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  1. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/info-tech/article1585255.ece?homepage=true Despite opposition from the Department of Space and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Department of Telecom has identified the S-band and the 700 Mhz frequency, along with a bunch of other new spectrum bands, for wireless broadband services. The I&B Ministry and the Department of Space want to use 700 Mhz and the S-band for Mobile TV and satellite services, respectively. According to the draft National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) for 2011, prepared by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the DoT, at least 10 new frequency bands have been identified for broadband services. While NFAP is the Government's future roadmap for spectrum usage, the WPC is the custodian of airwaves and decides on who gets to use which part of the various frequency bands. Though the draft NFAP recognises the space agency's need for bandwidth on S-band for various services, such as cyclone warning dissemination system, meteorological data dissemination and Broadcasting Satellite Service applications, it wants the frequency to be shared with broadband operators. “Requirements of IMT applications (3G) including Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) may be considered for coordination on a case-by-case basis in this band,” the NFAP states. This is the same spectrum band that Bangalore-based Devas Multimedia was planning to offer broadband services through a controversial deal with ISRO. The deal was annulled after the Government took a view that the S-band would not be allocated for commercial use. Similarly, in the case of 700 Mhz band, the I&B Ministry wants to auction it for Mobile TV services but the WPC has earmarked all of it for telecom services. The NFAP 2011 has relegated Mobile TV to below 698 Mhz band. Other frequency bands identified by the WPC for telecom services include the 450 Mhz, 2.3 Ghz and 3.4 Ghz band. Spectrum crunch The new frequency bands will provide a reprieve to telecom companies as they have been facing a crunch in spectrum over the past few years. The operators will need more spectrum in the near future as data usage starts picking up. The Government has set a target of 100 million broadband subscribers by 2014. According to the TRAI, there will be a need for 6000 Gbps (compared with 750 Gbps in 2010) of bandwidth in the next three years to support all that demand. While some of this demand will be met by optical fibre cable, wireless broadband is expected to be the key driver. Hence, availability of spectrum is crucial. However, non-telecom users such as the defence, space agencies and broadcasters also need spectrum and there is an overlap in the frequency bands used by them and the telecom operators. The Department of Space has most of the S-band for satellite services and does not want to part with any part of it. The NFAP will be finalised by the WPC over the next few weeks and it will be interesting to see if any of these agencies will be able to hold on to their turf or not.
  2. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    @dipan while whta you have said is true aboy usa,CIBIL is also doing the job reg credit profile here oflate.may be firms are to hesitant fearing the after shocks of monsoon hungama
  3. mobilestore is offering Clearance Sale . delivery in mumbai only http://www.themobilestore.in/mobilestore/cellphone-buy/store-price_online-127:42_shop-3_/127:42.html
  4. snapdeal is offering mts mblaze @rs 849/ in chennai http://www.snapdeal.com/deal-chennai_south-MTS if you are registering for the first time with snapdeal one can get at rs 750/- free home delivery in chennai. Also get Britannica Encyclopedia and Four full games CD worth Rs 1699 free.
  5. @setu shah by next year we will have infotel and others launching lte dongles and will surely be innovative to create more web traffic.so web hosting will be more affordable as well as reliable
  6. Tsunami Hit Japan!

    dipan excellent find indeed.these ppl are real heros and are paying for the stupidness of others
  7. kanagadeepan its so obvious that when a company wants more they have to provide choices to customer .mts has clearly missed requirements of high arpu ppl like you.
  8. kanagadeepan mts is offering free roaming i/c for 296 rs recharge for 180 days.
  9. @saket some queries seem to be answered on what rs 1500 rental entitles a subscriber at http://www.mtsindia.in/smartphone/products.htm
  10. Rudradeep with more wannabees its the govt which should be excited.
  11. 20% off on any purchase at shopperstop.com on all purchases above 1000 rs with coupon "SSLMAR11".valid till march 31.one can use this more than once
  12. Tsunami Hit Japan!

    Explosion at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dc15fa98-4c60-11e0-8da3-00144feab49a.html#axzz1GNWyG9lx
  13. Reliance HSD / EVDO / Netconnect Broadband+ coverage update

    pajat my observation was from the text of the con call. may b u r right.but my guess is wherever Rcom is not having 3g gsm license (like AP TN),they will rely on evdo and we customers can take benefits of competition .So evdo expansion/support can be taken for granted.moreover if voice customers are leaving bcos of MNP then it will boost wireless speeds.blessing in disguise
  14. The future medical devices are here and in a sense they make fellow humans redundant(one need not remind loved ones abt medicines or one is spared from reminding about medicines ..depends what is your take ) med devices.pdf
  15. Reliance HSD / EVDO / Netconnect Broadband+ coverage update

    welcome kumaar.. may be 1 should be buying rcom stock besides using the power of mnp.
  16. loop should to be taken task first for sitting idle on precious spectrum
  17. Reliance HSD / EVDO / Netconnect Broadband+ coverage update

    they will add another 150 cities source: http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/aboutus/ir/pdf/3Q_FY11_Earnings_Call_Transcript.pdf
  18. early trends portend gain of big 3 at the cost of cdma / new players.is this consumer friendly http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2011/01/25/stories/2011012551120900.htm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Reliance Communications have emerged the biggest losers as a result of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), introduced a month ago in Haryana. According to initial numbers, BSNL has lost a net of over 20,000 subscribers, while RCom has lost nearly 13,500 subscribers as on January 16. Idea Cellular, which was the first to start an advertising campaign on MNP, has a net loss of 1,863 subscribers with 15,604 subscribers leaving its network and 13,741 coming in. Even new players, including Sistema Shyam, Loop Telecom and Datacom (Videocon), have ended up with a net loss in numbers as a result of MNP. Though these are initial numbers, the trends indicate a strong preference for incumbent GSM players. Vodafone gained the most with 30,015 subscribers joining its network and only 9,267 leaving. Although Bharti Airtel lost 10,837 of its subscribers, it ended up in the positive as it managed to lure 18,271 subscribers from other operators' networks. While these numbers are for Haryana, initial trends coming in from other parts of India are on similar lines. While MNP was introduced in Haryana in November, the system was launched across the country on January 20. Teething issues Sources in the Department of Telecom said that there were teething problems in implementing the system, with complaints coming in from various quarters that porting was not being completed in some cases. The DoT has written to all the operators to implement the scheme according to the rules set out by the TRAI and the Government. “If a subscriber sends porting request to number 1900, operators have to respond back with the unique porting code. There should not be any exceptions or excuses for this. We have received some complaints of operators who are not processing porting requests. We are investigating these complaints,” said a top DoT official. A Reliance Communications spokesperson said, “We believe that the customers who may have ported from one service provider to another are likely to port again on completion of the set time frame of three months. Our focus has been to provide a superior customer experience through better network quality, a wide array of applications at affordable tariffs to attract the high ARPU customers to the Reliance Network. We are satisfied with the initial experience and expect a significant shift in the trend on in the next 2-3 months.”
  19. relaince net connect broadband plus for 598 naaptol is offering relaince net connect broadband plus for 999 http://www.naaptol.com/online-store/WO-product-W863836O-shopping-mall-W1435O/Hot_Deals_Store/Wireless_Data_Cards/Reliance_Netconnect_Broadband_Plus.html sosasta.com is offering 500 rs naaptol voucher for 99 effective price 598 deal hunters and experienced members pl give your verdict
  20. till now MTS has been aggresive wrt to local call tariffs.this is set to change http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/7565363.cms?prtpage=1 Eyeing business in the national long distance operations, new telecom firm Sistema-Shyam has applied for the licence in this segment and has got approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). The FIPB, in its meeting held on February 15, approved SSTL's proposal to amend the Foreign Collaboration approval on account of additional activities proposed, according to an official statement. SSTL is a joint venture between Russia's Sistema and Shyam Group of India. Sistema holds majority share (74 per cent) in the JV, while Shyam Group holds a 23.5 per cent stake and rest 2.5 per cent is with public. When contacted, SSTL spokesperson said, "To remain competitive in the market in terms of carriage cost and to also offer a world class service to its customers, acquiring a National Long Distance (NLD) licence for a pan-India telecom company like SSTL assumes a lot of significance." SSTL had applied for FIPB approval in December last year, since the nod is a pre-requisite to get a NLD license from Department of Telecom. "Based on media reports, one can say that it is this FIPB approval, which has now been granted," the spokesperson added. The NLD licence will help SSTL become a full-fledged communication services provider in the country since it will help the company save operating expenses for carrying STD traffic, instead of hiring other mobile company's network for the purpose. Owning its own network for NLD traffic, it will also help the company offer competitive STD tariffs to the subscribers. All top mobile operators like Reliance Communications , Bharti , BSNL and MTNL have their own NLD infrastructure.
  21. MTS Gets Licence For NLD

    with nld licence ,we can expect msaver type(150min/day )onnet std offers at lower tariffs
  22. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    @rajan pl continue the good work. and you reply above was terrific .we can understand the pain it takes to sense if something is fishy and to write back.you are worth calling a good Samaritan.+1 to you
  23. MNP Experience

    confluence of law and applied mathematics..i am loving it @shrik you have a valid point but .having experinced as to how gsm cartel used to treat in coming calls from rcdma/bsnl on their networks makes any one suspicious.. i take the side of Abhijit.+1 to u dear
  24. Will MNP Help "The Big 3 Cartel"?

    the biggest problem is OMH ignorance not only from ppl but also from media.i know many with HIGH arpu with voice only usage for whom the drawbacks listed dont make any diff if they were to shift to cdma .but it is OMH ignorance which plays the spoilsport.
  25. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    ^ may be hope and desire