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Found 5 results

  1. I migrated my prepaid mobile from CDMA to 4G. Migration was successful but when I try to recharge through the Rcom site, I keep getting an error message that recharge types don't exist. This problem happens only during mobile recharge. I'm able to recharge my prepaid dongle (data card) as usual. Is anyone else facing the same error? This has been happening for a week so far.
  2. Recharge for Rs.38/- in R-GSM is offering local reliance to reliance calls unlimited for 30 days. Circle - Hyderabad, TS Already started using it. Looks tempting but no improvement in reception.
  3. MTS has provided details recharge options in its website. For ROWB circle, I found many points which I reproduce below for your amusement. Smartphone data packs. Rs. 44 recharge gives pro-rata more data (125MB) than Rs. 91 recharge (it should be at least 258MB instead of 250MB) Rs. 996 recharge is for 4GB HSD (+unlimited 1X only) but you get 1/4th data at lesser price. Rs. 996/4= 249 >Rs. 246 (it gives 1GB HSD + 1X unlimited + 200 SMS/ day local & national) Who will go for Rs. 996 with lesser benefit? For 1536MB i.e. for 1.5GB the recharge value is Rs. 402 , but who will go for it when 1.5GB HSD data + 100 mins Local+STD is available @ Rs. 195 recharge? RS. 193 gives 600MB data but at Rs. 4 less i.e. Rs. 189 recharge gives only 88MB less but gives unlimited 1X data. Rs. 207 (150 min Local + STD, 150 MB Data) gives much lesser benefit than Rs. 204 recharge (225 min Local + STD, 225 SMS Loc+STD, 225 MB Data) with same validity! Simply Talk Packs: Rs. 202 recharge gives 500 minutes local & STD while Rs. 221 gives 450 minutes! Compare Rs. 249 (200 Mins Free for Local Onnet + 200 Mins Free for Local Offnet + 100 Mins Free for STD Calls) with Rs. 301 recharge (300 Mins Free for Local Onnet + 200 Mins Free for Local Offnet + 100 Mins Free for STD Calls), for only 100 minutes of on-net calls one has to recharge Rs. 52 more. So, on-net calls @ 52 paisa/minute! Tariff packs: All local calls @ 1p/2sec is available for 60 days with Rs. 24 recharge. But with Rs. 48 recharge the same benefit comes with a validity of 90 days. Who will go for that and lose one month’s validity? कौन बुरबक यह बनाया? You can find more items for your amusement if you try, I’m sure.
  4. Reliance today announced the launch of its best value Master Plan for its GSM prepaid customers in Karnataka.Master Plan offers unique multi benefit recharge offer packs for its new and existing GSM prepaid customers First recharge of Rs 46 gives 4500 sec free and all on net local call 5 paise/min,offnet local 30 paise /min,STD 60 paise/min, 500 MB data free upto six months and full talktime on all rechage upto 6 months.Existing customers can get all the benefit with Rs 74 recharge
  5. Weirdly to my dismay... I am not able to locate any option to recharge my newly bought prepaid reliance 3g data card online on http://myservices.relianceada.com After registering with the site using my 3g sim number and clicking on online recharge, there is no option to recharge my 3g sim with any 3g data packs. I am particularly interested in 10 GB unlimited data recharge for Rs.1002/- which is listed here.. http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/PrepaidDataPacksUSB.html Any idea guys on how to recharge my 3g data card? What am i missing???