issue with 1x is discusssed here) Wi-Fi tethering Google Maps (I use GPS a lot) These are the major uses. I have airtel and I will port to tata docomo CDMA (not Reliance because my friend had Reliance CDMA few years back and I have seen their customer service, not much different from BSNL). I decided to switch to CDMA because of excellent call quality, signals rarely drop (at least in Hyderabad and wherever else I roam) and good EVDO connectivity, not to mention I am getting some severe headaches if I talk for long time on GSM. I used CDMA few years back and never had headaches even if I talked for 2 hours. 7K Budget, I can raise it to 12K if I get some really good handset which does not give me problems mentioned here I avoid imported handsets because I read a post about the disadvantages . Do these imported phones get updates for both apps and OS ?
  6. Verizon's Novatel, ZTE and Pantech pocket routers are very popular in US. Initially, Novatel 2200 Jetpacks were based on NV mode programming only. Now the newer Novatel 4510, 4620L, 4620LE and 5510 are based on CDMA SIM slots. The ZTE 890L and Novatel 4620L/LE are global mode MiFi devices where any GSM SIM will work on the go. While Reliance 1x works instantly upon SIM insertion, Evdo does not connect and needs to be tweaked a little. And data on Tata Indicom does not work without these tweaks. Requirements for Reliance CDMA EVDO on SIM:- 1. We have to know the 8 digit HDR password of the RUIM before begining the process. 2. Download 4620L drivers. 3. Mifi should start installing various ports after installation of the driver 4. Using DFS, connect to status port and send SPC 000000 (the Jetpacks do not listen without this port) 5. Do not read or change any settings 6. Go to data and in HDR UID/Pass write A10000xxx@ in your HDR username, and the RUIM's 8 digit password in the password field. 7. Go to MIP section, without reading write A10000xxx or 'net' in the first profile, same in the RM NAI. 8. Reboot 9. Insert SIM and 3G connected. Requirements and procedure for EVDO on Tata Indicom Photon SIM:- 1. Using DFS, send SPC 000000 and go to MIP profile, enter 'internet' in the first profile and reboot. 2. After this change, any Tata SIM can be used since it has a universal MIP, unlike Reliance. (Any data pack with any denomination works) Note:- This is only for CDMA band of the Mifi. Router configuration is done by wifi by vz.hotspot or . GSM_WCDMA is global auto APN. ZTE 890L is fully unlocked and does not require any tweaking. This tutorial pertains to 4620L, 4620LE and 5510. None tested on MTS. Important update:- For Reliance, universal username/pass = net/net working for evdo on some firmwares and some firmwares need HDR username A1000xxx@hrpd.xxxx in first MIP profile in DFS and nothing else. HDR password is no longer required to work. Mifi4620_Drivers.zip
  7. I brought an unlocked zte ac2766 modem from Ebay. Bought a omh reliance sim. DId sim verification and *228 activation on old phone (LG-RD3510) Put the sim in modem but it doesn't shows signal at 1x or hybrid It only shows the signal at evdo. activated evdo.can connect to evdo when choosing evdo,but still no signal at 1x or hybrid. so i cant use call feature or sms feature or internet at 1x. tried visafone and bsnl dashboard,but issue still persist.no signal at 1x or hybrid. Am at my wits end now. Please help ps:only twice it showed 1x signal for 1 second out of 20-30 times.
  8. Hey guys, looking for a smartphone with dual sim, cdma + gsm android, budget is under 20k. currently using htc desire xc dual sim t329d. connectivity wise, i need 1x only for cdma (EVDO not compulsion but if present will do good) 3g for GSM (must). Presently my htc is evdo + 2g. dere are many phones with similar config, i.e evdo + 2g but not 1x/evdo + 3g. looked for sharp sch630e. but have some credibility issues regarding after sales. suggest couple of hand sets please.
  9. Now Reliance has Made EVDO activation Easier, Just send a Simple SMS & your EVDO will be activated in 3 hrs, You Just need to Send Below SMS for Activation Postpaid Type HSD send it to 55444 Prepaid Type HSD send it to 55333 Enjoy
  10. Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I939D has the following specifications - 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display 1.4 Ghz Samsung Exynos 4412 quad core phone 1 Gb RAM Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS 8 mega pixel camera rear side 1.9 mega pixel front facing camera Dual SIM GSM + CDMA connectivity untitled.bmp
  11. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged! I have noticed a strange (But happy) phenomenon occuring since the last few days on Reliance CDMA Network. Conventional wisdom says that your phone will always come engaged on CDMA network when 1X Data is On. However in the last 20 days or so, while i was travelling and 1X Data was on, i received calls without the calling person getting engaged tone. The calls were completed and upon finishing 1X Data resumed! Thought it to be a one off event but again it happenned today! What's going on? Has Reliance invented/implemented something which was thought to be technologically impossible in CDMA?
  12. Reliance CDMA Andoid Tab EVDO

    The new Reliance CDMA Android Tab has better speeds on EVDO than my GS3. Looking desperately for USB drivers of the same. I want to extract the PRL from the TAB and want to read the NV of the TAB. Its Internationally known as AHA AHA Coolpad M31. just cant seem to locate drivers the same. can anyone please help regarding the same. it would benefit all CDMA EVDO users.
  13. In an attempt to make wireless broadband more affordable India’s largest telecommunication company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) cuts down its EVDO data card price by Rs. 300. Currently BSNL EVDO data card sells at Rs. 1499. BSNL, Kerala circle has decided to offer the EVDO Data Card at Rs. 1199 as an promotional festive from 16th January, 2012 to be more competitive in Wireless Broadband market. BSNL EVDO can offer upto 3.1 Mbps downlink and upto 1.8Mbps uplink on their EVDO Rev A network. Currently wireless broadband market is mostly dominated by EVDO players – RCom (Netconnect+), Tata Teleservice/Tata Docomo (Photon+) and MTS India (MBlaze) while 3G-HSPA data services are still looking to make their way to the consumers. Even Vodafone India also launched their own branded EVDO data services as NetCruise over MTS network. BSNL EVDO services is the cheapest option in India for wireless broadband as only BSNL offers Unlimited usage at Rs. 750 per month with No Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The charges mentioned above will be automatically deducted from the account balance available in the customer’s prepaid account. The bundled free data usage is also applicable while in National Roaming across India with in BSNL network. The bundled free usage is to be exhausted within the validity period of 30 days. No carry forward of un-utilized free data usage will be allowed after the expiry of validity period. EVDO Roaming will be allowed in BSNL circles only. BSNL EVDO R-UIM can be used on EVDO enabled mobile phones & browse unlimited 3G Galaxy POP CDMA, Galaxy Ace Duos i589, Galaxy S2 Duos(coming soon) are EVDO enabled phones Please Ensure compatibility of Samsung phones before buying. Samsung India is not aware of anything on BSNL's EVDO services.
  14. Prepaid Mobilenet CDMA EVDO/HSD Plans Launched By Reliance Communications Finally. Reliance has launched Prepaid EVDO Mobile Internet Plans for CDMA users. Details in the attached image. Can be activated through SMS also. It mentions that plans are non auto renewal. So you have the freedom to decide whether to renew OR which plan to renew. Webpage Link >> http://www.rcom.co.i...ileNet.html#an3 Enjoy. NEW PLAN Launched Rs. 98 - 650 Rs. 125 - 1gb Rs. 225 - 2.5gb
  15. Hello RIMwebians, This thread has been opened to clear all the doubts regarding using DATA Services on Reliance CDMA Phones. I see many members seeking for help to know details about the plans, or many members ends up making huge Bills due to wrong plan selected or wrong PPP used. PPP plays an important role while using the DATA on CDMA phones, its same as like APN in the GSM. The PPP you will use, you will be charged as per it only. There are two PPP :- RMW PPP and RNC PPP. If one use RMW PPP by taking RNC plan or vice versa, it will end up in huge bill or sudden decrement from Prepaid Balance. All PPP settings are initially done by your seller in case of Imported Handsets and are set to RMW in case of Proprietry Reliance Handset. So carefully choose the plan and use the PPP Accordingly. All plans listed can be used on the phone or tether to your PC. Any member can ask the question about the same if there is any doubt and all queries will be answered and solved within 48 hours. Regards Amit Jain RIMweb.in Member POSTPAID: PREPAID: Prepaid Rs.5 pack discussion: http://www.rimweb.in...a-mobile-users/
  16. Hello Friends, I am starting this topic where we can discuss about the best internet options available in our own/other circles. We can also talk about some unique/special offers that we come to know about. Purpose of this topic is to increase knowledge about internet options or special offers available in other circles and to help each other take advantage of these offers. I start with the first offer I came to know about Idea 3G in Delhi region. One seller is providing 2GB data pack in Rs 249 bundled with Rs 1349 unlocked data card. He confirmed me this recharge can be continued.
  17. Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

    Hello Gurus & All, My friend is bringing the Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G from. He want to use the Voice and EVDO from Reliance on it. After following up with RIMWEB these many days (posts by Hetal, Amit, Sadik), we understood some and need help for other questions. 1. Find out the SPC/MSL by using CDMA WS. 2. Backup NV Items and others. 3. Change the MCC and others in HTC Evo View to match Reliance. 4. Load Reliance HSD PRL 1005 using CDMA WS 5. Get the MEID registered in Reliance HLR by giving MEID, ESN, AKey (26 digits 12345678901234567890xxxxxx) 6. Have the GSK on this MEID and *22B to activate Voice. 6. Get the EVDO user name (MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in) and password activated. ???? :( We have got confused by seeing the Droid EVDO configuration in another thread. 1. Configure the tab PPP Config of QPST. 1a. Format Um with MDN@hrpd.rcom.co.in 1b. Format AN tab with MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in and the password as the one received from CC. 2. What about the radio? Would the current HTC View 4g radio works for Reliance CDMA? 3. What are the NV items to be edited for this? Any other steps that we have missed out? We have searched the forum and couldn't find (Might be overlooked). If you could point us to the post also would be great. Please help us on what to do for getting EVDO on HTC View 4g. Thanks, KP
  18. Hi, I have newly purchased Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA on 11-October-2011. I got OMH SIM for rs 25 on same day got it activated immedietly. after inserting OMH card, phone is showing two signals, top one is showing as "EV" and below it is "1x" can anyone know or explain what this "EV" signal means??
  19. Hi , Inviting everybody to share views Which CDMA android phone using EVDO last the longest in battery
  20. Its seems voice on RCDMA will be shut..voice subscribers will eventually be moved to RGSM.May be in 2013 when they will build a robost GSM network... CDMA will only be for EVDO data.
  21. Data Plan Related Unified Data Plans Use it any where On Phone or Tethering Mode (Use on RWorld Password or NetConnect ) (RWorld + NetConnect = SimpleNet) = DONE = Achived as MobileNet All SimpleNet plan must be Activated by SMS short code reducing burden on Web World or Customer Care People = DONE Default SimpleNet plan is Rs 0.50 / Minute / IT MUST BE Volume based like Rs 2 / MB = DONE More Dynamic Combo Plans for Voice + Data Usage = Can be done but not need now EVDO Related Automatic EVDO Activation for Fresh OMH or EVDO Based Devices = Comming Soon Unprovisioned / Old Deactivated OMH / Devidce must have EVDO Deactivated Automatically = Comming Soon Provisioned / Newly Activated OMH / Device must have EVDO Activated automatically = Comming Soon Activation / Reactivation / Deactivation of EVDO must be SMS Based = Will be only via Web World Additional MEID Based PPP Login ID ( A0000012345678@ppp.rcom.co.in) and Password sud be password / So all New Device like Samsung Atlas I500 should not require OS Modification to accomodate MDN / MDN based UID Provisioning = Comming Soon Device Related (Handset Change - Non RUIM) As per the old Methos HCC or Retain MDN both method is confusin HCC is either not available or not working on many devices, Retain MDN is too much time consuming and Device goes in Lost state, I appeal RCDMA to come with Voice Portal for Device Swap so no Funny HCC or Retain MDN is Involved
  22. Micromax E 360

    Form Factor Bar Style Band EVDO- 800/1900 MHz Dimensions 113mm*50mm*13mm Display 262K TFT (240 *320), 6.1cm Camera Yes, 3.0MP Music Yes Stereo FM Radio / Recorder Yes Messaging Yes, SMS / MMS Games Yes JAVA Yes Bluetooth Yes Video Player Yes Video Recorder Yes Email Yes WAP/MMS Yes Phonebook Memory 1000 SMS Memory 1000 BREW Yes Expandable Memory upto 8GB Battery Type Li-ion 1000mAh Talk Time 6 hours* Standby Time 8 days*
  23. News Snippets

    I am opening this topic so that anyone can post News Snippets in short... Snippets should be relevant to this Forum unless of course they are major news headlines, which can also be posted.... I am hoping for frequent contributions from all dear members...