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  1. The 4g/lte wipod services have started in Bangalore from 7th August. The network is very good at some places and almost nil at some places. Find hereunder the speedtest result.
  2. Today's update: Incoming calls on my wife's number is working from today morning but the incoming sms seems to be not working. The signals on my phone is OK, but the signals on my wife's phone is not consistent. The data is connected to EDGE and the download and upload speeds are 0.1mbps and 0.05 mbps respectively. The wipod is still not working.
  3. Changedover to the 4g sim yesterday morning and its working fine on my number but facing the above issue on my wife's number. Could get through and talk to the Customer care executive after wasting more than an hour, he said that they are working to sort the issue in the background and the issue would be sorted out by 2pm (yesterday 10th June) but the issue is not yet sorted out. Both phones show that its connected to edge but the data speed is almost nil. Edit: Wipod with the cdma dongle replacement gsm sim card is showing red led light on the signal status.
  4. No Cdma signals in Bangalore since the last 1 hour, the new 4g gsm sims are not working Edit: The Cdma Signals are back.
  5. same here in bangalore.. Got the sms "Reliance 4G coming soon. CDMA users, Get ready for the True 4G experience. Thank you. Reliance." on Saturday.
  6. Got the following message by email a while back, We have about 8 nos of reliance cdma connections in Bangalore. "Dear Customer, Get ready for the true 4G experience. As our preferred customer,await our invitation to experience the BEST 4G network."
  7. Got my set today, cdma data is working in both slots out of the box. The data is working in both global and cdma 3g mode.
  8. I also updated to Marshmallow, sometimes the phone hangs while pressing the back button, need to lock and unlock phone to resume. Everything else working fine.
  9. The Data connectivity issue seems to be solved for the time being after sending a mail to
  10. Off late My Droid Razr M is always only on 1x and it very rarely gets into 3g. Whenever I am on wifi the netwrok type and strength shows both 1x & 3g as in the below image It shows both 3g & 1x signals as soon I switch off the Wifi network. But it shows only 1x in a short while and latches onto only 1x signal Anyone else facing this problem. Also during my recent trip to Chennai the data connection was disconnected as soon as I entered Tamil Nadu and it was restored back only after I entered Karnataka. Can anyone help me out with a solution for the above problem.
  11. I have mentioned above that sim cards with series RECRUC05 or higher will work based on the other users experience, however I have used 3 different sim cards with RGERUC0008***** series on 2 different handsets and have got APN add option on all sim cards. If I am correct, 3G will not work on this handset without APN.
  12. Add apn option is only available on sim cards with series RECRUC05 or higher.
  13. I have recently got MTS Blze 5 and using it as a secondary phone in reliance cdma mode and using wifi only for data connection. I am looking for a solution to remove data connectivity/APN from the phone so that no one can accidentally switch on the data on this phone.
  14. I removed the sim card from my XT907 and inserted it in the newly bought ZTE N919 for testing. When I insert back the sim card in XT907 the data is not working any more, I tried all options of entering the apn, restarted the phone few times, removed the sim and inserted it back a few times. Edit: I got a new sim card with serial no. RGERUC0008***** and added the apn and data is working now.