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  1. Best Way To Reach Udupi From Banglore Airport?

    y dont u take a trian to mangalore and a taxi from there to udipi (the latter is around 60km )
  2. kesav good clarification reg "vora"
  3. @ kesav Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into the 2G spectrum scam, would become an excuse for the government to slow down the prosecution process. He said the scam exposed the fact that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had lost control over the government and the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, over her party. Above all, it showed that the country lost its sense of priority. Dr. Manmohan Singh could not absolve himself of the responsibility as the Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had made presentations to him and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee much earlier. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Members of Parliament also petitioned the Prime Minister about what was going wrong. The former Telecom Minister, A. Raja, violated the TRAI recommendations in allotment of spectrum. The Prime Minister remained a silent spectator as telecom operators made deals with the Minister. Even the bureaucrats in the Ministry let down the country, Mr. Shourie added. http://www.hindu.com/2010/12/31/stories/2010123167101600.htm
  4. indiaplaza.in is offering 1+1 on casio watches across various price points http://www.indiaplaza.in/Free-Casio-Watch-worth-Rs-3695-Watches-6.htm
  5. indicom being made orphan and possible takeover by MTS are on expected lines LTE entry by MTS is akin to verizon/ sprint.
  6. 3G Roll Out Will Be Big Challenge

    another issue is the 4g launch of relianceinfotel in mid 2011 .doubt if these 3g operators can recover the huge amounts invested
  7. indian film makers are living up to our predictions.. 2g RADIA..tion..is being planned
  8. ^ may be this spectrum thriller becomes a movie now..just as rakta charitra or rann
  9. ajay ebay offers mostly are for mumbai/delhi ..and blore one was the lone one..where as the mobilestore seems to be applcable else whare also.tried for chennai
  10. mts mblaze available at 1299 from The MobileStore http://www.themobilestore.in/mobilestore/best-buy/store-price_Buy-823_shop-3_online-112_latest-15_/Mobile_Connection/Datacard/MTS-Mblaze.html
  11. http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/mnp-leads-to-minimal-churn-show-dataharyana/417390/ Judging by the initial reaction to the introduction, in Haryana, of mobile number portability (MNP), most cellphone users have no pressing desire to shift. MNP allows a subscriber to change his or her service provider without changing the mobile number. It was launched 11 days earlier in the Haryana telecom circle. In that time, operators estimate, 30,000- 35,000 customers have requested a change in their operator. Haryana has 17 million customers and 11 operators; the numbers are much less than one per cent of the base. At this rate, operators expect less than 1.5 per cent of the subscriber base to opt for MNP in the next two months. This is much lower than the monthly churn rate of the sector, of five per cent per month. As for the belief that post-paid customers would be the first to churn, operators say just two to three per cent of the porting requests are coming from post-paid subscribers (who are only three per cent of Haryana’s subscribers base). Some analysts say most of the shift is happening from CDMA to GSM operators. Tata Teleservices’ executives say they’ve got about 21 per cent of the customers who’ve opted for MNP. They say they’d been getting 35 per cent of the incremental subscribers every month to their brand, mostly pre-paid ones. Reliance Communications (RCom) has been concentrating on getting only high-paying post-paid customers. For, average revenue per user in this category is equivalent to 10 pre-paid subscribers. An RCom spokesperson says: “Of the total movement on postpaid for RCom, 80 per cent are port in (those who want to join RCom). In value terms, this is 73 per cent of the total value of port ins and port outs (those who wish to leave Rcom) put together.” Vodafone Essar sources say for every one of their customers wanting to go to another operator, there are two who want to join them. Most operators, it appears, are trying hard to keep back their post-paid customers. “Once a request comes for a change, most operators are calling the subscriber, pleading not to shift. If that does not work, the processing of the request is being delayed. However, we all know we can’t do this too long,” says a leading operator.
  12. good move by trai...someone said here that airtel was charging 10 bucks
  13. that(mts sleep) may be logically correct ,but with the support of their govt's both mts and uninor will never allow for cancellations for the policy lapses(inablity to of verify criterion of licence seeking companies as admitted by sibal) of indian govt..
  14. Vote For The Best Anti-Virus!

    initially i was using avg then moved to avira which crashed win xp.. now is adaware working fine
  15. @so dear can you pl tell why s-tel was arm twisted by DOT even after a favourable HC judgement. BJP's or for that matter deeds anyone else can not be an excuse for Raja's deeds. pl see or post 14 of
  16. Foreign Players Must Have Checked Out Their Partners: Sibal http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2010/11/30/stories/2010113052220700.htm The Communication and IT Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal, said foreign players should have checked the credentials of their Indian partners before picking a stake. “The Government has got nothing to do with that. The foreign players have access to best legal resources here to ascertain facts,” he said. The Minister said the issue of Swan will be referred to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to ascertain facts. The CAG had said that Reliance Communications had over 10 per cent stake in Swan at the time of applying for licence which is in violation of the licence conditions. Asked what action the Ministry was taking against Department of Telecom officials, who allegedly colluded with some of the new operators, Mr Sibal said that he was open to a Supreme Court-monitored probe. “Our objective is to put in place a policy framework that ensures transparency, justice and equity and ensure stability in realising the full potential of telecommunications. Next few weeks we will be rolling out our long-term policy framework,” Mr Sibal said. On the recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Minister said that there are 119 instances where operators may have violated roll-out obligations. This includes not just the new operators that got licences in 2008 but also those that got it in 2006. TRAI had named Vodafone, Tata Teleservices and Aircel among the existing operators that have not met the roll-out obligation. “We hope these actions send out a message to those companies who may be seeking advantage. Time has come for policy that is certain and good for long-term wherein the rule of law is honoured,” Mr Sibal said so in mr sibals own words ,govt lacks best legal resources,then why do the citizens need a govt.
  17. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    kapil can you post any details/or related ad..+1 to you
  18. http://www.financialexpress.com/printer/news/672910/ With the government set to allocate 3G spectrum next month, telecom companies are set to order related equipment. The country's fifth-largest telecom operator Tata Teleservices (TTSL) is in advanced stages of negotiations with China's top two vendors, Huawei and ZTE, to place orders for 1 million data cards. These data cards—dongles in technical parlance—provide high-speed internet connectivity when attached to laptops and desktops. The data cards would be used on the GSM platform as TTSL already has high-speed USB modem Photon which works on its CDMA network. Sources said a TTSL team has already visited both companies in China. The finalisation of the vendor between Huawei and ZTE would depend on the final price offered by the respective company. In the retail market, such data cards are available for Rs 1,500-2,500, but companies get to source them at much lower rates while placing bulk orders. Earlier this week, TTSL was the first to award a contract to Nokia Siemens for supplying LTE-ready flexi-multiradio base stations and other equipment to support the 3G rollout. When contacted, a TTSL spokesperson declined to comment. TTSL, along with group company Tata Teleservices Maharashtra won spectrum in nine circles in the 3G auctions, paying Rs 5,864.29 crore. The government recently provided a breather to the telecom industry by putting in place norms for importing 3G equipment, especially from China. This came after the operators, especially TTSL took up the matter with the government as imports were stuck for the past eight months, delaying network expansion plans.
  19. really a good step. even europe was lagging behind india in embracing open standards which are royalty free..kudos to all deserving ppl
  20. http://indiaearnings.moneycontrol.com/sub_india/compnews.php?autono=499397 The big disappointment has come in with the wireless business not showing too much traction both in terms of the operating performance for the wireless business as well standing at about 29% or so. What would the outlook be now? A: If you see this was a highly seasonal quarter for the industry and none of the operators who have reported results could get much traction. In fact most were flat to negative. In fact at R Com we were at the positive side of it and we actually grew revenues marginally on sequential quarters by 0.2%. I think the even better news is that EBITDA was positive. EBITDA grew by 20 basis points quarter on quarter as well. So despite this being a very seasonal quarter I thought we at R Com managed to hold on and deliver a very decent quarter despite tough times. Q: Can you just highlight your ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) going forward. While your minutes of usage have been declining quite significantly sequentially it’s your rate per minute which you have managed to stabilize for three odd quarters now. What exactly is your trend going forward and what can we expect from both these fronts? A: I think clearly one has to understand that there is no elasticity in the market. There is no point diluting RPMs. With tariff intensity which happened in the last 12 months, I think a smart operator will have to recalibrate its strategy. We at R Com did that and we have been talking about it consistently for the last three quarters or so saying that we are very focused on the Rate Per Minute and the paid minutes of usage that we will drive rather than driving minutes at any cost and at any rate. I think that's paying dividend. If you see quarter on quarter our minutes of grown marginally, our RPM is rock solid 44 paisa for the last 3 quarters now despite industry most players going down in terms of RPM. So we've bridged the gap in RPM versus most other operators. So I think the order of the day going forward would be stable RPMs and maintaining RPMs and only playing segmented in circle clusters where we see elasticity. I think that’s the order of the day in terms of minutes elasticity and RPM play. We do not see any major national play happening on the RPM dilution. Q: Getting back to that point you made about your ARPUs in the last couple of quarters you have seen a significant decline quarter after quarter almost about 6.5% every quarter. At about Rs 122 right now what is the target for FY11 in terms of ARPU if you could give us any kind of indication? Are you expecting it to slow down even further? A: I think the ARPU decline is a result of all other action that you take in the market and our ARPU decline is in line with industry. In fact the decline is at the lower end of the industry. If you see most operators have declined between 6% and 8% if I remember correctly. So we at 6% - 6.5% at the lower end of that. I think more importantly the industry is moving towards metrics of RPM, paid minutes and EBITDA per minute. I think those become the more important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to look at now as well as going forward because you have got to look at quality of operations which we at R Com have stressing for the last 3 quarters now and moving away from gross acquisitions which the industry used to talk about some years or a year back or so. So I think RPM and EBITDA per minute are the more important KPIs to look at. We have been maintaining our EBITDA, and are actually improving it marginally. We are at 13 paisa per minute EBITDA and holding on very rock solid. In fact we have grown EBITDA quarter on quarter by 20 basis points. Q: Coming down to your financial charges, they are down around 36% for this quarter. But your net debt to equity is 0.95 times versus 0.73 times. Can you just explain the disparity between that? A: Our net debt is at about Rs 29,180 crore at the end of Q2. If you see the finance charges this is a combination of interest and derivatives. Last quarter we had highlighted in our analyst call as well that the derivatives loss was about Rs 200 crore. This quarter it is about Rs 50 crore and that Rs 150 crore is the difference which you just mentioned. Q: Could you also tell us about your global business then because the margins have been unimpressive over there. What kind of pricing pressures are you facing? A: Actually, the global business has grown marginally quarter on quarter as well as margins have grown as well by 2.1%, our EBITDA has grown on the global business. We are seeing stability in terms of both orders coming into the global business with Europe stabilizing a little bit and US also stable. There are no significant price moves as well on the global business. So I think this quarter sequentially we have seen an improvement in EBITDA margins.
  21. can they really provide 21.1 mbps speed?
  22. Mangalore

    dear friends i am planning a visit to mangalore and surroundings.i have gone throuh wikipedia and outlook traveller but feel that i might have missed something valuable info. Is any one from mangalore or nearby to point out info avalbl in the web which is important but not usually covered thanks and regards
  23. Mangalore

    dear pulkit thanks for the info
  24. yes, i agree with you rajesh abt rudeness, but soon there may be omh data cards..