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Found 1 result

  1. UPDATE : Considering the updates from most people, please find the venue and date and time : Date : 6th Jan 2013 (we have a few people from pan india attending) Location : Joggers Park (4:30 PM onwards) - and later we could just jump to the frankie guys outside for a quick bite Hello Rimwebians, It's been 5 long years since the 4th Rimweb meet - and that's a very very long time. I was a tad bit busy with life - and honestly - this is something that any of us could organize After a quick interest check on facebook, I thought I should organize yet another Rimweb meet - for all A meetup at a unique place this time - A place where we could discuss about upcoming mobile techonologies - show our latest gadgets around - and even buy/sell (trade products). We've organized such meets in orphanages and coffee shops in the past - This time I was wondering if it would be awesome to host it at a neutral location which could double up as a networking hotspot for techies and geeks. Cameras, Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Dongles, Headphones, bypassing passwords - whatever is your query - we'll try to add in a jump. Sadikk and Vishal Sheth have already expressed interest in the event. I was thinking of organizing it in One of the following places your thoughts : 1. Hanging Gardens / Kamala Nehru Park 2. Joggers park, Bandra 3. CCD Carter Road 4. Stolen Coffee Room, Navi Mumbai If you have any suggestions please let us know... If you wish to contact me about this event - please PM / text / facebook message me Notes : * This is free for all. * If the event is at a place where food is available - and the members decide to consume anything - please bear your own expenses * I travel by bike, from Navi Mumbai - so if any member needs a lift to the venue of the event - please let me know - If its on the way I can pick you up. Other members willing to car pool / share bikes - please confirm. * This is a networking and interacting platform - so if you want to show your talent - right from singing to a quick cartoon - you can surely add value ... anything that can be posted online will be uploaded * Most of the event would be recorded - and uploaded - pending the members consent - if anyone is uncomfortable with that idea - please let me know - I can blur the face I am thinking of organizing this in december on one of the Sundays. I had designed a free training module for the organization I am a part of - that looks very similar to this event check the attachment - though the rimweb meet and Eka Tektalks are very different - some of the points of discussion would be similar .. Eka Tektalk.pdf