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  1. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    We are all eagerly waiting for the Jio launch to port out to them. I would like to ask whether Jio will entertain port-ins from customers ditching RCOM? Won't they have a no-poaching agreement in place between them? TRAI and customer's choice be damned! If there is such a pact between RCOM and Jio, isn't it better better to do RCOM>other operator (wait 90 days)>Jio?
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I got the UPC code in first try.
  3. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In Bangalore after 4G SIM activation I'm getting very low speed, between 5 and 15 KBPS. CC guy says SIM needs to be patched (software upgrade in CC's words) whereas Web world guy says 4G migration not completed;.4G data speed will be available after 25 July. Can anyone shed some light? Which is correct?
  4. Thank you, Commonman, national roaming was already on under R-Menu (SIM Toolkit). Update: Just got off a call to CC. Apparently it is a technical issue at their end. They hope calls and SMS, both O&I, will be working by 8AM tomorrow. But customers should expect data only at 2g speeds for the time being. Wishing Rcom all the best..
  5. Where can I find the option to turn on voice roaming on the RN3? The background is 4G got activated for my RCOM number today. And right away I have these issues: - I have no incoming calls or SMS from any network - I have outgoing to Airtel landline and mobile - Data is at EDGE speeds In phone information for SIM 1 I get Roaming as Inactive. According to RCOM call center, the solution for this problem is that I have to turn on domestic roaming from some place called "R Menu" under settings and restart the phone. Appreciate your help. Thank you.
  6. Mine activated as well. Many thanks to all concerned
  7. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    Hi, Has anyone at all been able to resolve the dead touchscreen issue? My Pixi+ touchscreen conked off a few days ago as I have apparently committed the cardinal sin of letting my battery discharge completely. Ever since then, the touchscreen works ok when the phone is charging but dies once the charger is unplugged. I have always only used the original charger and micro USB cable that came bundled. Please help. Thanks, Arun
  8. Palm Pre : Network Message Diasble

    Starting yesterday I also am getting this notification. Anyone who knows to disable/prevent it, please help. Thanks.
  9. Micromax Eg333 Gsm+Cdma Dual Sim With Evdo

    will it support cdma on Rcom?