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  1. I would like to connect my Samsung Phone SCH-S379 to my Palm TX PDA for calling contacts from my phone. I was able to connect any of the GSM phones using the Generic GSM phone options when I select other phone I get an option of initialization string. Can HETAL or any other developer help me with this problem. I am able to use the same phone as Bluetooth modem in my PDA.
  2. Mpower Muzik New Cdma Samsung Mobile

    100 kbps bitrate problem solved... Download MP3 Quality modifier.exe from internet to reduce bit rate it will run from your SD card as well
  3. Mpower Muzik New Cdma Samsung Mobile

    Okay I have installed a 2 GB microSD card in this mobile but whenever I try to copy some songs on it. It says unsupported format. Whenever I open the music player it opens with a message "supports mp3 upto 100" Anyone else also facing problems like this?
  4. Sch S379 Muzik Dialer

    No responses...
  5. Sch S379 Muzik Dialer

    I will require help of all the programmers on this forum. I bought Samsung SCH S379 Muzik phone to be used with my Palm TX Handheld. Earlier I was using My GSM Sony Erricsson phone for this purpose the phone would work seamlessly with my handheld without installing any drivers on the handheld I would just click on the phone no on the handheld and the phone would dial the number for me I was using generic phone driver for the purpose. Before purchasing this handset I spoke to the store and they said that this phone can be used as a bluetooth wireless modem with any computer. This encouraged me to think may be I can use this phone with my handheld as well. Now on bluetooth scan my Handheld detects this phone however I am not able to dial or send sms using the phone. I think some problem with the initialization. The good part is the same handheld can dial a dial up connection using the phones modem to connect to reliance internet and I can use the bluetooth wireless modem for browsing internet on the move. On my handheld custom connection to a phone I saw init string as E0V1+CMEE=1;+CMGF=0 Can I create a custom connection to interact with the dialer of this phone. I am sure if there is a way to dial to isp there should be a way to dial to any one else....... If you want I can send screen shots of the settings...
  6. Melbon 888 Dual Cdma-gsm Phone

    Is it possible to install any pim manager for these phone so that you can sync it with outlook
  7. Lgrd6130connector_dll

    Y do you need it
  8. Ild Bonanza From Tata

    I just hope this motivates Younger Ambani to come up with similar plans....
  9. Cool Pad 288

    Are we getting it in the Web Worlds... I tried today in Mumbai but couldn't find it anyways
  10. Rimweb Turns 4 !

    "Congrats winners"
  11. Need To Buy Skype Compatible Handset

    Are you looking for VOIP phone?
  12. Airtel 8mbps Launched!

    Ya I agree the rental charges are very high
  13. Unlimited Std On Jodi Offer

    Hey that would still cost me something that is one re every four minutes.. I would prefer one with total free unlimited calling...
  14. Unlimited Std On Jodi Offer

    That serves my purpose.. Thanks so much...
  15. Unlimited Std On Jodi Offer

    Can someone please place this in the right discussion.. I am sorry this is probably the first time I have started a topic And I don't mind changing over to tata or any other service... also can you send me details of 1500 plan