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  1. But the problem now is, there is NO such quality operator due to race for cheap tariff and UnLimited calls. Clarity of Voice calls in Airtel Network used to be great even in 2G network and HD calls on DC-HSPA network was as good as Jio to Jio HD calls during launch days. But now?? Forget call clarity, it is like a boon to complete a 3 minute voice call without interruptions / cracking sound / call drops, in any network --- all thanks to Unlimited calls. Two years back, I used to pay around Rs1900 for my single mobile connection and that too for LIMITED calls (10k minutes) + 8GB data. Now I am paying around the same amount for all of my 10+ corporate connections combined (Airtel). But the calling experience is THE WORST now, even though I am paying tiny fraction of that amount. The problem is, I have tried Vodafone / BSNL / Jio as well. Comparing them Airtel is little better OR I can say that LEAST WORSE operator is Airtel now. So where is the choice now?
  2. OMG, all hell broke now. This is what I have been fearing from the beginning. I thought Airtel and other avoid guys matching Jio by each tariff will trigger Jio's anger. It's like catching the tiger by it's tail. Even if they leave the tail now, the tiger will not leave them for sure. AVoId must accept the fact that, they can NEVER beat Jio in their own game (of tariff). Now Jio is fighting back more vigorously, which is no good for avoid as well as Jio. It may initially look good for consumers, but the bad news is speed of 4G will decrease further (already very slow now) and voice clarity will be a thing of past (which is my main worry). [mention=92121]LTE4g[/mention] for those who have already got Rs50x8 vouchers (I have got 16 vouchers in each number) can still get Rs50 discount from the already Rs50 less recharge value. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    He is neither rich, nor famous - but just a scammer...
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Haha.. Totally Worth the risk, if the number is NOT at all important. Just cross that cheque and take a photo before depositing. Knowing ChoRCom, there will be zero staff to even open the cheque dropbox. Nice revenge. If you are very kind to the known devil, then just reply that e-mail as well, saying "I have done as per your e-mail, by cheque to the nearest store's dropbox".
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes, ChoRCom is shameless. They are trying this dirty trick for the last time. Even if 10 lakh people pay due to panic, they will get 30 crores. This is not a small amount for a full time thief to ignore, even in its last breath. My suggestion is, ignore paying if that number is not at all important. If it's important, then please pay thinking as last penalty for being associated with that thief for a long time. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

  7. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    At least the UPC code of Mumbai circle number is valid till 31st January 2018. But still, DO NOT waste any more time, already 60 days have gone. If your number is NOT in 3G circles of RCom, then 31st December is the last date. Try other operator stores as suggested. I think, you still can generate UPC code by using SIM in any GSM phone and selecting rival operator network manually.
  8. For me, it is reverse. Airtel has excellent 4G speeds in CG, where even Jio speed is pathetic. But voice calls of Airtel here in 3G as well as 2G has degraded a lot from earlier. Waiting for VoLTE launch in my circle (TN), so that I can use VoLTE here (Airtel has this weird restriction in VoLTE) to get crystal clear voice calls as well as great data speed.
  9. The per day and per week, limitation is NOT in Airtel postpaid from the very beginning of Infinity plans, afaik. The prepaid limitation was also removed two to three weeks back as well. Now only limitation in Corp Infinity plans is 300 unique numbers (excluding CUG numbers) per week, if so then calls after 5000 minutes will be charged (not sure about what rates), to ensure non-commercial usage. Jio follows exactly the same to avoid commercial usage, but from Diwali onwards only (Jio store guys informed me), earlier it was totally FREE.
  10. Idea's t&c is sh!tty. WTF 100 unique numbers? Airtel postpaid (or at least in my corporate connections) don't have restrictions 1 & 2. Only restriction is 300 unique numbers (excluding CUG numbers of course) per week, which even Jio has. Any way postpaid connections even in Jio is no where near the benefits of prepaid nowadays.
  11. MyJio App

    I am talking about Postpaid connection, where Auto-debit is MANDATORY. I am using Jio-Link, which is a post paid (still FREE service for 14 months and God knows when will they launch paid service) service and I am NOT ready to link my bank A/C. For me this wallet linking is a good option. For prepaid, obviously auto-debit is as good as useless, nullifying the goodness of Vouchers and plan queuing options of Jio, imho.
  12. MyJio App

    That is the first point in the terms & condition. So must be possible. Even if NOT PayTM, surely JioMoney wallet will be supported for sure.
  13. MyJio App

    yeah.. Obviously same for Bank A/c. But PayTM or JioMoney wallet will be no issue, I think...
  14. Looks like, the offer is as bad as their network...
  15. MyJio App

    Jio Auto-Pay for postpaid connections??? If so, then its a better option, than mandatory linking of bank account via ECS, imho.
  16. Good move by Jio, for keeping its promise of 20% extra data than competition. Now the Rs149 plan looks worthy, with bulk 4GB data and NO useless daily 150MB. But I am really very sad for this current situation. Already Jio's network is very slow, even with 2CA phones. On LYF phones or any other phones with NO CA, Jio's speed is worthless now. Similarly, Once great speed and good quality Airtel's network is now OK-OK sort of situation. With current offers, the network condition will degrade more faster. Call drops, voice crackling will increase more. People who are ready to pay more for quality network are the real losers now. ----------------------------- A conspiracy theory, from my side, reg this Rs199 offer. These offers looks like Jio / Airtel's plans (either with cartel or without one -- both possible) to increase the ARPU to move faster to near 199 levels, which is now hovering around just Rs150 for many months. Because, its NOT easy for Jio to keep on increase 84days pack every three months. For eg: to reach Rs199 ARPU, they need to price the packs at Rs597 for 84 days (from Rs459 for 84 days now) and there will NOT be much takers for the same. Another clever point is, users with Rs50x8 CASHBACK vouchers in Jio, can't use them for Rs199 or even Rs299 recharges. Well played, Jio and Airtel. Who know, may be after three months, we may even see plans like Rs249, 1.5GB per day for 28 days, to increase their ARPU to more than Rs200.
  17. I have JioLink connection in my home for more than a year. I am ALWAYS getting minimum 25+Mbps speed as Jio tower is just less than 50m away from my home and is in clear line of sight. Jio is giving 4GB per day for last one year. Sometimes it gives 8GB per day for few months, for no apparent reason, as seen in MyJio app. Now its back to 4GB per day. It is a postpaid connection. But still now NO plan is introduced and Jio is still giving FREE service only, even though the connection is more than 13 months old. I don't know what Jio is thinking?? Jio is providing JioLink connections in cities / places where JioFiber is NOT coming for few years, afaik. Further there is a limitation (4 or 6) on total Jio Links connected to a tower based on congestion in the tower. Further they are NOT giving JioLink connection, if speed of Jio4G in open area is less than 20Mbps (I got 30+Mbps at the time of launch), the min speed requirement is now reduced to 10Mbps. Not sure but some Jio staff informed me. Last update is, Jio has stopped giving JioLink here in Sivakasi (NOT sure about other towns), as per orders from head office. Still they have NO idea about the paid plans or even the commercial launch. Hope, this helps. If anyone have some more doubts, please ask me here. Thanks....
  18. Jio Cinema & Jio TV on Desktop (Web Browser)

    I have checked Jio TV on PC using Airtel broadband and it's working fine. I think the restriction of Jio network is removed now and that's good for already congested Jio network, imho. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  19. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Old Samsung phones like A9 PRO and C9 PRO used to have that wonderful feature, but Sammy as usual s(rewed it via Nougat update.. During Android 6.0 days in those phones, I use Jio on VoLte and Airtel for 3G only and can switch data on either sim at my wish. All I have to do is, select the "Keep the SIM" option, when there is a query to change network for data. God, I hate Samsung's software...
  20. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Looks like the Deadline is extended for their 3G circles. This tells why some people are getting 3G signals, even after closing of 2G sites.
  21. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink finally you have done it. Congrats bro.
  22. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink just try paying by online website of rcom and once done successfully, issue "Stop cheque" request to your bank. That's the only better way in sight.
  23. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I used to pay the old operator by quoting the old customer ID (instead of mobile number as its details will be deleted), after MNP process. So its NOT possible via PayTM or other online services (as they are linked with mobile number and NOT user ID). But since most ChoRCom stores are closed, I have no idea what to do now, but old bill has to be settled for sure, as per TRAI rules.
  24. Great to see your problem got solved. Being a 4g only operator, jio is not the go-to operator for IR. But your xp proves that we should never even think about IR in jio at all.
  25. Good to see it worked @varkey . Yes, jio4gvoice app is half baked for voice calls. But it's better than total black out, imho. Just wait for new sim activation and if still problem persists, use MNP then, as it's your main number.