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Found 2 results

  1. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    Droid Razr M is creating a Buzz in Rimweb for obvious reasons - - Global Capabilities ( GSM and CDMA (Supports OMH with EVDO out of box ) so no programming and waiting for evdo activation needed . - Decent price tag -(Already selling below 20k) Have seen many reviews on the phone but am eager to have one from our RIMWEBns... Its already hotcake in RIMWEB now... Please share ur experiences
  2. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid 3

    May be Motorola 3 is not famous since its Bulky & Thick. But It seems I have a reason for you People to like it now.... Motorola Droid 3 works on CDMA OMH with 1X & EVDO Data (APN Settings) & Same Applies for GSM with 2G & 3G DATA (WCDMA & HSPA). Voice ofcourse works on Both.. Advantage of Verizon Droid 3 ROM --- Apart from CDMA OMH Moto Phone Portal (Thru USB, Wifi & HDMI) Call Firewall Call Record menu+power to screen shot FM Radio Now I can call this Phone at Par & Better than Incredible 2 (in Terms of Hardware Specs)... And a Strong Competitor for Motorola Photon 4G.. But again its Thick & Bulky due to its Physical 5 line Keyboard. Original Post --- http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1249720 RSD Lite v5.6 http://forum.xda-dev...77&d=1321414457 XT883 ROM SOLANA_SLNCT-57.1.60 http://www.gokuai.co...6G5i3Xh6K3baCsK XT883 Rom v60.3.250 Android v2.3.6 --- Check for OTA Updates Root 60.3.250 with MotoFail --- http://www.4shared.com/zip/0Gpdc25p/motofail_windows.html Steps ----- Warning I followed these Steps on Verizon 5.6.890, DO NOT FOLLOW THESE STEPS IF YOU ARE ON ANY VERSION HIGHER THAN 5.6.890. Your Phone MUST be GSM unlocked if you wish to use OMH UIM. 1. Charge phone to at least 50%. 2. Download THIS (http://www.gokuai.co...6G5i3Xh6K3baCsK) 3. Download RSDLit 5.6 (http://forum.xda-dev...77&d=1321414457) 4. Open RSD Lite 5.6 & Locate the ZIP downloaded above & Extract 5. Turn off phone. 6. Slide out keyboard and hold down M and Power button.(this will get you into Boot Mode Selection Menu) 7. Use Volume DOWN button to scroll the list down to "Recovery". 8. Use Volume UP button to select "Recovery".(you should see the !▲ and Robot) 9. Hold down Volume Up AND Volume Down.(this brings up the Recovery Menu) 10. Use Volume DOWN to scroll the list to "Wipe data/factory reset". 11. Use Power Button to select and once again to scroll down/select "Yes". 12. After the wipe is done return to "Boot Mode Selection Menu" -Slide out keyboard and hold down M and Power button.(this will get you into Boot Mode Selection Menu) 13. Use Volume DOWN button to scroll the list down to "AP Fastboot". 14. Use Volume UP button to select "AP Fastboot". 15. Connect Droid 3 to PC using stock usb cable, if possible.(Your phone should say "USB Connected - OK to Program") 16. RSD Lite -- Start & Wait for the Phone to reboot. After reboot, dial *#*#2468#*#* to Unlock CDMA/GSM/WCDMA networks. Reboot. Check if Your GSM works, than only check for System Update to XT883 v60.3.250 Android v2.3.6. Google Applications Service Package Full Version for XT883 (need flash via recovery mode x+Power): http://www.gokuai.co...2CGAG79Dn96710I It has been reported that --- *#*#2468#*#* did't work in OTA v60.3.250, so don't wipe, GSM/WCDMA network will be kept. Original Post --- http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1249720 Its not easy like HTC Incredible 2. Chances of Bricking your Motorola are far higher as compared to HTC. So do at your sole risk. Yes, Its Chinese ROM for Motorola Milestone 3 XT883, But most of its Chinese is removed Already.. And I hope I am good at removing it again that's a manual process. Removed Apks using "root explorer 2.17"