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  1. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    @ digitallogic LG 6300 CDMA has airplane mode and USB mass storage mode (= changing handset temporarily as a micro SD card reader)
  2. Mobile Tracker Problem for Samsung CDMA handsets

    Mobile tracker works in Samsung guru and superstar cdma handsets with MTS and tata sims. Not checked reliance as I dont have a reliance cdma sim.
  3. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    Samsung included this handset in their website http://in.samsungmobile.com/mobile-phones/samsung-mpower-tv-s239
  4. Mobile Tracker Problem for Samsung CDMA handsets

    Friend, do you turn the mobile tracker "on" by entering in the security applications and set password?
  5. Samsung Guru 559

    Key pad of this handset is made up of single piece hard rubber (except navigation key) and makes some tik tik sound. @ chintancm it has only a single micro USB port (socket) to plug charger, headset and data cable.
  6. Samsung Guru 559

    where is update
  7. AirTel's 3G Roadpath

  8. AirTel's 3G Roadpath

    Airtel changed their logo
  9. I found in a report that about 80% of mobile handsets used in India are base models, ie not supporting data. This news is intended to attract people to 3G.
  10. The Truth Behind Led TVs

    Very useful article, +1 for you dear Rajan Mehta
  11. Happy Diwali

    Happy Diwali to all
  12. Vote For The Best Web Browser!

    I am voting for opera
  13. Writing Indian Rupee Symbol - Rs

    I found in some website that while typing " Rs. " it will automatically change to Rupee symbol.
  14. I found an advertisement of future bazaar that they are selling mobile phones for a cheapest price on 14 October 2010. Please see the link http://www.futurebazaar.com/battleWelcome.jsp
  15. Mobile Phone Cheapest Price Sale on Future Bazaar

    Now the same website selling laptops for a cheapest price on 29 October 2010
  16. Tata 3G website http://www.3glife.com/
  17. I think chinese CDMA handsets will not support data. Buy handsets with OMH logo to get data.
  18. New Launch: LG 6160 OMH

    Very good reply
  19. New Launch: LG 6160 OMH

    @ kesav , Saket is talking about Samsung Guru B559.