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  1. Top 15 1080HD Android Phones From China Source 1080 HD, quad-core, these are the specifications Android phone enthusiasts are demanding for 2013, and no other market is on the cutting side of leading edge than China! Keep reading for Gizchina’s top 15 1080HD Android phones from China! If we would back the clocks exactly 12 months you would fine exactly zero 1080 Chinese branded phones, in fact you would have found it pretty difficult to find any phone maker with a full HD phone back then, but in only 1 year HD phones with quad-core processors are arriving in scores! The first 1080, quad-core Chinese Android phone to launch was the Oppo Find 5, which was in fact one of the first phones of it’s kind to launch in the world! Now, only 2 months in to the year, we are seeing more and more 1080 phones arriving, so which do we think are the best? As always we haven’t placed these phones in any particular order, in out mind they are all fantastic phones at amazing prices. Only time will tell as to just how good they eventually become! Lando X02 A unique design, ultra thin bezel and amazing specification make the Lando X02 a must watch Chinese phone for 2013! Lando X02 Specification Lando make very few phones each year, but every phone they do produce features a stylish CNC’d alloy body, stunning design and value packed specification. The X02 will be no different and features a 1.7Ghz Quad-core Qualcomm APQ806, processor, 2GB RAM and Adreno 320 graphics. Like many Flagship phones the Lando X02 will sport a 5-inch 1080 display, a front 2 mega-pixel camera and rear 13 mega-pixel sensor. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will come as standard, and a huge 4500mAh battery should keep the phone going easily over a busy day! Why we like the Lando X02 The X02 is one of the most original looking Chinese phones to enter the market. It’s not all style though as the hardware is spot-on and and pricing is competitive. The standard model will cost just 2500 Yuan ($400) while the bling bling gold plated model will set you back 3480 Yuan ($556) Umi X2 The UMi X2 was one of the first MTK quad-core phones to be announced. The design may not be as striking as other phones on the list, but the equipment, features and price really make this a bargain to good to miss! UMi X2 Specification Just go and take a look at any flagship 5-inch, 1080HD phone from any manufacturer and what do you see? quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel camera? It’s all here on the UMi X2 too! The X2 is set to launch very soon and will feature a quad-core MT6589 processor from Meidatek. Not only is this an efficient and cost effective choice, but it also means the X2 will offer dual-sim support! Why we like the UMi X2 UMi impressed us last year with the dual-core X1, and we imagine they’ll do the same again this year with the X2! Oh, and the price is really competitive too at only 1499 Yuan ($240)!! Some resellers are already offering the phone for pre-order meaning the X2 launch should be very soon! iOcean X7 iOcean have been making affordable Android phones in China for years, but the brand have only just started making headlines with the announcement of the iOcean X7, so what is all the fuss about? iOcean X7 Specification The X7 is a cross between the UMi X2 and the Oppo Find 5. The body look very similar to the Find 5′s, while the hardware and features are exactly the same as the X2. Quad-core MT6589, dual-sim, 5-inch 1080 HD display, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera etc. There will also be a ‘Youth’ edition of the iOcean, which will cost less, but offer a 8 mega-pixel rear camera. Why we like the iOcean X7 We like the X7 because it looks as good as a Find 5, comes with hardware as rock-solid and amazing as the UMi X2, but will cost less at just 999 Yuan ($160)!! Alcatel One Touch Idol X Alcatel is TCL’s international brand under which it sells it’s phones. The One Touch Idol X is the first quad-core, 5-inch phone for them to offer and it looks pretty special. Alcatel One Touch Idol X Specification The One Touch Idol X only is the most recently announced of all the phones here, and is on display at the Mobile World Congress as we speak. The overall design, shape and colour of the phone reminds us of the HTC Butterfly/Droid DNA, and the similarities don’t stop there. The Idol X packs a 5-inch 1080 display, quad-core MT6589 processor, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean! Those who have managed to have time with the Idol X say the phone is extremely comfortable to hold and is impressively lightweight! Why we like the Alcatel One Touch Idol X We really like the bright colour and large display of the Idol X, but what impresses us more is that we know TCL are a high quality brand with a great community and offer tons of support! Best of all though is that the Idol X will officially launch outside of China! Oppo Find 5 The first to launch, one of the first to hit the market, and one of the first Chinese phones to really show the world what China is capable of! Oppo Find 5 specifications The Find 5 checks all the right boxes, there is a Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel Sony Exmor Pro rear camera and a 5-inch 1080 display! It’s been getting rave reviews all over the world, with some reviewers claiming it’s the best built smarphone they have ever set hands on! Why we like the Oppo Find 5 Oppo have been building up to the Find 5, and their handwork has really pulled off! They have launched one of the best Android smartphones from any manufacturer, they did it before almost all other companies and they have kept pricing affordable. The Find 5 is already on sale in China, the international version is coming soon. Koobee Max The Koobee Max is still under development, but from what we have learned about this new phone, manufacturers such as UMi and iOcean should be a little worried! Koobee Max Specification We don’t know all the details for the Koobee Max, but what we do know is that the design is similar to the UMi X2 but with what appears to be a much narrower screen bezel which should make the phone easy to hold. We also know a Mediatek MT6589 processor will be running a 5-inch 1080 display and the rear camera will be at least a 13 mega-pixel unit. Why we like the Koobee Max The Koobee Max is the underdog here, we don’t know much about the phone but they seem to be on the right track, and if pricing is reasonable we expect to see plenty of Max’s out on the streets. ZTE Grand S ZTE wowed the world earlier this year at CES when the launched the wafer thin ZTE Grand S. Reviewers weren’t just blown away by the size of the phone though, the hardware and build is pretty darn good too! ZTE Grand S specification Think back to a previous year’s CES and tell us how often a Chinese phone maker appeared in the headlines. Not easy is it, well 2013 was different as Chinese brands were all over the news, and ZTE’s Grand S was one of the reasons. Like the Oppo Find 5, the Grand S packs a quad-core Snapdrgon CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel camera and 5-inch 1080 display, however in this case it is all packed in to a 6.9mm body! Of course this means the battery is a little on the thin side, but that didn’t stop ZTE building in support for LET too! Why we like the ZTE Grand S The thin design, great hardware and low price all make the Grand S a great buy. In fact at 3000 Yuan ($480) for the 16GB model with LTE, some might argue it’s a better buy than the Oppo Find 5! Huawei Ascend D2 Huawei were also at CES and along with the huge Ascend Mate, they unveiled the flagship 5-inch Ascend D2! Huawei Ascend D2 Specifications The Ascend D2 takes the RAM, screen and rear camera of the Oppo Find 5 and ZTE Grand S, then adds in a few extra features. The Ascend D2 is also dust and waterproof, something ZTE and Oppo have left out on their phones, plus the base D2 get’s 32GB of built-in memory rather than just 16GB. Why we like the Ascend D2 Unlike other manufactures on this list, Huawei have gone that extra mile and have developed their very own quad-core processor. The Huawei K3V2 runs at 1.5Ghz, and gives us a little bit of extra assurance that Huawei will support device for longer than other companies abandon theirs. Lenovo K900 The Lenovo K900 was also spotted at CES and again at MWC, and is the first Android phone to ditch Qualcomm, Nvidia or Mediatek in favour of an Intel processor! Lenovo K900 Specification Not only is the Lenovo K900 the first and only phone on our list to receive the new Intel Clover Trail processor, it also happens to be the largest phone boasting a 5.5-inch 1080HD panel! With the Intel chip along with 2GB RAM performance is impressive to say the least, but the rest of the phone looks great too, with a stainless steel body making it durable and rugged. Why we like the Lenovo K900 We like the fact that Lenovo have pushed the envelope and have done something no other manufacture has done yet. We also like the idea of a 5.5-inch 1080 phone with a 2GHz processor capable of Antutu scores of up to 25,000! JiaYu S1 JiaYu are best known for their dual-core MT6577 G3, which took the Chinese smartphone by storm last year. The replacement G4 is on the way next month, but we will have to wait until later in the year for the JiaYu’s 1080 model. JiaYu S1 specification The JiaYu S1 is currently undergoing development, but specifications along with leaked images have long been available. The S1 will be JiaYu’s first ever 5-inch 1080HD phone, it will also be the companies fist non MTK handset as they have opted to use a Snapdragon S4 Pro running at 1.5Ghz! With the S4 on board, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 5-inch 1080 display, the S1 could be the surprise of the year! Why we like the JiaYu S1 The S1 has a few first for JiaYu. The first 1080 phone, the first Snapdragon phone, and we want to see how they are able to handle the challenges. We also can’t wait to see this as a possibly Xiaomi destroyer! Neo N003 Neo have always been there in the background when JiaYu launch a new phone, or playing second fiddle to UMi. The N003 though could propel the brand on to the frontline and we can’t wait to see what they have planned. Neo N003 specification Development of the N003 seems to be slower than that of JiaYu’s and UMi’s phones, but according to the brand’s community forum, the N003 is set to launch in March! If this is the case they have done a great job of keeping spy photos from leaking, as we have yet to see any real photos of this phone. We do know the spec though and the N003 will launch with a 5-inch 1080 display, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and quad-core MT6589 processor running at 1.2Ghz. Why we like the Neo N003 To be honest we don’t know if we do like the N003. It appears great on paper, but without seeing an image of the phone it’s been a little difficult to get too excited about it. That said though, with a launch planned for next month we don’t have long to wait. Nubia Z5 The Nubia Z5 launched shortly after the Oppo Find 5 and features much of the same hardware. The phone is only available in China and through Nubia Experience stores, but if you have a chance to buy one take a close look! Nubia Z5 Specifications Nubia is actually ZTE’s premium brand for the Chinese market, and as the Z5 is the flagship phone, it shares a lot of the same features as the ZTE Grand S. The display is the same OGS 5-inch 1080 unit, the same Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2GB RAM is in place, and the same 13 mega-pixel rear camera is used. From a design stand-point they are totally different, the Nubia offers a cast alloy white body, and features a red glowing home button. There is even a Titanium version available if you happen to be super wealthy. Why we like the Nubia Z5 It’s a classy design and they are rare as hens teeth. The features set and hardware isn’t bad either, although it is more costly than the ZTE Grand S and doesn’t offer much in the way of additional function. The list of actual physical phones you can buy now, or very soon ends here. The last 3 models on the list are still unconfirmed rumour phones, but we have enough evidence to know that their concepts are at least true! Vivo X5 Last year Vivo went from being a brand that many of us new of but didn’t really think about to becoming the manufactures of the worlds thinnest Android smartphone! Only later to have the title taken by TCL/Alcatel. The X5 though, has another world’s first title to claim. Vivo X5 Specifications The only physical proof of the X5 is this leaked photo of a 5-inch 1080 display. Take a good look at it as this could be the worlds first borderless display! The rest of the phone is currently unknown, but as the phone will be on sale in China only and the current X1 is a MTK phone, we’ll go ahead and say that the X5 will get a quad-core MT6589 processor with 2GB RAM! Why we like the Vivo X5 The X5 is could be the world’s first borderless phone! This is pretty special, and although it will only be available in China, the technology could make it’s way in to the next Oppo phone for 2014! Now that’s exciting! Xiaomi Mi3 Xiaomi rumours and leaks have begun already. We know the Mi3 is coming we just don’t know when. Xiaomi Mi3 specification The Mi3 is rumoured to have a 5-inch 1080 display, 2.5GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and could possibly run a Nvidia Tegra 4 quad-core chip! Other than that we don’t know much else except it will likely cost 1999 Yuan ($320). Why we like the Xiaomi Mi3 The current 4.3-inch, Snapdragon equipped Mi2 is one of our favourite phones, I actually own one as my personal phone! I love the power, speed, battery life, great rear camera and the price. If the Mi3 is at least as good as the Mi2 but with a 1080 display I would be happy, but with the extra power and higher res camera It’s going to be a whole lot more! Zopo ZP960 Not much is known about this mystery phone from Zopo. Other than the specs don’t match the photo, but the leak appeared on the official Zopo Facebook page. Zopo quad-core specifications According to the specs the mystery Zopo will run a quad-core processor, get 2GB RAM and a 13 mega-pixel rear camera. However, the leaked photo of the device shows a rear 8 mega-pixel camera! Oh, it is also going to have a 5-inch 1080 display. Why we like the mystery Zopo phone Who doesn’t like a mystery? UPDATE: Learn more about the Zopo ZP960 here!
  2. Just saw this interesting post on the clones that our brothers from the North of our border manufacture ... A list of impressive smartphone knock-offs that originate from our friendly neighbours across the Himalayas. http://www.techtree....campaign=ttnews
  3. Happy New Year to All !!!! After long long waiting.. I have come up with some thing good for my Incredible 2 Customers. Check below screen Shots & NOT all of your Questions will be answered. Updated Screenshots. OLD ROM:- NEW ROM:- Right now its a Manual work, removing & adding new Apks. Still I am Posting it here & giving you People a chance to Have a success removing or Soft brick your Phone. This ZIP has all required files (UP & Down Animations, Gaaps, Video Google Talk, System Apps, SU & SU Bin). Inc2_PC.rar - 5.6 MB http://mir.cr/Y8J7KHRZ --------- (FOR PC) Inc2.rar - 114.2 MB http://mir.cr/0U01PZ6D ---- (Extract & Copy all files to Root of SD Card) After you have copied all files -- 1. Disable Fastboot (Settings -> Power -> Fastboot -- Uncheck) 2. Enable USB Debugging (Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging --- Check & OK) 3. go to Inc2_PC folder. Connect Phone to PC with "Charge Only" Mode 4. recovery.bat (Flash RA Recovery) 5. remove.bat (Remove Apps) Remember if files are NOT correctly copied than you get errors all way. Follow steps as mentioned on Screen.