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  1. Can Sprint LG G3 be used with Jio ?
  2. JioFi2 MiFi

    Dhiraj ji, Jio working on note 2 sprint or verizon ? I have note edge sprint unable to use Rcom 4g
  3. lenovo zuk z1 supporting cdma

    any reviews on the lenovo zuk 1 ?

    Happy B'day Dr. Faramroze ! Have a gr8 year ahead !
  5. OnePlus invites

    I have 3 invites for One plus One any wants pls pm me.
  6. OnePlus invites

    looking for an invite ... pls pm if anyone has... thanks !!
  7. hey which part of mumbai r u located ?
  8. hey check this Bluetooth Splitter : http://www.amazon.in/Monoprice-109722-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Splitter/dp/B00AJHAYCS I think this is what you r looking for.
  9. How To Unlock iPhone 4S for GSM use?

    What network is it locked at ?
  10. Verizon Galaxy S3 not turning on - help please

    hi ! when the phone was working when u inserted the battery back that time it used to start by itself or by pressing the power button ? i suspect the power button is faulty ...
  11. How to stop Handsfree activation in Sprint LG G3 (LS990)

    same method of LG g2 should work ... pls try !
  12. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    I am having a strange issue with my prepaid number... 1x/3g comes in for a second and goes off ... the same things goes on and off repeatedly where never it stays on so that i can enjoy surfing.... I have given repeated complaints in webworld and end number of SR have been created and 4 times number transferred to various series of sim still no luck .. Can someone pls help me with the same ?
  13. Apple Announces iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

    is the imei clean ??? or under contract / blacklisted ?