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  1. Moto X Republic

    I kept this phone as ideal as one of the seller unable to set as GSM phone, if you can help me it will be great full for me.
  2. Moto X Republic

    Hello, I am using Moto X Republic CDMA unlocked phone, I purchased from one seller. being daily i am getting sms from Reliance that upgrade to 4G, CDMA network going to close on 28th May. I read earlier that this Moto X phone will work on GSM too by putting GSM SIM. Pl suggest how to set this phone as GSM phone. so that I can save this absolutely fine working phone.
  3. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Hello Members, I am in big trouble as I gave Moto G to my father after unlocking done by Hitesh, but last month when Phone ask for Update 4.4.4, some one accepted and it upgraded. Being I am residing at Hyd, I ask Hitesh to do the help, but Hitesh having busy schedule and he said that I am unable to help. I ask one of the RIM web member to do the unlocking job. My brother sent handset to this Man (based at Nagpur), very next day he fixed the issue and sent back to handset to Jaipur, but he clone the phone and start using data very heavily. Being my father is ex-govt officer, he lodge complaint to Police and case is under investigation. Meanwhile he continued using data of my father mobile number and he got bill (post paid ) wroth of some 9K INR. I asked my father to take new sim, so misuse get barred, but after taking new sim he is still using data and this month also he got huge bill. I am sure this man (forum member) will be face difficult time very soon. Kindly suggest how to block the Internet using in clone mobile ? thanks in advance.
  4. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    I sent email to CC and got reply. /*Kindly note that as per details checked in our records, the HSD data facility has already been activated. */ I am sure that I am getting only 1X speed, youtube not playing at all.
  5. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    I am using Moto X and i am sure it got only 1X speed. earlier I am using epic 4g and old phone with me and switched off. (I am sure that even epic 4g getting 1x speed) while sending sms HSD to 55333 > I got reply that EVDO service on your number is already active. Pl suggest, how to activate EVDO on my new Moto X phone.
  6. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Hi, I just sent this sms for activation of EVDO, i got reply : Dear Customer, High speed data services could not be activated on your number as EVDO service on your number is already active. but i am not getting speed like 3G, I am using Moto X mobile, purchased from one of forum member, so setting already done, I think so !
  7. Why state govt collect taxes ? Who is responsible to pay tax ? Who is responsible to collect state taxes and deposit in state tax ? If seller selling from other state, how state govt collect local taxes ? Any arrangement of sharing central sales tax with state ?
  8. Only defining terms & condition not enough to play with duties & taxes, (ebay founder or local MD is not Ambani Brothers). as per law, if you are not collecting taxes as per applicable, seller is responsible, he know law or not. and ebay is fully involved. (they are showing of 2nd sale or used items sale, but backend they are selling fresh new items) some ebay sellers issuing VAT invoice too, and using ebay as e commerce platform, but most of them not paying due taxes.
  9. You are debiting tax system simplification & thread topic is " E-Commerce Websites Compliant With Indian State/Center Tax Laws? " I am talking with current tax system, which we have to follow and I am clear about my wish : not to lose any employments of local residents due to unhealthy competition. You see, any MNC like Amazon or wallmart can put tiny amount (for them) and they can spoil local business. Why Amazon USA collecting state tax while delivery on particular state address. In my view ebay.in is fraud, they are supporting anti tax practice and arranging deliveries. Uniform tax system (GST), Govt is planning but accounts must be on computer system for smoother flow, online work etc. which is currently not suitable for Indian condition, in Hyderabad, in day time 4 hrs. power cut applicable, Industries need to close 3 days in week due to power shortage. All the best.
  10. Another law is to avoid sales from other state is WayBills (Forms). and in few state >5K worth of materials, seller must attached way bills (own state and purchaser state) along with invoice. If customer is not registered from sales tax department (individual users), he must collect the way bill from sales tax department and send it to seller. but here e-commerce sites they are sending all materials even without invoice. It is a big scam, if one challenge. I don't want to hijack this thread topic, so my request to moderators for creating new topic, if this forum need further discussion.
  11. As per law, they must collect local VAT and issue local state address (Branch office) invoice. After all they have own delivery network in each state. It's huge loose poll inside, even above 5K worth of item buyer can't buy from other state, if required buyer must be demand way-bill from Sales Tax department. That's why lot of e-commerce sites not shipping items in WB and Assam.
  12. All E-Com websites are required to Pay local taxes, Recently in Pune Flipkart was asked to shell out close to 1CR, towards local taxes, But then not every e-Com websites have its own dedicated logistics Also Model of Ebay is different than Flipkart or Amazon Seller should be responsible to charge all the taxes, i PIL is a nice way forward Yes, all E-com websites are responsible to pay VAT, check at USA amazon they are collecting state tax (here VAT) and depositing in concern department. Ebay is equally responsible as they are selling agent. and when you are getting commission, you must collect VAT from customer and pay it to department. example : If flipkart selling product from B'lore and delivering in Hyd, they must transfer the stock from B'lore to Hyd and then issue VAT invoice. When ebay getting commission and arranging deliveries, it is there responsibility to collect state wise VAT and deposit in sales tax. What is Sales tax (VAT) and who is responsible to collect, pl check with Sales Tax consultant, you will know the rules. If you are running into sale / purchase / dispatch / commission, you are responsible to collect VAT. and for ebay they are selling all without bill items, they are showing that they are selling used item (2nd sale). It is a big scam, no law permitted that if you are passing benefit to some one, you only responsible for TAX, not the buyer. see 2 G scam, who got cheaper rates, & who is behind the bars. Who runs Govt. Govt is not private body. We are into Govt. you see, these e-com web-site clearly into unfair competition business. they are creating unemployment in our country. see mobiles shops, they are disappearing very soon. Any way If govt collects tax, we are will be benefited, we got water, power, roads.
  13. I have debout (but as per law I am sure); all e-commerce websites i.e. flipkart, amazon, ebay doing manipulation related state tax (VAT), they are bound to pay local VAT, but they are selling in CST and not paying VAT. They can't sell value more than 5K from other state without paying local VAT. I know one incident for Samsung AC, they are doing direct billing from Noida and selling in Rajasthan, later Sales Tax department penalized the local office at Jaipur. Even if we check amazon.com, they are charging state wise tax (as per delivery location). Ebay on Top, they are clearly selling new items without paying any taxes (CST or VAT). (they are worried for they commission). What you say ? I am planning to rise PIL at courts for this scam, after all its our state income, we are getting facilities from our state income.
  14. Here in Hyderabad, our newly elected "C.M." shaking hands with both brothers, AA : for 100 floor tower project, and RJio for free Wifi in entire city. I don't believe of merging of RCOM <> RJio as Reliance Ind (Mukesh Chaap) using Airtel Mobile and Landlines in most of the places, or BSNL. Rcom (Anil Chaap) is fully bankrupted; they are with Govt. when Govt. cuts power on scheduled time (very accurate) , RCDMA cuts his network, even running call they are not supporting. during my number changing process I visited several time on WW, that guy telling me for merge of Rcom <> RJio, also asking with my field staff for Job Vacancy. I am waiting for RCDMA network improvement (invested in 2 mobiles recently) also set Call Forward *303 wala for receiving incoming calls during No Network.
  15. Yes, here is Hyd, they are switching off Towers, WW Guy telling that on 18th July 2014, R Jio start 4 G Services and they are merging together. I am just waiting. No news of Jio.