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  1. [Tutorial] - How To Enable OMH SIM On Sprint HTC One

    Try the following procedure and revert Firstly install 4.1.2 Stock RUU Rom only Then flash Radio Then install 4.4.2 stock deodex through 2.6 or above TWRP. Mine above all resolved by the above procedure, so please revert here.
  2. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    I have unlocked my sprint LG G2, it`s working fine with gsm. But when i put cdma sim in it then i can make only 1st call thereafter i am not able to call any number. only dialing comes and call disconnects even incoming is also not working. I again able to use it for 1 call if i reboot. Kindly help me out.
  3. For evdo activation in Tata you have to buy Speed living sim from tata and transfer your mdn to new sim as RUIM TO EVDO OMH RIUIM while transfering your mdn or you can use ICC for transfering your MDN, your evdo will be activated. Evdo will definately working on the 95 rs for 4.5gb but Remember that these plan are for TATA ZONE Browsing only like RWORLD in Reliance and that too will work with proxy, so would to browse tata zone in that plan . For net browsing you have to take plan for mobile tethering on pc from tata for prepaid as well as for postpaid and use Username : internet Password : internet Here are tata tariff for mobile evdo Postpaid Tariff Offer Data PacksPack Name Monthly Rental (Rs) Free Usage Tariff for additional usage thereafter Rs/MB CMO HSIA 256MB@100 Pack 100 256 MB 50p/MB CMO HSIA 1GB@300 Pack 300 1 GB 50p/MB CMO HSIA 2GB@500 Pack 500 2 GB 50p/MB Mobnet Mega 5GB 950 5 GB 50p/MB Mobnet Power Surf 1100 10 GB 50p/MB Mobnet Super Surf 1500 15 GB 50p/MB For prepaid browsing is 50paise / MB u can use above packs on pc too as tethering.
  4. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

  5. Heating Issues On BlackBerry 8530 With TATA

    the same answer i gave to you earlier , to visit the service center. As this is official 1, so firstly visit them and see what they say.
  6. Dropped My Touch Diamond, Touch Not Working

    Showing for model no. p 3700, AFAIK, my model no. is 6950, will this work? No p3700 is gsm mobile so it`s dizitizer will not work. Secondly in cdma u can`t replace only ditizer only. I personally opened one damaged lcd of 6950, u cant separate lcd and ditizer and if u try then definately lcd will break in removing ditizer, that`s why service center will import the whole front face including lcd and ditizer in it and will giver u warranty of the same for 6months @ 2500 for front part and 30$ for handling foreign handset. 1.5 year ago they were not charging 30$ as some1 got replaced it @ 2500 but since 1 yr. they are charging for it And in that price @ 4400 u will get another New diamond here. http://orders.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ImportHubViewItem&itemid=190558301358
  7. Use no *99***1# to dial and APN: rcomnet , Leave the username and password blank and it is done.
  8. Mobile TV Charges on EVDO Handsets

    When i am browsing/ connecting to mobile TV the EvDO symbol is displayed on the top.(It was 1x symbol before I activated EvDO). Thats why I am confused. Where should I enter my number as username and password? In Samsung MTxt 369, the Setting->Applications->Browser->OMH menu has the options for username and password. Is that the correct place? This is the current settings. ProfileName: <empty> Home Url: <empty> PPP Digit: #777 PPP Username: <empty> PPP Password: <empty> PPP Auth type: None Proxy: Disable Yes this is place (PPP username and password) where u enter your mdn w/o zero for using netconnect w/o nuc.
  9. Ebay discount coupon worth Rs 100 on minimum purchase of 105 and above Code: MPSANL0003 Valid till 26th October '10
  10. Accord. to me it`s the latest tht i got till nw on net. Whats ur purpose to updrade, if this version is working well than other versions?
  11. Unlock Huwaei Ec 325 Data Card

    Kindly tell us the procedure to flash the modem.
  12. I don`t hv voice commander in my sprint diamond have u installed any application for it kindly post it here, so everyone can get it. Thanks
  13. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    sorry sorry sorry... That was a typing mistake... it was supposed to be 23 hours this time when i charged it fully, battery lasted for about 22 hours with medium usage again (my medium usage means 2-3 hours of songs playback on earphone, 30 minutes of sending messages to friends. and 15-20 minutes call time... it may be considered heavy usage also.. ) Group sms is supported... just like other phones we can send msg to a group of contacts (groups can be created in phonebook) Hw many contacts we can add in one Group and Hw many groups can be created?
  14. Htc Diamond With Android

    I found new thing on web HTC Diamond with Android. Just have a look on this link. http://gadgetmix.com/index/android-os-now-running-on-htc-diamond-cute-little-mid/ Techies have a look on this and clear this Is it possible? If yes then this is great news for all of us who want HTC hero for it`s OS only.
  15. Mobile Internet Rates Slashed, Quota Increased!

    yes friends. And NUC is not charging now, however nuc was charged previously. can any1 confirm this who is not on L1?