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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    There could be some technical issue in your case. Although I also had trouble while porting my corporate number from Vodafone to Airtel 3 years back. Ported back to Vodafone a year later due to better offers.
  2. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I believe Rcom will trade its spectrum to Jio and exit.
  3. Airtel V-Fibre is real?

    Noticed on ookla that I am getting 40 Mbps speed. Although some times latency is there Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Airtel V-Fibre is real?

    Last week got my Airtel broadband plan upgraded to VFiber. They charged me 500 rupees which will be added to my bill, got a new modem of D Link. My new plan has maximum speed of 40 mbps and minimum of 1 mbps on FUP i.e. 40 GB for a monthly rental of Rupees 799 + GST. Along with this I have got 750 GB data free for one year and unlimited calls in plan. As per the speed , I have noticed on speedtest I normally get 22 mbps which is marginally higher than my earlier speed of 16 mbps. Keeping my fingers crossed for speed. However, I am happy to get new modem, 750 GB free data for one year, increased monthly data (50 GB (40+10), earlier it was 25 GB), minimum of 1 mbps broadband after FUP and unlimited calls with same monthly rental.
  5. Got my mom's airtel prepaid re verified. The process of Airtel was very fast. It took few seconds to process the whole request including OTP generation. However, Airtel did not give any receipt like Vodafone did. Although Vodafone is also not giving receipts in all the stores.
  6. Got 3 Vodafone connections re verified yesterday. Process was smooth. However, OTP took 5-10 minutes to arrive. No paperwork required.
  7. AIRCOM ?

    http://www.businesstoday.in/sectors/telecom/reliance-communications-anil-ambani-on-rising-debt-telecom/story/253570.html http://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/rcom-aircel-merged-wireless-company-to-be-called-aircom/58965183 RCom-Aircel merged wireless company to be called Aircom NEW DELHI: Reliance Communications' executive Punit Garg on Friday said that the merged wireless company with Aircel will be called Aircom. He said that RCom can monetize 49 percent tower co stake in future though sale or a listing process, while further debt reduction options will include sale of direct-to-home business. The executive said that the company can also look at strategic transaction in global or Indian enterprise business. Reliance Communications on Friday said that it has received time till December 2017 to close its transactions with Aircel and Brookfield and reduce debt from Rs 45000 crore to Rs 20000 crore, aiming at a reduction of 60% or Rs 25000 crore. RCom has been engaged in discussions with its lenders in order to finalise a debt resolution plan. The lenders on Friday constituted a Joint Lenders' Forum (JLF) to consider and approve the company's plans in this regard as part of which there will be a standstill on company’s debt servicing for next 7 months. RCom had said that the combined RCom-Aircel entity will enjoy substantial benefits of scale, and CAPEX and OPEX synergies with an estimated NPV of Rs. 20,000 crore. As part of this transaction, RCom’s overall debt will reduce by Rs 14,000 crore, together with the transfer of liability for spectrum instalments of an additional approx. Rs. 6,000 crore.
  8. It's supreme Court's decision Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  9. Telecom operators​ are starting it now Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  10. http://www.ideacellular.com/customer-care/regulatory/re-verification Re-verification Hon’ble Supreme Court stated “an effective process has been evolved to ensure identity verification, as well as, the addresses of all mobile phone subscribers for new subscribers. In the near future, and more particularly, within one year from today, a similar verification will be completed, in case of existing subscribers.” Based on above mentioned details of order, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has issued instructions to all operators to verify all existing mobile subscribers (Prepaid & Postpaid) through Aadhaar based E-KYC process on or before 06.02.2018. Now to comply with the order we are starting campaign to do KYC of all existing subscribers through Aadhaar based EKYC process. We request all subscribers (excluding the subscribers who have opted their mobile connection via E-KYC mode –Aadhaar based activations by providing biometric) to visit their nearest Idea outlets & follow simple steps to complete the mandated E-KYC process. For your ready reference simple four steps shall ensure E-KYC compliance. Step-1 – Visit to our nearest Idea center and provide your mobile number and Aadhaar number. Step-2 – Idea store executive will provide a four digit verification code on your mobile number from re-verification application. Step-3 - Subscriber to provide the verification code to Idea store executive & provide his/her biometric. Step-4 - After 24hrs you will received a confirmation SMS, reply Y to complete the EKYC process. Please note that this entire exercise is free of cost and for your convenience, hence we solicit your co-operation.
  11. Vodafone Idea Merger

  12. Barcode is not mandatory now. I asked one of the executives who was sitting near office. He said Bar code not required. Only Aadhar card number required.
  13. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Is 4G sim available for rcom GSM customers also in Delhi NCR?
  14. From what I heard from Jio executives in Delhi NCR, you can have 5 connections per Aadhar Card.
  15. Best Network In Delhi?

    It depends on area you are living and work. I have used Airtel, Voda, Idea, rcom, aircel. Vodafone suits me better as it has got better coverage in kalkaji (New Delhi) and my office location. Additionally, Airtel tariff plans are most expensive. Voda and Idea have similar plans. I use corporate plans. Aircel won't have good internet coverage. RGSM I believe is fine for 3G but not for voice and 4G. Their customer service is pathetic and billing issues also there. Tata Indicom can't say how long will it last. It's better you also take reviews from your neighbors.