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  1. iPad Alternatives

    It seems Ipad has got competition in India even before its official entry in indian markets. Compared to Ipad pricing of Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 in Indian Markets right now, Infibeam.com has launched two models of Ipad like products in Windows and Android Flavour at just Rs. 14,999/-. Checkout the specs below. Another product is Olivepad priced at Sub Rs 25,000/- level but with much higher spec and phone facility. See the specs in PDF Olive Pad V-T100 Specs Sheet.pdf
  2. RCOM in talks with Motorola, HP, Intel for 3G strategic tie-up PTI, Aug 29, 2010, 11.19am IST NEW DELHI: Reliance Communications is planning to rope in strategic partners for its infrastructure and technology innovation unit for 3G mobile business, and is in discussions with global players like Motorola and HP. Sources said that discussions are also being held with likes of Intel and Sony. RCOM, Anil Ambani group's telecom arm, is looking for partners in its 3G Innovation Lab, which has been set up as an end-to-end wireless network infrastructure and new technology provider for high-speed 3G (third generation) mobile services. Sources said RCOM will also let out the services of the Lab to other operators and service providers to further monetise its investment in this newly set-up unit. This could be part of RCOM's plans to raise funds for launch and expansion of its 3G services, for which it has made large investments, they added. The company paid more than Rs 8,500 crore for securing the spectrum (radio waves) to offer 3G mobile services and analysts have estimated that more than Rs 5,000 crore could be required for rolling out the networks. RCOM is planning to launch 3G services by the end of this year, subject to the release of spectrum next month. Other players with whom the discussions are being held include global technology players such as Red Hat, SNAPin Software, weComm, Rubberduck Media Lab and Skyfire Labs. When contacted, an RCOM spokesperson declined to comment on the global partnerships the company was seeking. However, the spokesperson confirmed RCOM's move to set up a full-fledged 3G Innovation Lab. "Our 3G Innovation Lab will drive all 3G innovations for mobile as well as other platforms. It will aid in demystifying 3G technology and make it simpler for adoption amongst cross- section of customer groups," the spokesperson said. Sources said the partnership would help in scaling up the Lab's capabilities and exploring the monetising opportunities by offering the infrastructure of this unit to third-party players through managed services business model. The Lab has been set up at Reliance ADA Group's Headquarters in Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai. RCOM has won 3G spectrum in 13 circles, including key ones like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
  3. My Hidden Talent : My Youtube Piano Vidz

    Wonderful One who can play any music is really blessed one! Biggest stress buster i suppose!
  4. Accessing Internet On Cdma Connection In Blackberry 8830

    Yes. You can access internet on CDMA connection in Blackberry 8830. Go through the following post at Rimweb 1X Data on Blackberry 8830
  5. Seems not many LG510 users on RIMWEB No reply! Please come forward and share your experience of using JAVA on this handset.
  6. They have allowed non proxy based surfing and tethering to pc in all GPRS plans as mentioned in the PDF. Now therefore there is no difference in Mobile Connect and GPRS
  7. Hillarious! Vodafone fools offering 2 GB for Rs 95 and 100 MB For Rs 199 So much for the intelligence of their marketing guys!!!
  8. Well given the price of 9990 and the mouth watering specs, it can be said to be a really good deal. Only one thing is not clear. They are saying in the spec Android 2.1 Ready! Now this can have different meanings, -It is not Android 2.1 but can be upgraded to 2.1. -It is Android 2.1 If it is not Android 2.1, then you will have to wait for Spice to make available the 2.1 upgrade. Otherwise the phone looks like an amazing deal.
  9. New Handsets Added In Profile Field

    Arunbhai Please add LG510 Cookie Zip CDMA in the handset list so that i can update my profile. Thanks.
  10. LG 510 Cookie Zip EVDO not Working in Reliance

    HURRAY..... EVDO FINALLY ACTIVATED ON LG510 IN RELIANCE... @Vikas Mahajan. Thanks a billion for Samsung Corby advice. All LG510 Cookie Zip owners wanting EVDO Activation, following is the steps, -Ensure that you are using OMH Sim Card (Sim Card with Diamond Logo) -A default profile comes with LG510. Let it be. Create a new profile (This will be under Browser Settings in Phone Settings). It will ask to you enter Lock Code. Enter 0000 which is the default Lock Code. Create new profile. In browser username and password enter your mobile no without 0. i.e if your mobile no. is 9374.... enter it like that. In Home Page, you can enter your most frequently visited website. Do not touch dial in number. It will be showing *777. Let it remain and SAVE the profile.Next it will Show Profile 2. Click on it and than SET. -Subscribe to any Data plan by going to Mobile Internet in R World. Now call up CC at *355 (Not at *222 which is the standard CC Number. Tell him that you have a Samsung Corby Speed and your high speed internet on Mobile is working at 1x speed and not at EVDO speed. Request them to activate EVDO Speed. Do not say LG510 as it is not updated in their system so by default they will say that EVDO is not possible on LG510. There will be many other excuses, phone transfer to other department and endless excuses. Insist on them taking a formal complaint and giving you a complaint no. Ask CC to read out what exactly he has written in the complaint. Most of the time they do not understand and write anything and so the problem does not get resolved. In my case 3 complaint was resolved without resolving the actual problem because they wrote different things. 48 Hours is standard time for complaint resolution. Call up again if not resolved. Persist. It will be escalated. Again Call up. Keep on Calling. Do not know how many calls you will have to make. If things are not going in right direction, ask them for details of Nodal Officer and tell that all of their responses are being verbatim monitored by you and will be sent to Nodal Officer when you take up the Complaint with Nodal Officer. Do not get discouraged. It may get resolved finally as happenned in my case. Totally took 6 days, huge amount of phone calls, repeating the same thing to nearly 35 different people.
  11. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    1. Yes for any browsing except accessing R World, you will be charged need to have subscribed to either the default Data plan which is on per MB Basis or other plans with fixed limits. By the way where have you seen resident e mail client in this phone. I could not see it anywhere. Please tell from where to access resident e mail client.
  12. Every word in this post worth its weight in GOLD! This is called real experience and no degrees can beat it! Completely agree with what you say. Infact my experience was very similar to all the pitfalls you outlined. Ultimately i designed a simple Excel Worksheet with various data being input and later analysed and commented upon by Seniors. SADIKBHAI please read Mr. Amitabh Ranjan's post TEN Times atleast, digest it fully and the knowledge which you will get will save you huge amounts, time wastages and frustation. The same piece of advice would cost you enormous amount of money if you go to a Marketing or CRM Consultant. This forum is blessed with really talented members. Lucky to be part of it!
  13. Tally will be of no use for you as your main focus is CRM. Checkout the following product links for your requirements Goldmine Goldmine CRM By Frontrange Act Act By Sage Contact and Customer Manager Salesforce.Com India Salesforce CRM Have used Goldmine and Salesforce both but long time ago. All 3 software above are leading CRM Products. Salesforce is a product used by many Indian companies and they have different models from Small Business to Enterprise and Cloud support.
  14. LG 510 Cookie Zip EVDO not Working in Reliance

    Please...Please ellaborate what is process involved for getting EVDO activated by backend. What do you need to tell this idiots? Do you need to go to some place and do any procedure. Please share your knowledge with us sulking souls. Not getting EVDO despite having compatible and official handset is like not consumating your marriage on the first night and being stopped by silly excuses. How frustating can that be! On a sidenote that nice Speedtest Result of yours Shows Cellular in the service Provider. Must be EVDO. You are getting it on which handset? Is it Reliance Network? Is it Official Reliance phone or you have been able to get EVDO on imported handset?
  15. LG 510 Cookie Zip EVDO not Working in Reliance

    brother only way to get your evdo activated on ur handset is already stated in my post that u have read.... i suggest you to ask CC at *355 broadband customer care not the netconnect 1x dept. I am sure ur call goes to 1x dept. ask them to transfer to broadband plus dept. Call on *355 and also not on *222 or *333 or 198 which are CC for reliance cdma mobile . So when you are finally connected to Broadband dept ask them that u have corby and broadband plus service is not active on your number and also ask them to refer that complaint id which was made on same problem and was solved successfully, u can get that complaint id from my post. that complaint was made by KAMLESH ( a CC represntative) . Also they have a technical term called as [ A12AUTH ] if this is inactive then broadband plus service does not works , ask them to check if this is active or inactive on ur number. As one of my friends bb+ data card was deactivated due to Documents problem and when it was reactivated only 1x worked but BB+ was not working then i filed a complaint and CC told me that ur [ A12AUTH ] is inactive and they cant make complain for that as there is no option for it so they mailed for it at their level and next day on my confirmation when it was not done again they took request and BB+ got activated Vikasji I have called on *355 also (forgot to mention in post). First they asked me to call on *222. When i persisted, they had the same reply saying LG510 is not showing in their system but EVDO can work on Samsung Corby Speed. Next i tried your solution calling them again and saying that i have replaced my handset to Samsung Corby Speed. Now please activate EVDO. They guy could not find the activation details and took a complaint which is still not resolved. Will definately try you A12 authentication method.
  16. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    Yes we need to ask CC at *355 to activate Broadband+ service .... we have to fight alot to make them understand our problem.... if one wants to activate evdo you need to ask them to activate broadband service and force them to write a complaint for it... U also need to tell them that u have samsung corby becoz they say that in LG510 there is no evdo For refrence you can have this complaint number : 133902393 this was same complaint written for evdo activation on OMH of LG510 by saying its in corby. This complaint number was successfully solved and my friends broadband was got activated. Friends plzzzzzz help me to get Prog code for LG510 .... My friend needs it plzzz help Thanks And Regards Vikas Mahajan So when EVDO is activated by this method for LG510, Do You get EVDO Speed both for browsing on the handset as well as PC or only for PC Browsing. Secondly which tariff plan applies for browsing. RCom site has different plans for Netconnect+. There are 2 other plans for mobile browsing -In Plan 99 only browsing allowed no download. -In Plan 299 both browing and download. Can you have EVDO Speed both for mobile or PC if you subscribe to Plan 99 or Plan 299 or you have to necessarily subscribe to Netconnect+ plans only to get EVDO.
  17. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    Sorry to disappoint you but you cannot browse in Landscape mode in LG Cookie Zip. There is no setting for doing this. Surprisingly in their publicity material titled LG510 Launch, they have shown an image of google home page in Landscape mode on this phone. I guess this is just some DTP stuff done by marketing people.
  18. 'calcomp' CDMA OMH Handsets

    LG510 Cookie Zip is EVDO Rev.A Open Market Handset available in india at a price of Approx.Rs. 8200/-. Check the link for specifications. LG 510 Cookie Zip
  19. Micromax Q5C Launch!

    All the people wanting to know about Micromax Q5C, Here is my experience, Bought it for Rs. 4500/-. Looked nice visually with good finish. Went home and started using it and then the dream of a economical QWERT phone on CDMA went bad. My observations, -The keys are very cramped together and small. Invariably one will press on another adjoining key. Very tiring and not meant for people with healthy fingers. Even my wife's thin fingers could not operate it properly. -The moment i inserted the headset for FM Radio, the phone hangs. No key works, nothing. Only option remove battery and restart. Afterwords again tried for auto scan. Nothing happens. Then tried for manual frequency. No voice. I was not deep inside where the FM Signals are weak because at the same place, other phone's FM was working crystal clear. Then went outside on the road. Voilla. FM sound started with a lot of disturbance. Tried all channels. Only one channel with lot of distrubance. Nothing else in any other channel. -The phone is having memory of only some 2.6 MB which again is the root cause of so many issues, It is having 2 Megapixel Camera but if you shoot a photo with the highest resolution, it will shoot but the photo won't open in the phone saying size too large. You are saving the photo on memory card and not on the phone. Still no high res photo could be viewed on the phone. Same thing with the video. At 30 FPS it gives error and does not record. The camera is having LED Flash as touted in the specifications. Any average person will understand that Camera Flash should flash when you click a photo. But here things are different. The so called LED Flash is actually a LED Light which you can start from the phone settings. It remains on till you disable it. It is just like a torch function on many chinese phones. The light is very low. And even in little darkness, it had no effect. Just a marketing gimmick. -There is a facility for attaching Picture ID in your contact list which is actually just on paper. Whatever size image file you try to attach, it will say file size to large. I have tried even 10kb file. Didn't work. Internet and Browsing. Opera Mini is preinstalled but when you launch it, phone takes approx. 3 to 4 minutes saying connecting. Then the page loads. If you type another web page address or even click a link on the loaded page, it again takes 3 to 4 minuted saying Connecting. After that the page loading time is OK for a CDMA 1x connection. Forget about serious browsing even normal browsing is not possible with this phone. Lets understand this with my actual experience. -Launched Opera MINI. Load time including connecting-3 Minutes. -Typed GMAIL.COM and opened. Load time including connecting-4 Minutes. -Typed USED ID and Password and LOGIN- Load time including connecting-5 Minutes. -Clicked on the first e mail-Load time including connecting-4 Minutes. So for checking just one e mail, time taken is 16 minutes. Useless actually. Tried installing other JAVA browsers like BOLT and UCWEB. Both installed. UCWEB was faster then OPERA as far as page loading goes. But the problem when you click on any link and phone displaying the message Connecting was uniform across all browsers. This i suppose is with the CDMA technology when the connection is immediately terminated and then reconnected when you use internet again. There is some issue with the modem of the phone taking so long to connect again. The phone is not having any Phonesuite. However USB and Modem Drivers are there for connecting to PC and browsing. Installed USB Drivers and connected the phone to PC. Surprisingly, the speed for PC browsing is appropriate for a 1X Connection and had no issues. Audio Player and Sound Quality. -The audio player standard like many chinese phones. Sound quality for phone speakers is quite loud and you can hear the audio very comfortably in a room size of approx. 150 square feet. Sound is real loud actually. -The bundled headset is also having good loud sound. Sound in the headset is loud with more sharpness but absence of bass totally. Video Player -Did not play any files saying file size too large. Call Quality and Reception -The call sound quality and reception was excellent across locations with very clear voice even with 3 Bars of Signal out of 5 Bars. Memory Card access with UDISK function. -You can access the memory card with data cable with UDISK function. But the speed of copying anything by this mode was extremely slow. It took nearly 11 minutes to copy one 6 mb size mp3 file. And even then when the file was played only 25% of it played and terminated. So for copying anything to Memory Card, you will have to always remove it and attach it to a separate memory card reader and attach to pc. Imagine every time you click a photo or want to transfer some music, you cannot do it through data cable because it will take hours but only have to use separate memory card reader. So there are many other gripe which i don't even remember or care to remember. Ultimately after 24 hours, went to the shop from where it was purchased and requested the guy to change the handset with other brand. Now the sad part. The fellow said he will do it but deduct Rs 1500/- as he will have to sell it as second hand only even though it was used for only 24 hours. Got really annoyed. Negotiated and finally the guy agreed for deducting Rs. 900/-. Had no other option so agreed and bought LG510 Cookie Zip instead. For all who want to buy this handset, it is useful only if you want to make and receive Calls and nothing else. So please do not fall for this trap of cheap QWERT CDMA handset. Before i bought this handset, enquired for a BB posted by Mr Dhiraj Kaile but could not go for it for the following reasons, -There was a need for Nokia RUIM enabled Handset for doing the programming on BB handset and i did not had access to one. Enquired at many places, but could not get one. -While i was communicating with him, my current handset died and needed one urgently. -So i had to buy something urgently and told Mr Dhiraj the same and went ahead and bought this one urgently. He felt that i had no intentions of buying Blackberry and got annoyed with me. Said sorry to him. Now i think he will only have sympathy for me. Truly regret not going for BB. Advice to all fellow RIMWEB members, -Stay away from this phone. Buy it only if you want to make and receive calls and nothing else. -Much better to buy BB as posted by many Gurus than this one by spending more than going your total money waste. Mods please put this in appropriate thread like reviews if this is not the right place.
  20. Hi All! Need a Good CDMA Phone possibly below Rs. 6000/-. The requirements are as follows, -Should have full HTTP browsing and possibly with EVDO Speed -QWERT Keypad or Full Keypad -I am already having a reliance number and it should work on the phone with the above. -If possible both GSM and CDMA though this is not strictly essential. -Rest all normal things like Bluetooth, MMS, Audio Video Player, PC Connectivity for backup and other things etc. Please all Gurus let me know if any of you have any such phone in the above range. Thanks
  21. Please suggest CDMA handset under Rs.6000

    Sent you a pm. Please reply
  22. Please suggest CDMA handset under Rs.6000

    Thank you all! RIMWEB community really rocks! All kind souls ready to help as ever! Had almost finalised on Corby and then read reviews from actuals users with some serious usability issues. Have a look at the following links. Absolute disappointment from Samsung Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Just for the looks otherwise average As for the the Metro TV, Reliance site says it is not having netconnect! Secondly was not able to find any information from Samsung Website. They have not listed the phone there. So you can forget about any support later like PC Suite download etc. Came up with another option while searching. Micromax Q5C. This seems to be a nice QWERT OMH handset with almost everything except EVDO which is not clearly mentioned in the Specs. Micromax Q5C Another option is the Blackberry 8830 listed today in buy sell which is higher for my budget but can consider it. Will BB 8830 support subscribing to Reliance BB Plans. There are 3 plans one with just Pushmail and the best one having Unlimited Interenet. My question is can we subscribe to this plans for BB 8830 unlocked and listed here? How is the process? Choice now between Micromax Q5C which is well within Budget with QWERT and almost all other Specs and BB8830 which is above the budget with doubts regarding BB Services. Please Gurus, let your expert views flow in. Thanks
  23. Please suggest CDMA handset under Rs.6000

    Thanks Dear. Please have a look at the questions i posted to vikasmahajanz post. The Corby you have is new or used. Pricing Please.
  24. Please suggest CDMA handset under Rs.6000

    For EVDO you have only one choice left i.e. Samsung Metro TV its in range of 6000 to 6300 and also u can try 2nd hand samsung corby that u may get below 6000 Both the handset suit ur needs u mentioned. Both these are Rev 0 Evdo handsets i.e. speed upto 2.4 mbps Also one new LG 510 cookie handset price 8500/- recently droped to 7500/- with some sellers , this handset is Rev A evdo with speed upto 3.1 mbps Also currently there is no dual sim cdma+gsm handset with evdo feature. Also to run evdo u need to transfer your num ber to OMH sim which has got evdo settings in it . After that you also need to check with CC that ur evdo service has been provisioned or not if u face any prob using evdo I hope all your Questions have been answered Thank You Dear For a very clear response! Have few query regarding your suggestion. -Read somewhere that Samsung Metro TV and Corby do not allow you to browse any website. You are stuck to browsing only the prebuilt websites. Is this correct? Or you can browse any website? -Secondly both the Samsung phones are having their own proprietary OS. Does it support JAVA? Will i be able to install browsers like Opera MINI, BOLT etc on this Samsung Phones? -I am already having a Reliance CDMA SIM. Don't know whether it is OMH SIM or not. Any way to know whether it is OMH SIM? Even if it is not, DO reliance provide OMH SIM and at what Cost? Sorry to ask you so many questions but had so many bad experiences of CDMA since last 7 years and changing many handsets. So this time want to make sure that I get what I need.