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  2. Barcode is not mandatory now. I asked one of the executives who was sitting near office. He said Bar code not required. Only Aadhar card number required.
  3. Is 4G sim available for rcom GSM customers also in Delhi NCR?
  4. From what I heard from Jio executives in Delhi NCR, you can have 5 connections per Aadhar Card.
  5. It depends on area you are living and work. I have used Airtel, Voda, Idea, rcom, aircel. Vodafone suits me better as it has got better coverage in kalkaji (New Delhi) and my office location. Additionally, Airtel tariff plans are most expensive. Voda and Idea have similar plans. I use corporate plans. Aircel won't have good internet coverage. RGSM I believe is fine for 3G but not for voice and 4G. Their customer service is pathetic and billing issues also there. Tata Indicom can't say how long will it last. It's better you also take reviews from your neighbors.
  6. Write to and copying the nodal and appellate team.
  7. Do you guys have any idea bout Tata Indicom in New Delhi.
  8. My personal experience with Samsung have been awful. I have used their Samsung Grand and Samsung Note 3 Neo. I have seen people using other phones of Samsung. Samsung Mobile phones hang a lot and are last to get OS upgrades. It's better to own K3/K4 note or Moto G 3 than to have Samsung. Samsung's extended warranty is also very expensive.
  9. Which store in Delhi you got the sim & what did you tell them about, any docs or any other queries the store people asked? Regards Sent from my NX505J using Tapatalk I have a question, if anybody could answer. One of my friend has Reliance Wipod in Delhi NCR circle. It is a wifi dongle. All of sudden it stopped working. When called the customer care, they said that some document is missing but they didn't knew that which document is missing. The connection is already one year old. I am puzzled why it stopped working. Is it related to 4G network upgrade. At the same time I have been following this topic and have never seen Delhi NCR being mentioned in RCOM plan to upgrade at the moment. Please guide what to do. Also advice which wifi dongle could work well if it has to be used in Delhi NCR, lucknow and sparingly in Kolkata.
  10. I guess Idea must be good in Noida.
  11. 850 mhz will be used for 4G. Besides that they will have access to RJIO spectrum by virtue of spectrum sharing deal.
  12. I seriously doubt on their intention to launch. Airtel has launched in 15 circles using same 2300 mhz spectrum. Infact reliance jio was the first company to start testing and adopt LTE. There were two options available wimax and LTE. Reliance jio opted for LTE. Started testing also. I think they would sell to an international telecom company like AT&T, America Movil or MTN.
  13. I think they won't launch before Dec 2016, Dhirubhai's birthday. I wonder haven't they breached the DoT rollout guidelines. Like always said: Reliance Jio launch may be pushed to December
  14. Reliance Gsm is very patchy. I used it couple of years back and the network was not good. Meanwhile, I have seen two of my colleagues struggling with network. One is soon going to switch to Vodafone. Don't have idea about the other one to which network he latched to. Airtel and Vodafone are good in Delhi. I have used both as corporate connections. Personally, liked Vodafone because of their tariff plans and network coverage. Not sure which network is best in East Delhi. But I think Vodafone should be better. you can check their website for network coverage of your area or ask your neighbors.
  15. I think they won't launch before Dec 2016, Dhirubhai's birthday. I wonder haven't they breached the DoT rollout guidelines.