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  1. okay, i did a quick search of my own... gorecharge.com does not seem to have an option for reliange 3g data only plans, the data-card option here shows only reliance netconnect+. rechargeguru.com does provides recharge for reliance 3g data only plans, however the site dosen't look very reliable (no offense please). even though they are using https, my browser warns that sensitive information is being transfered unencrypted..! on further reading, it looks like they do a manual recharge at there end on receipt of the funds. also, they require a lot of personal information for registration. paytm.com seems to provide online recharge for netconnect+, reliance cdma & reliance gsm. not sure whethe it would work for 3g data-only plans. rechargeitnow.com dosen't seem to have any option for 3g data-only recharge. www.justrechargeit.com provides data-card recharges only for netconnect+. ezrecharge.in does not seem to provide any data-card recharges. mobikwik.com -- no 3g data only recharges easymobilerecharge.com -- no 3g data only recharges it seems like there are a plethora of other 3rd party sites which offer online recharges, however except for rechargeguru.com none offer 3g-data-only online recharge. anyway, i probably will visit a reliance outlet tomorrow..
  2. Weirdly to my dismay... I am not able to locate any option to recharge my newly bought prepaid reliance 3g data card online on http://myservices.relianceada.com After registering with the site using my 3g sim number and clicking on online recharge, there is no option to recharge my 3g sim with any 3g data packs. I am particularly interested in 10 GB unlimited data recharge for Rs.1002/- which is listed here.. http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/PrepaidDataPacksUSB.html Any idea guys on how to recharge my 3g data card? What am i missing???
  3. ok.. it looks like mtnl-delhi no more provides Rs.4500/- half yearly unlimited plan. however there is a monthly unlimited plan for Rs.1650/-. they also have a limited (100 GB) half yearly plan for Rs.4999/-. mtnl-mumbai (as per there website) still has the Rs.4500/- half yearly unlimited plan. Can some please confirm this? bsnl for the rest of india does not seem to have any unlimited plans. they have a limited (30 GB) quaterly plan for Rs.3000/-. this does not even come close to what mtnl delhi or mtnl mumbai offers. it is a pity mtnl/bsnl differtiates this heavily between metros & non-metros.. atleast there should be some unlimited plans for the rest of the country..
  4. It looks like MTNL has now removed the Plan-4500 for new subscribers. They now have a Rs.4999/- half yearly plan for 100GB, which seems attractive. Any idea guys about MTNL roaming? How is the connectivity? Also are the data charges for roaming different?