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Found 13 results

  1. This forum started for maintenance and guidelines for the CDMA user community. If one carrier stops, we switch to a different operator. I am writing this, because no one is sure of any particular CDMA continuing in short future. BSNL can help CDMA users in some regions of service and will help those who have single network handset. I am also aware that BSNL is surrendering cdma spectrum in some states but it still help us. RUIM of BSNL is hybrid type, data works on normal sim based handsets like Moto E, Moto X, Droid series etc and also on handsets like VZW Note 3, Note 5, S5, S6, S7 Nexus 6 etc. A small amount of one time programming is required after sim activation. Note that there is no *228 for OTAF and was removed from network in 2010. MIP profile type:- make simple IP from mobile ip (mainly essential) Ppp user= your10digitmin@AAAVD.in (only required in some handsets) Ppp pass= your10digitmin Dial string/APN= #777 BSNL CDMA back end all India operations are handled from Vadodara and we can directly contact them for any issues. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Guys, I use Android GSM phone and I my 2G connection is ON whole day. I wanted to switch to CDMA. I have 2 questions: HANDSETS: First of all most of Android CDMA handsets are imported and I have heard imported handsets are prone to 1x/EVDO network issues. Imported hadsets are only good for making calls and sending SMSs, not for smoothness internet experience. Is it true ? NETWORK: In GSM I can use 2G while I can receive calls at the same time. 2G disconnects only if I am on live call. I read somewhere that if you use 1x/EVDO on CDMA handsets then when people try to call you, they will get busy tone. it true ? Wi-Fi Tethering: I use WiFi and WiFi tethering Google Maps: since Android versions on phones are out of date and no updates provided, will I get all Google Maps features and updates available on KitKat/latest/GSM versions ?
  3. Hi, I have recently got an imported 9930 Verizon (GSM Uncloked) handset. Got hold of a techie to load PRL (I guess using CDMA workshop) and registered ESN with tata, unfortunately he didn't do a good job. I couldn't activate using *228 (OTA), it throwing some error. But some how VOICE calls are working and SMS (receiving SMS but not able to send SMS). Initially they (TATA team, & Techie) both promised that BIS will be activated but now they are giving some lame reasons to activate. On other TATA Blackberry helpdesk is trying to register my MEID from past three weeks and failed to activate it. Yet they are giving some excuses that their IT team is working on the problem. How to fix BIS activation?? Should I hard reset my device to register this MEID with Reliance (because initially before PRL load *228 was able reach Reliance) - After PRL loading I can't hear Reliance / either Tata - It's just saying Welcome thank you for using our services Is there a fix for OTA to reach Tata? Or Can I switch other Service provider (GSM) and use Engg screen options to activate BIS - Is it really possible?? What is A-Key on CDMA Screen? How to get it? Would it help in any way to fix this issue?? ##000000 - Is showing some verizon related info. Can I get similar info for TATA . Would it help?? MSL (from service provider)—??? MDN (from service provider)—?? IMSI_S (from service provider) - ?? SIP-ID (from service provider)—?? SIP-Password (from service provider)—?? MIP-ID (from service provider)—?? MIP-Password (from service provider)—?? SID (from modem card)—?? NID (from modem card)—?? DMU MN Auth- ?? Primary HA Address?? Secondary HA Address?? Thanks in advance for your help....!
  4. I brought an unlocked zte ac2766 modem from Ebay. Bought a omh reliance sim. DId sim verification and *228 activation on old phone (LG-RD3510) Put the sim in modem but it doesn't shows signal at 1x or hybrid It only shows the signal at evdo. activated evdo.can connect to evdo when choosing evdo,but still no signal at 1x or hybrid. so i cant use call feature or sms feature or internet at 1x. tried visafone and bsnl dashboard,but issue still persist.no signal at 1x or hybrid. Am at my wits end now. Please help ps:only twice it showed 1x signal for 1 second out of 20-30 times.
  5. Hey guys, looking for a smartphone with dual sim, cdma + gsm android, budget is under 20k. currently using htc desire xc dual sim t329d. connectivity wise, i need 1x only for cdma (EVDO not compulsion but if present will do good) 3g for GSM (must). Presently my htc is evdo + 2g. dere are many phones with similar config, i.e evdo + 2g but not 1x/evdo + 3g. looked for sharp sch630e. but have some credibility issues regarding after sales. suggest couple of hand sets please.
  6. Original XDA Thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2303074 The first method is hard but doable if you know how to use adb pull and adb push. Second method is easier for all, flashable zips. FLASHABLES MDL http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2083421&d=1372685125 MF9 http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2106889&d=1373482061
  7. While configuring 1x and EvDO on Verizon Samsung Stellar i200, it is observed that due to more security on this phone, the phone goes offline while selecting CDMA bands. If the phone does not restore to factory NAM, then a downgrade to stock ROM is essential. If the phone goes offline on 4.2.2 or 4.1.2 (VRBMA1) it should be downgraded to stock 4.0.4 (VRALG4) via ODIN. As soon as phone boots on 4.0.4 ROM, dial *#22745927 and press ##72786# to clear NAM settings. Phone will be on Reliance network once it boots. Below are the factory images in case anyone needs them. Samsung Stellar ROM flashing process:- http://www.all-samsungphones.com/samsung-galaxy-stellar-i200-stock-rom-image-download-and-install.html/ ROM Repository:- http://goo.im/devs/invisiblek/i200/
  8. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged! I have noticed a strange (But happy) phenomenon occuring since the last few days on Reliance CDMA Network. Conventional wisdom says that your phone will always come engaged on CDMA network when 1X Data is On. However in the last 20 days or so, while i was travelling and 1X Data was on, i received calls without the calling person getting engaged tone. The calls were completed and upon finishing 1X Data resumed! Thought it to be a one off event but again it happenned today! What's going on? Has Reliance invented/implemented something which was thought to be technologically impossible in CDMA?
  9. Hello all this is a detail note about getting 1X on verizon palm pre plus 1. first turn off developer mode 2. after phone restart put phone on diag mode 3. connect phone to pc 4. install diag drivers 5. go to computer management and check the port number 6. then open qpst 2.7 build 7. in qpst configuration add the palm port 8. then open qpst service programing 9. you will see mobile esn and name if any. 10. select that phone and say read from phone 11. it will ask for SPC, SPC for all verizon phone are zero. 12. First important thing is to take backup for qpst configuration. 13. there is "save to File...." button , click on it and save the new file. 14. then go to profiles 15. put active profile=0 16. set ip = simple ip 17. then select profile 0 and then click on edit 18. then make all ip= 19. in profile 0 keep user name password as it is. 20. then go to PPP tab. 21. in UM put user id and password as phone number. 22. do same in AN 23. then do write to phone, it will write all configuration to phone and phone will reboot automatically. 24. then in phone go to epst (##3836#) and put phone on 1x/rtt 25. make all IP zero in browser configuration in phone and reboot the phone So u can see 1X logo on screen and you can access to internet!!
  10. Hello Friends, I am starting this topic where we can discuss about the best internet options available in our own/other circles. We can also talk about some unique/special offers that we come to know about. Purpose of this topic is to increase knowledge about internet options or special offers available in other circles and to help each other take advantage of these offers. I start with the first offer I came to know about Idea 3G in Delhi region. One seller is providing 2GB data pack in Rs 249 bundled with Rs 1349 unlocked data card. He confirmed me this recharge can be continued.
  11. Hi, I have newly purchased Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA on 11-October-2011. I got OMH SIM for rs 25 on same day got it activated immedietly. after inserting OMH card, phone is showing two signals, top one is showing as "EV" and below it is "1x" can anyone know or explain what this "EV" signal means??
  12. Its seems voice on RCDMA will be shut..voice subscribers will eventually be moved to RGSM.May be in 2013 when they will build a robost GSM network... CDMA will only be for EVDO data.
  13. News Snippets

    I am opening this topic so that anyone can post News Snippets in short... Snippets should be relevant to this Forum unless of course they are major news headlines, which can also be posted.... I am hoping for frequent contributions from all dear members...