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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    You should have cleared payment first and then only applied for MNP. Now if your MNP request from Airtel reaches before your payment cheque is cleared & credited in your account, it will still show as outstanding in their record & they might reject it again for unpaid dues. In fact in addition to last bill amount, you should deposit some extra amount which should cover your rent & usage from last generated bill date till the date of porting. As per actual rule, one needs to make only payment of generated bill. Remaining amount from generated bill to porting date can be paid after porting when that final bill is generated. But they have rejected porting on this amount unpaid also. (Happened to me earlier).
  2. @varkey In SIM Tool Kit, two options are available, Home IMSI & International IMSI. If in your phone such option is available, try switching to Home IMSI now.
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    A relative ported his postpaid RCOM number to JIO prepaid successfully in 7 days. He received two messages from JIO, 1st when RCOM approved porting request and 2nd intimating day of porting. You can call the helpline of network you are porting into and they will tell you the status of porting.
  4. change of ownership of the sim card

    As Reliance is closing voice operations, you will have to anyway quickly port to another operator. So instead of wasting time in changing account details with Reliance, you can port to a new operator in your name with your documents.
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    No coupon code or App download is needed. Just go to JIO store with your Port Code and Aadhar Card for migrating your Reliance number to JIO.
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    You can take either prepaid or postpaid as per your choice with the new operator.
  7. Jio Mobile

    Jio Customer Database of over 120 million users leaked could be biggest data breach in India Source In an interesting development , Jio customer data has been leaked on an independent website named magicapk. Several sensitive details including first name, last name ,mobile number, email-id,circle, SIM Activation Date and even Aadhaar Number have been exposed. To my disbelief I found my own details in the database and also couple of my colleagues are affected too. Update: 10:39PM IST with quote from Jio spokesperson. It could be the biggest data breach in India as the data leak in question over pertains to a database of over 120 million users of Reliance Jio. The website seems already a little sluggish and expected to go down soon as more users rush to find out if their personal data has been leaked. It took a couple or three tries for the number to show up on the website. It is not clear at this moment why this data has been leaked or how someone outside Jio got access to sensitive customer data. We tried finding the details about the owner of the domain in question but seems to be hidden and marked private. Also we observed that those who got the Jio sim card during the preview offer are most affected. Recent numbers don’t seem to be found in the database. Also we were not able to see AADHAR of the customer from the limited numbers we tried. UPDATE: Jio has provided the following quote responding to our story. We have come across the unverified and unsubstantiated claims of the website and are investigating it. Prima facie, the data appears to be unauthentic. We want to assure our subscribers that their data is safe and maintained with highest security. Data is only shared with authorities as per their requirement. We have informed law enforcement agencies about the claims of the website and will follow through to ensure strict action is taken. We still stand by our story. We have checked multiple Jio numbers of our own and 3rd parties on the website where the data has been leaked and our personal information is available.
  8. Some important FAQ's from the point of view of consumers for Mobile Number Portability Everyone waiting with excitement for MNP launch in their respective circles. I thought some FAQ on important issues at one place will help all. So drafted this. I know there is a separate MNP thread but some critical information gets lost in so many posts and also some questions are not answered there. Hope you all find this useful. Will update this if something more comes to attention. Thank You and enjoy MNP. When is MNP being launched in my circle. Mobile Number Portability has been launched across India on 20th January 2011. For Official Confirmation of this, See Here http://www.rimweb.in...post__p__216104 In What circumstances my request for MNP may be rejected? -A period of 90 days has not expired from the date of porting if you have ported your number earlier. -A period of 90 days has not expired from the date of activation of your current number even if it was not ported earlier. -There are some outstanding dues by way of pending bill or bills. -There is a pending request for change of ownership of number. -The mobile number to be ported is sub-judice. -Any court has passed an order prohibiting the porting of the concerned number. What exactly is meant by outstanding dues. Outstanding dues will mean the amount by way of actually generated bills as on the date of your request for MNP. Suppose if your Billing Date is 7th of each month and you make a request for MNP on 15th of that month, outstanding dues will mean the amount of your bill generated on 7th of that month. The subsequent amount of your usage and rent till the time of actual number porting will have to be paid by you to your existing operator later on as and when the final bill is generated. However this amount is not considered as outstanding. You are only supposed to pay it. If you don't, then even after MNP, your number can be de activated by the new operator based on complaint by your existing operator. I am a very old mobile subscriber and in the earlier days there was a lot of deposits to be paid for STD, ISD. I have such deposits with my existing operator. Can i adjust it against my outstanding so as not to wait for a refund. You cannot. However as per the TRAI Quality of Service norms, your existing operator is supposed to refund you all the deposit within a period of 60 days from the date of closure. I am a CDMA subscriber and want to switch to a GSM Service. My friend is having GSM Service and wants to switch to CDMA Service? Is it possible? Yes. You will be able to switch from CDMA>GSM as well as GSM>CDMA.But you will need a GSM Handset if switching from CDMA and CDMA handset if switching from GSM. I am swiching from CDMA to CDMA and have an official handset from my current operator. Will the same handset work with the new operator. If you are having an OMH (Open Market Handset) Sim CDMA handset, it will work with the new CDMA service provider. For other handsets it is a grey area. TRAI in its Mobile Number Portability Regulations has mentioned the following as one of the reasons for rejection of MNP request. "there are subsisting contractual obligations in respect of which an exit clause has been provided in the subscriber agreement but the subscriber has not complied with such exit clause:" There are lots of CDMA handsets sold at cheap rates by operators. You pay as less as Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 for them. However we all don't care to read the fineprint of terms and conditions. If the terms and conditions says that the handset is the property of the operator, then you will be stuck there as the operators will interpret the above TRAI clause as per their convenience and say that the customer needs to return the handset back to them. I am a postpaid subscriber but would like to be prepaid one with the new operator. Yes you can do that. You can also be a postpaid subscriber from prepaid. I am a prepaid subscriber and have a good amount of balance in my account. Will it be carried forward to new operator. No. You will lose your prepaid credit balance with the existing operator. I have a lot of add on packs like SMS, Onnet free talktime etc. Will it be carried forward to the new operator of my choice. Unfortunately No. You will have to select a fresh plan of your choice from the new operator. For how long my services be disrupted. Your services will be disrupted for not more than 2 hours on the day of actual porting. Even this will be mostly done between late evening to early morning hours to cause least inconvenience. Your phone will remain operational on all days while your MNP request is under process. I am interested in switching to a new operator of my liking. What do i need to do? -Send an SMS: PORT<space>Mobile Number (that is to be ported) to 1900. For ex. PORT 1234567890 -Your existing operator will immediately provide you with a 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code that you need to submit to the operator you wish to opt to along with relevant documents. -The unique porting code will be valid for 15 days for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Asaam & North East Licensed areas where the validity of the Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber will be 30 days from the date of request OR till such time the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, irrespective of the number of requests the subscriber makes. - You need to submit the documents to operator of your choice within this time frame. -Your number will be ported to the new operator within a maximum time frame of 7 Working days. For Jammu & Kashmir it will be maximum 15 Working days. What Documents are required for porting the number to a new operator? -Duly Filled Customer Application Form of your new operator alongwith the UPC (Unique Porting Code) details. -Your Adress Proof and Identity Proof. -Copy of last bill paid to your current operator. I made a porting request to the new operator but now changed my mind and do not want to shift. What to do? You can cancel your porting request to the new operator within 24 hours of submitting the application but the porting fees of Rs 19 (If you had paid) will be non refundable. I will port from say Reliance to Tata Docomo. I understand that my number remains the same but if i surrender my number in Tata Docomo, what happens to the number? Once you surrender your ported number, it will again revert back to the Original Operator for issue to a new customer. I stay in Gujarat but now will be shifting to Mumbai Soon. So i guess it makes sense to port my number to a Mumbai Circle Telecom Operator. Currently you can only port your number to an operator within your telecom circle. Inter Circle portability is not allowed yet but is on the radar of the govt. and will happen ultimately. Can i use the same SIM Card of my current operator after i port to a new operator. No. Your Operator will issue a new Sim Card to you. You can continue to use your current operator's Sim card even after you give the portability request but only till the time of actual porting. Once porting is done, insert the new sim card. I am sick of those unwanted marketing calls and already registered with the Do Not Call Registry. I guess even after porting i will have peace of mind as my number remains the same. Picture is not completely clear yet but some operators are saying that you will need to re-register for Do Not Call Registry. If your new operator has an option in the CAF form for activation of DND, select it otherwise activate it after porting. Is there any charges for this? TRAI has mandated maximum of Rs. 19/- for MNP request to be paid to your new operator. However your new operator has the option to waive it off. I fulfill all the criteria for porting my number still my porting request was rejected by my current operator/i am facing technical glitches wherein my current operator has de-activated my number but new operator is not activating hence i cannot make or receive any calls/What to do if i have any complaints regarding my MNP porting process? You should first try lodging complaints with your current/new operator for resolution of your MNP porting related complaints. If still there is no resolution, you can always complain to Deptt. of Telecom OR TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Officially neither DOT or TRAI has announced any procedure/contact details for people wanting to complain regarding MNP Process/issues. However, you can lodge your complain on the following public e-mail of DOT & TRAI. Deptt. Of Telecom ddgpg-dot@nic.in TRAI ca@trai.gov.in What Precautions i should take so that my porting request is not rejected? During Generating The Port Out Code: Ensure that the SMS you are sending for generating the Porting Code is without any signature. Many people put default signatures in their SMS. Some of the Operators are intentionally blocking the Generation of Port Code and you may receive messages like, "Can not process Your Request, Please Try After Some Time". In such cases, lodge a complaint with the Customer Service of Your Operator and wait for resolution. While lodging the complaint, be firm and tell your Operator that unless your complaint is processed in a reasonable time frame, You will take the matter further by lodging Complaints to DOT and TRAI. Before Proceeding to New Operator With Port In Request Ensure that there is no pending request for Change of Ownership of your number with the current operator. Ensure that you have already paid of your last generated bill to your current operator if you are a post paid customer. Check that 90 days have passed from the date when your services was activated with the current operator. If you have converted your Postpaid to Prepaid with your current operator, ensure that 90 days have passed from the date of activation of Prepaid. (Though this is not uniform and debatable) Do not give Port In request to more than One Operator with the same UPC Code. If you have received any free handset with time commitment or are under some scheme with your current operator which mandates you to fulfill certain obligations, Clarify with your current operator what you need to do so that your contractual obligations are fulfilled and port out will not be rejected. While Going to New Operator For Port In Ensure that your Unique Porting Code and Mobile Number is Correctly Filled in the Necessary Forms. During The Porting Process If you are a Postpaid Customer and a fresh bill is generated while the porting process is going on, Pay it off immediately preferably in Cash at the Operators Outlets, So it reflects immediately in your account.
  9. Well i have sufficient main balance, still SMS to special number like HDFC Bank 5676712 is not going. As mentioned earlier, Appellate authority informed that it is disabled from back end. Calling to Toll Free numbers like 1 800 (including JIO's own toll free number ) was not working earlier but now works.
  10. SMS sending to special numbers starting with 5 & 6 fails with error 29. (For example HDFC bank SMS banking number 5676712). Complaint was lodged but closed without any resolution. Upon escalating to apellate authority, they have informed that sending SMS to special numbers is currently disabled system wide for all. They were unable to mention any timeline when this will be enabled.
  11. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Reliance Jio introduces 'Buy One Get One Free' recharge offer for Prime users Source
  12. I am opening this thread to put all real cracker deals for Electronics, Gadgets, Mobile, PC hardware which are advertised in media, not advertised in media but you are aware of at one place. General Format Guideline Deal Category: Put the deal category like Electronics, Mobiles etc. Deal Source: Put the source of media where the advertisement is seen including edition Deal Advertiser: Name of the Entity which advertised the deal or you came to know. Website Link: Of the Entity offering the product. Deal Applicability: Put the locations and deal period if any. Deal Products: Here put the products alongwith prices, Website Link to specs if available, Short description why you like the deal. Product Photos: Can be shown if available. We all want good deals and when we come across one, it should be shared for the benefit of everyone. Many people miss such deals for the hectic life we all live. Will it not be beautiful if we all share such deals for the benefit of everyone when we come across one? Request all members to participate. I am starting with the following, Electronics: 42" Full HD LCD Television. Source: Mumbai Mirror 15-10-2010 Advertiser: Vijay Sales. Multi Brand Electronics showroom having branches in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi. www.vijaysales.com Deal Applicability: Till stocks last Deal Product: AOC L42 DK99FU 42" Full HD LCD Television for Only Rs. 34,990/-. AOC is the world's largest manufacturer of displays like LCD Monitors. Recently it has entered India market for LCD Televisions. Currently as far as i know, no 42" LCD Full HD Tv of reputed branded manufacturer is available at this price. Generally 42" Full HD LCD of good brands in Gray market will be around Rs. 45k and officially more than 55k. Hence i find this deal irresistible. Product Specs Link http://www.aocdispla...ail.aspx?pid=31
  13. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II OK. Beginning this new inning with a fabulous app. Originally one of the best app in iOS for News reading in magazine style with a visual flair, this has been one of the top apps there. Google tried in Android with a similar app google currents but that has been buggy, slow and battery eater. Flipboard for android is supposed to be coming in Samsung Galaxy S III exclusively in June. Can't wait or don't intend to buy S III? Well here it is.. Flipboard For Android. Get it Now >> http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1644212
  14. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    As per this report 4G will start in phases from Mid August. Reliance Communications Set to launch 4G across india in phases - Starting Mid August Source In the first flush, RCom will launch 4G services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh. KOLKATA: Reliance Communications (RCom) is set to launch 4G services on its own across India in phases, starting mid-August from the key circles of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and will gradually leverage its sharing agreement with Reliance Jio Infocomm as clearances come through. India's fourth largest telco expects clearances from the telecom department on its sharing deal with Jio in eight circles in a week to 10 days, having already got approval for nine others previously. RCom has also received clearances to trade, or sell, its spectrum in nine circles to Jio for some Rs 4,800 crore, and plans to extend that pact to four more service areas for roughly Rs 1,000 crore, people familiar with the matter told ET. RCom "is also set to wrap up tests relating to lawful interception & monitoring (LIM) of its 4G network", completion of which will trigger the 4G launches, one of the persons said. It has also concluded LIM-related tests in 15 circles, and expects to wrap up the exercise in all 22 regions by June 20. In the first flush, RCom will launch 4G services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, UP-East and UP-West, these people said. RCom now holds liberalised airwaves in the 800 MHz band across all 22 circles. It has forked out Rs 6,667 crore to the telecom department (DoT) to liberalise its 800 MHz airwaves in 20 circles. Besides, it already had such airwaves in Northeast and Assam acquired in the March 2015 auction. Liberalising or 'paying the market price' for airwaves that were allotted and not auctioned, will allow RCom to use its 800 MHz spectrum to offer 4G services. An email query to RCom did not elicit a response. The company's decision to independently launch 4G stems from the fact that it has recently switched off its CDMA network and needs to progressively migrate its 6 million-odd CDMA customers to fourth-generation services. More importantly, DoT approval for RCom's spectrum sharing pact in the 800 MHz band with Reliance Jio Infocomm is still pending in eight circles, including Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Northeast and Odisha. Earlier this year, RCom had inked a 17-circle airwaves sharing deal in the 800 MHz band with Jio, and in April, DoT allowed them to share such airwaves in 9 circles.
  15. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Generate a port out code and check for yourself.
  16. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    Any GSM phone will work.
  17. Android Mobiles From India

    Micromax Bling 2 (A55) - Dual Sim Android 2.2 Coming - May 2011 For Rs 8,000 Web is thick & fast with Rumours ( May Be Intentional Pre Launch Marketing Blitz) that Micromax is launching a Dual Sim Android dubbed as BLING 2. Links 1 2 3 One of the site says they found the phone left in a TAXI.... Lolz... What has come out till now in Specs... Android Froyo 2.2 Capacitive Touchscreen DUAL Sim Image Video http://youtu.be/QfDgYHgO_n0
  18. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    Cheapest smartphone to support all india LTE band 3, 5 & 40... Intex Cloud Fame at Rs 3,999 >> http://www.snapdeal.com/product/intex-cloud-fame-8gb-4g/669862773482 Specs >> http://www.intex.in/mobile/smartphone/cloud-fame-4g/ Android Marshmallow 6.0 4.5" Display Gorilla Glass 3 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM Dual SIM
  19. << This new topic created after splitting posts from Reliance Jio - Pan India 4G / LTE network topic. Members can share/request Reliance Jio invites in this topic. >>
  20. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    Lava X11 Specs >> http://www.lavamobiles.com/smartphones/x11 Best Price Rs 6749 >> http://www.ebay.in/itm/Lava-X11-crystal-blue-2GB-ram-Android-v5-1-OS-4G-with-VoLTE-5-GHz-Upgradable-v6-/281974640741?hash=item41a6ff9065:g:fVwAAOSw2ENW78j6 Supports all india LTE Bands 3, 5 & 40. VOLTE Support Android 5.1 with Guranteed Upgrade to Android Marshmallow Dual SIM 5"Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, microSD upto 32GB
  21. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Official/Unofficial/Leaked Android Version Update For Your Phone. Now there is a huge variety of Androids in India. Imported, CDMA, Indian Brands, Chinese... All of them may not have dedicated topic on RIMweb.. Everyone looks forward to a New Android Version for their phone. So let's discuss/share in this topic availability, sources, issues, how to? ..... Starting with ... HTC Incredible S getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in India Update is live & available for download over the air. HTC Desire HD now getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in India It is available for download over the air. Motorola Defy gets Android 2.2 FroYo update in India Download From Here http://direct.motoro...B525.en.ASEAN.v
  22. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Lenovo has started rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Vibe P1 in India. If the update notification has not hit the device, one can manually check the same in settings menu. It's a huge 1.6GB download.
  23. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    one Reliance Mobile store guy informed that 4G SIM are circle specific & needs to be taken from your base circle only.
  24. Prepaid Mobilenet CDMA EVDO/HSD Plans Launched By Reliance Communications Finally. Reliance has launched Prepaid EVDO Mobile Internet Plans for CDMA users. Details in the attached image. Can be activated through SMS also. It mentions that plans are non auto renewal. So you have the freedom to decide whether to renew OR which plan to renew. Webpage Link >> http://www.rcom.co.i...ileNet.html#an3 Enjoy. NEW PLAN Launched Rs. 98 - 650 Rs. 125 - 1gb Rs. 225 - 2.5gb