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  1. All apple products data transfer is managed through itunes. I think process for this product is also similar to all othe apple products.
  2. Tata Docomo 3G Network (System Issue)

    I am using 3G , but did n't face any problem. Regarding BSNL , my Docomo 2G speed better than 3G. I too waiting to porting my BSNL number to Docomo.
  3. As per website info, I assume it can be buy along with voice plan. Here is the website info. Postpay packs have to be added to existing Small Screen plans and cannot be bought independently. Rate of 1p/10kb applies for post inbuilt data usage, if the packs are opted with SmartLife Plans. For other voice plans, data rate will be as per the bill plan
  4. I think 3G smart life plan is not necessary. We can subscribe with any voice plan.
  5. I think these are applicable to all Docomo 3G circles
  6. Just noticed on Docomo website. New post paid 3G data packages. 149/- --512 Mb 199/- -- 1Gb I would appreciate if Docomo introduce smart life plans similar to prepaid.
  7. I have stupid question; What will happen to present number after MDN change. Does old number convert to prepaid.
  8. Just two days back I have charged it for one of my pre-paid number. It rocks. It would be great if Docomo offers similar packs for Postpaid. Preset Postpaid 3G plans are better for high voice call users but not for 3G data.
  9. Does any one in this forum using Bsnl 3G as well as 2g in Pune. If yes , please could you share your experience.
  10. Can we switch to other operator for these chosen numbers through MNP after three months?
  11. Thanks Sujit , My average monthly bill around 400/-. I got this plan as part of retention plan.
  12. Hi all, Presently I am on Docomo post paid plan which is a good plan and I don't want to change it. But recently I got a good number . So I want to have same old post paid plan with old customer Id by changing the mobile number only. Is it possible ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Docomo 3G Plans Details

    I think Data packs are for home circle only. If you subscribe for GPRS pack , it will allow to use in roaming.i am using 48/- for 500 MB data pack.
  14. Hi All, Does any one subscribed/using Docomo 3G post paid plans? Presently I am on 2G postpaid with optional GPRS pack. This free data of bundled pack [GPRS pack] can be used on on net national roaming. Docomo doesn't charge any thing. I would like to switch to 3G plans in Pune. Can we use free bundled data usage while I am in Docomo non 3G states like AP? ofcourse I will be on Docomo 2G net?
  15. All about Tikona

    I fully agree. Almost all connections are closed in my society. I don't recommend Tikona. BSNL broadband is good. Only problem is service. i will never advice for Tikona. I am yet to met a person who is satisfied with tikona.. final choice is yours... i am using BSNL at my factory in Gujarat which is 40kms from Ahmedabad. no issues with the speed.