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  1. hahaha Was way too tied up since the meet, office work (life of an entrepreneur ain't easy ... and I guess I know it best now) , the day I thought I'll get to doing it - was my best friend's roze (its a pre marital ceremony amongst catholics - and I was out there the whole evening). Tried to do it yesterday at office - and boom - I got a training program today (in 7 hrs) - so preparing for that (and my buddy's wedding day after).. I'll still add a quick report I landed up at Joggers Park, right about the promised time - and I met Neerajayshree and Sadanand Sakpal - I was dead certain at that time - that this is going to be a different meet. Being honest, I had confirmation from 3 others as of that time - but no one seemed to have arrived. We started the evening searching for a comfortable place to sit - and thankfully, found a grassy patch real close by. Just as we sat down, we had Cdr. Rahul walk in, a real down to earth guy - who's with the Indian Navy! Shortly followed by Mujeeb - and thats where the discussions started We went for a quick introduction, getting to know each other - and boom - I started by playing a small trick - I started calling the members from their own phone numbers - this caught the attention of almost all ... in the mean while - people started trickling in one by one - till it looked like we were soon gonna need a shamiana and a marriage caterer Swapnil, Sunilji, Jyoti and Pradeep joined in shortly. The next discussion was on getting google voice to be used on the mobile - and hey that's a fab trick Some questions about the forum rules were discussed - and then we went out for a quick bite - some frankies - I was super surprised to see that my girl was spying on me - trying to figure out how did I call her from her own number - and she was in the park itself !! The next meet is planned shortly - and I really hope we have max participation then too Amit and sanjay were missed, till I was reminded... ooops sorry. You guys were awesome too was too preoccupied last night. Regards and thanks to all members who joined in (PS : Thane should be the Rimweb capital .. helluva lot of members from Thane - ambernath belt) Cheers AK
  2. Thanks a ton w all.am still on my bike 60 km from home. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  3. I will post a detailed post early tomorrow since I am kinda sleep deprived for a few days now. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  4. A fabulous meet concludes .. Will update in detail soon. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Just left from dahisar Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Just installed tapatalk since its been a while since I could get online on my lappy.... 8-10 confirmed so far Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  7. if the participants can message me their contact numbers, I could co-ordinate better. If there's any difficulty - please sync on +91 9987638816 / +91 9323656408 / +91 9920464342
  8. OP updated with venue details. Am currently in Kolkata (rather durgapur) - and have very limited access to a proper connection
  9. 6th Jan it is just a short while to go!!!! Hurray!!!! Location will be updated in the Staring post by today evening.
  10. 6th Jan seems to be a date that suits most (since I don't see anyone suggesting any other dates ...) I guess we could lock it there since most people seem comfortable there
  11. Though unceratin about the number of people in Lucknow - I guess this would be a fab opportunity for you to organize a similar meet in Lucknow as well what saY ?
  12. If someone visits a new city.. i'd strongly advise you to check on couchsurfing for options to stay. Its a community for travellers by travellers I am kinda active there
  13. Good points brought up by RahulSid. We've organized such events in the past with CCDs and Orphanages and then a short visit to Pizza hut nearby for a meet. Guess an open air area - considering its a winter evening - would be ideal. Is it just people meeting up over a cup of coffee (?) or is it more formalised with presentations etc? To be more specific, what is the agenda? Its a place where people who discuss things with daily online get to meet others in flesh. Keeping the bon homie of this forum alive. This time we would have a small session called TekTalk - which might have a presentation - lasting about 20-25 mins tops @Sadikk with his gadget bunch would be able to show some crazy stuff there Agenda : It's a free meeting - come, meet, get to know people whom you have known only online How will the venue be? If it is a public place, then there would not involve any kind of rentals etc but places like CCD or pubs etc may not appreciate the idea of so many people lingering on for so long with limited business. Better would be if a hall or some location could be hired and the expenses shared. Again my two cents. True that If the congression is anywhere close to the number of people we are expecting (the last meet having 14 people if i remember right) - any of the places rock. I've been organizing events based on agenda and specifics for the major part of the last couple of months ... this time - its a little disorganized get your chips snacks if its a public place or garden (as long as no litter is thrown about) or a cafe. If it is going to be a formalised affair including introducing people to business models, then would buying/selling be involved/allowed? No But the buy sell rules would be exactly the same as on the forum. The platform just be helping people know their sellers better. Barely anything formal mate Is the entire affair going to be moderated or would it be a free-for-all? Yes, There would be standard meeting rules mentioned. The previous meets can be viewed here : Rimweb Mumbai Meet 4 Rimweb Mumbai Meet 2 Rimweb 3rd Anniversary Meet Rimweb turns 3 Rimweb Meet 1 - Report Rimweb Meet Trivandrum Contributions for the event is something I have not thought about much. If people wish to sponsor something - I'd request them to sync with me. We'll discuss with Arun / other admins and mods to take the final call to see if we need a sponsored event. The tentative date is marked as 6th Jan, Sunday - and I hope that covers for a month and a half of planning cheers Karki
  14. Wonderful thoughts I was thinking about the logistics. Rimweb as we know it has grown leaps and bounds. And today we have far many members than in 2007, it would be wise to organize it at a central location. Someplace like town (Churchgate and CST are equidistant from such a location) and all lines - Harbour, Central and western culminate there I could check if there's any couchsurfer who can allow a congression at his / her home as well - since that way all logistics are taken care of. @KanagaDeepan : I think its a good idea to keep it in Jan too ... will give enough time to get the logistics in place . Follow the details here : https://www.facebook.com/events/113987638763560/?context=create