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  1. So after my recent international roaming issue with Jio, I decided to port out to Vodafone. Dec 7th, 11 AM - Went to a Vodafone store and initiated the MNP process using Aadhaar eKYC. No charges. Got messages from Vodafone on the alternate number that I had provided just after exiting the store, saying they have received the port in request and another one saying they have received my documents and the number would be activated post approval. No SMS or notification from Jio at all or any message from Vodafone on the actual number being ported out. Dec 13th, 12:30 AM - Got SMS from Vodafone on the alternate number saying my Vodafone sim is active and to insert the sim. Inserted the sim and it worked right away, recharged for Rs 509 for 1 GB/day plan with 84 days validity. I didn't get any notification saying the MNP request was approved nor the time of the switchover. The most surprising part is the zero communication on the number being ported out. There was no SMS from Jio nor Vodafone on that number. Say someone generated a UPC without my knowledge and initiated a port out, I wouldn't even know that there is a MNP request in progress.
  2. Not through any app, the hotspot exposes a web interface to configure and manage the device and alongwith that comes with an interface to send/receive SMS.
  3. Is this a recent change? Cause last year I remember using a non-VoLTE unlocked Airtel hotspot (I think it was a Huawei E5573) with a Jio sim and I was able to send/receive SMS. I have used it to get OTPs multiple times.
  4. Yes, but in my case, both SMS and calls were not working, data works just fine. I was unable to send or receive SMS as well. Also, in case of Jio without activating the IR pack, it won't even get registered on a foreign network so won't be able to get SMS either. Anyway my SIM swap got processed by around 11:30 AM today and with the new SIM VoLTE is active and I am getting SMS as well. Finally problem solved. I am guessing its some sort of provisioning issue on their end which on SIM swap gets re-triggered solving the problem. I am sure their L2 or L3 team could have solved this without a SIM swap but no way to reach them.
  5. Yeah true. Apparently the first store I went to never submitted the request for SIM change, so I went to another store and got it done in front of me. This time I got the SMS notifications and things like that the SIM change process has been initiated, but again as I have an outstation Aadhaar, it needs to go through a manual verification. I hope it gets done in the next couple of hours. Yep, I have initiated MNP as well, hope that goes through quickly. This has been a really bad experience. Call Forwarding works and that's what I have done now for calls, as Jio4GVoice doesn't stay "Online" half the time and leads to calls getting nowhere. So I am carrying two phones now. The main reason I activated IR was to get the SMS OTPs and maybe emergency calls if required during my trip, for just international roaming I think Airtel has much better plans than Jio. Yeah, it seems to be tied to the IR pack definitely as it stopped working right after I activated it, but I am surprised that they are still unable to detect that it has messed up and fix it.
  6. Yeah IR seems to be seriously messed up. How do I get the right backend team to look into this? I posted on Twitter, emailed them, called them, and they keep asking pointless questions. The last update from them is to replace the SIM, and I went to a Reliance Digital to get it replaced. The funny part is that EKYC is not available if you don't have the local address in Aadhaar, but to get a new connection EKYC is not an issue for outstation customers. I then had to submit a physical form with photo and copy of Aadhaar, which would be processed manually he said within 24 hours. I hope SIM replacement fixes it. Thanks for the suggestion of Jio4GVoice, that actually worked on my handset. It sent an OTP to my alternate number registered in the system and I was able to activate it. So SMS and calls are partially working, but Jio4GVoice is unstable and goes offline every hour or so and I need to turn off data and back on to get it Online again. I guess I will just port out of Jio, this has been frustrating.
  7. In Sim Toolkit, there is only International Roaming and its set to Off. I tried to toggle it to On and off, but it doesn't let me.
  8. Thank you @LTE4G I tried your suggestions but sadly no luck at all. I had to create a new Jio account with another email and then re-link all my numbers again. I was able to edit the email, but then when creating a new account it says the account already exists. There should be some way to get an account deleted or modified.
  9. I've been having a lot of trouble with Jio after activating the international roaming pack for Rs 1101. 16th Nov 17:32 - Recharged for Rs 1101 to activate the IR pack through the MyJio app. Received SMS confirmation stating the recharge was successful. In 5-10 min, I lost signal which was restored in a minute or so. Since then I am unable to make/receive phone calls (VoLTE does not show at all) and send/receive SMS. The funny part is that, data works fine without issues. 16th Nov 18:44 - Finally customer care registered a complaint, after making me check pointless things on my phone (well you can't blame them) I was leaving for an international trip the same night (hence the IR pack) and until 3 AM the issue remained the same. Landed at Frankfurt, Germany at around 1 PM IST (17th Nov) and surprisingly international roaming worked and I was able to make/receive calls and all queued incoming SMS got delivered. There were no issues with international roaming and my number worked just fine all throughout my journey. I just needed it for SMS and maybe emergency calls. It served the purpose without any issues. In fact Jio called me up while I was roaming abroad regarding my original complaint/SR and said its fixed now. I stressed that the issue was with calls/SMS within India and I was assured the issue has been fixed. 5th Dec 3 AM - Back to India and its the same issue as before I left. Data works, but no SMS or calls. VoLTE does not show as active. Inserting the SIM in another known working device fails and shows the same symptoms. And inserting another Jio SIM in my primary phone works as well. Its now 6th Dec 5 AM and the issue is still not fixed. I spoke to customer care multiple times and they keep asking the same pointless questions and said they need to send it to the backend team and will get it fixed soon etc etc. I also spoke to a supervisor who again went through the same cycle and assured me that he has updated the case with all the info and will get it fixed soon. Has anyone else faced similar issues? Any pointers on getting this fixed? It seems to be some sort of provisioning issue to me where non data services got disabled for some reason while not roaming, but how do I reach the right backend team who would have the required privileges to get this fixed? This is my primary number as well which is causing all sorts of issues (banking and others).
  10. I am able to login to the account and the creds are valid too, however on logon it just gives an error message I am able to access the Profile Settings page, and there I tried to change the email to another dummy email, this went through as well, but the old email is not yet de-linked or available for re-use. Now I can login to the account using the old and new email ids. Weird.
  11. I understand, but I would like to use my email and login with a password.
  12. Yes, my email is visible in the profile section when login with SIM or SMS.
  13. I am in a similar situation So I had a Jio number during the initial days and that was the primary number of my Jio account with my email address. Subsequent Jio connections I just linked to this account. Now that first number has been disconnected for inactivity and has already been issued to another customer. When I login to the Jio account with email address, it says unable to process the request. I am not able to switch to another linked number as well. I went it to the profile and gave a dummy email and verified it as well, but the first email remains linked to that account. I contacted Jio but they don't seem to understand. I have sent another email with screenshots and things, let's see what they say, but meanwhile is there anything else I can do to fix this? I need to access my Jio account with my original email address itself.
  14. Just wanted to give an update regarding the porting. Mine was from Vodafone Postpaid to Jio Prepaid. MNP request / eKYC at Reliance Digital - August 21st, 2017 9 PM Received an SMS from Vodafone immediately ie at 9:02 PM stating Did not receive any SMS from Jio except for the order details on the alternate number. Vodafone called me 2-3 times asking why I am porting out etc and tried to offer retention plans. On the 4th day, ie August 24th, 2017 10:01 PM I got another SMS from Vodafone stating port out request has been accepted. Immediately following the SMS from Vodafone, got another SMS from Jio stating On August 26th night around 10:30 PM, lost the Vodafone signal, but since I was travelling I could get to the Jio sim only after an hour or so. Once I inserted the Jio SIM it immediately latched on to the network and incoming calls were available. I then did the Rs 498 recharge for Prime + JDDD offer. 1. No proper communication from Jio to the affected number. 2. Time of porting was not sent by Vodafone or Jio.