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  1. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    I got a very funny response from Vodafone when I requested to port out. Their CCE called me and when I complained that I didn't get proper network in my inside my house and in neighborhood too, this gentleman offered me - Sir please don't port out I will activate free "MCA" service on your number. I asked what is this MCA and he told me sir it is Missed Call Alert service . How lame of Vodafone. I have been complaining since last 6 months and getting no response from them. Tata Vodafone ----> Airtel here I come.
  2. Which one would you suggest @Rajan ji - as far as I searched on google I found that Toshiba 2Tb is 3.5" and requires external power. And also didn't got very good reviews about it. Where as Buffalo 1Tb is just half of size but has better reputation.
  3. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    I also had coupons from xtees.com aka tshirts.in but they never worked. I complained regarding this on the site but no action from them. Although their range of T Shirts and variety in cloth types is really good.
  4. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Bought 42" Sony Bravia 3D LED Here is the page : http://www.sony.co.in/product/kdl-42w800a Market price 82900.00 Thanks to dkaile bought it from gaffar for 60K 3 - USB 2.0 4 - HDMI 4 - 3D glasses Aur kya chahiye
  5. Small kids (between 8-16 yrs ) then Nintendo Wii, if kids are older then its best to let them select but they would probably want either of Sony Playstation3 +Move or Microsoft XBOX + Kinect If you are buying Wii, i would suggest to get it offline with the hack that lets game backups & homebrew apps work. In mumbai you can get these at Alfa with hardly Rs 500 or so additional cost. Else you can do it yourself but it'll take up a few days of your time i guess. Then you can download all games from TBP and put on a HDD and no more kids pestering you for games frequently. Games cost 2-3K otherwise. I only bought 3 games initially and then downloaded 20 games on to a HDD. With hindsight though, I would suggest not telling your kids that you have all games downloaded or can download for free. everytime they ask you can download or enable 1 game ! Otherwise, having all Wii games just reduces its value for them and they lose interest ! Wii doesn't have realistic graphics like Sony PS3 Move or MS Xbox Kinnect etc but somehow kids love Wii more as the games are more interesting. If you like shooting or racing games with realistic graphics then PS3/Xbox are better. Wii shooting/racing games will have funny characters and magical things going around ! Wii will cost around Rs 15K, if you want a cheaper console then PS2 for around 5K is good. Regarding the best deals for any of these Consoles - I think the other deal experts will enlighten you. I was only commenting about the choice of consoles. Thank you so much @ami1 @sujit_k : For gaming console .. @Rajan sir and all - I am searching for deals ( ;-) cheaper deals) - would appreciate if you could share some good deals too As this is my first time purchase for my 6 yr old daughter and 3 yr son - I would want to keep my budget low - I think PS2 would do, although I am open to other options too. Thanks
  6. Dear friends I am planning to buy a video gaming console for my kids and for myself too :D I really have no idea which one is better to buy. Would appreciate and wait for your kind suggestions... Thanks in advance Puneet
  7. @Chirag - Tried the local store and rates are almost same with a difference of Rs.100. I also wanted expert's comments on which would be the ideal wifi adsl modem+router which one could use for home browsing. Now with wide variety available I am a bit confused as friends have recommended me to go for either a Netgear or Belkin instead of TPLink or DLink :nerves: What I am looking as a buyer is value for money product which is good in features for an average home user. Gurus kindly guide me in right direction......
  8. Looking for a Wifi ADSL modem shortlisted below models from eBay.in. Your suggestions/advice is required. http://www.ebay.in/itm/New-Beetel-450TC1-ADSL-2-Wifi-Modem-Router-4-Lan-BSNL-MTNL-AIRTEL-150Mbps-/261131923270?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item3cccacef46#ht_1758wt_1136 http://www.ebay.in/itm/TP-Link-150Mbps-Wireless-N-ADSL2-Modem-Router-WiFi-TPLink-W8151N-3-Year-Wrnty-/321029999484?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item4abee10b7c#ht_3295wt_903 Thanks in advance Puneet
  9. Wo to theek hai @Rajan bhai - par itna sasta kaise ??? Is there any coupon available - then please share with us...
  10. I checked but the model that my friend have is now discontinued by LG in 2011, and is not available in market. I have a Belkin bluetooth sound receiver but I have no idea how it could be useful in my case as as per my knowledge - it is only receiver and not transmitter so to get the sound signals it required that source (LED TV) should be BT enabled. Please guide me if there is a gap in my understanding. Also please share some links where I can buy bluetooth RCA transmitters - When I searched eBay.in for "bluetooth RCA transmitter" I didn't found any results. Thanks in advance Puneet
  11. Hello Rajan and other friends, I am planning to buy a LED tv 32" or greater my budget is 40-50K. Although in previous posts there are so many deals but I am looking for one specific feature which is bluetooth connectivity. One of my friend has a LG LED tv and it has BT connectivity which according to me is a major advantage if I want to see something without making noise ;-) I would appreciate if you could share some information on deals available. Thanks in advance Puneet
  12. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    I bought a Note yesterday and O Boyy I am so much enjoyong it. I had a Infuse before this one and Note is way way much better than Infuse. Parin bhai there is a feature in Note where you can set "one hand mode" in settings. Usin this feature keypad is shifted slightly to right or left side of screen as per ur choice, it really makes single hand operation easy and smooth.
  13. I have 3 - sandisk 16 gb Micro SDHC class 3 - If any one want to exchange all three of them for 1 SanDisk 32 GB Ultra micro SD class 6 please pm me. Thanks Puneet
  14. after getting the gyan - I think I should hold my urge to upgrade the memory card and delete some junk from my existing 16 gb. Thanks guys for saving my money :hi2:
  15. @Rajan bhai - I am planning to upgrade my memory card to 32 gb - any deal available for SanDisk 32GB Mobile Ultra microSDHC Card. Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks Arun, I believe duty and shipping charges would be the same with other shipping services too?
  17. :nerves: @Aakash and @Aankush- Thanks for the info. Lagta hai kisi ko US bhejna padega. Waha se laane ke liye
  18. Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a camera from US - eBay.com. Considering the package will weigh somewhere around 2 Kg, can any one please confirm : 1. how much would be the shipping charges and 2. how much could be the possible customs duty. Approximate cost of the package would be $420.00 Thanks in advance
  19. I also ordered Samsung earphones from shopclues.com - received them today. Their sound quality is not good. Still I feel it is a suitable deal for headphone with mic.
  20. I purchased a mobile (Inspire 4G) costing 13000.00 and I was not charged with Customs Duty. This was in November. And now in January I purchased Blackberry 8830 for 1700.00 and I paid 1300.00 as Customs Duty. Reason behind it was that customs dept. assessed the value of that BB8830 13000 (yes Thirteen thousand). I raised this issue to Karan Asrani of SnS he told me that value assessment is not in their control. Aramax has also charged me amount above Customs Duty for which the courier guy didn't provided any bill. The courier boy told me that it is "CC" charge for which Aramax did not provide any bill.
  21. ^^^ Have you checked this old code -- USD5983402
  22. Rajan bhai and all Please help me finding a good deal on New iPhone 4 I need to buy an iPhone 4 before 1 Feb. Thanks in advance. Puneet EDIT: Till now this is the best deal I have found: http://www.ebay.in/itm/120847524470#ht_2965wt_1139
  23. Friends I am planning to buy IPhone 4. Kindly share good deals available. Thanks Puneet
  24. I just had a chat with Sns Specialist - I bought a phone from eBay.com US and wanted it to be shipped to New Delhi, India through Shop and Ship. Sns exec told me that there is nothing I had to do, if anything is required from me then Sns will contact me. As far as I remember I had read somewhere that we need to forward the Paypal invoice to SnS for smoother processing of our shipment. Is that so? Kindly share the procedure how shipment is done using Sns (this is my first time with Sns so I am a bit concious ) Thanks Puneet
  25. ^^^^ @Aakash - It will not work in case of those seller who make it a point to ship to buyer's Paypal address only. Anyways thanks for the hint, I have done that :-) @Loy - Will try shopyourworld and revert with updates. Thanks Puneet