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  1. Used this code and registered on ShopandShip for $5.00 only :Sorprendido: Thanks I have one query regarding SnS - there are few sellers on eBay who don't allow an international buyer to bid on their items. Can this Sns account be helpful in such case. Is there any Sns eBay account using which I can log in and bid or buy such items? I checked on Sns site but didn't found any info regarding this. Thanks Puneet
  2. Hi All I am planning to buy a tab and narrowed down my search to Viewsonic viewpad 7. Please suggest if any one has better idea than this : http://www.letsbuy.com/viewsonic-m-58 http://www.ebay.in/itm/Viewsonic-viewpad-7-Android-3g-Wifi-GSM-Pad-VPAD7-Tab-/400257119638?pt=IN_PC_Laptops&hash=item5d312ef596 http://www.ebay.in/itm/Viewsonic-viewpad-7-Android-3g-Wifi-GSM-Pad-VPAD7-Tab-/400256324740?pt=IN_PC_Laptops&hash=item5d3122d484 Is there any discount coupon available.
  3. Flat 15% off on Mobile, Camera, LCD, Microware, Grooming Kit, Laptop, Use code TT15P & get discount @ Timtara.com Offer valid till 31-10-2011.
  4. Just ordered LG fathom from eBay for 5850.00 using discount coupon ICICI42022 ( got a discount of Rs 640.00). Thanks a Lot
  5. LG Fathom available for 6100.00 you can avail coupon code also on ebay here http://www.ebay.in/i...=item2eb8984794 I am looking for a cheap but good gsm phone. Is there any other handset which can be better that Fathom?? I wouldn't mind getting a good clean second hand mobile too.
  6. Reviews because of awesome quality, or the lack of it? Its Secret coz of its lack... I bought one. Can you please share what does it lacks. Before purchasing I have read its reviews and I didn't found cons of it. Specially what I am getting it at such low price I didn't saw any issues with it. Please share your experiences.
  7. Guys thank you very much Specially Rajan Mehta I've just bought a Belkin BT Music receiver :-) Cheers
  8. Wow wow wow. I must say @Arun wonderful effort. And great going Hetal Bhai Sadikk Bhai looking forward for more Good News from your side. Take Care and GOD Bless
  9. Storm Problem 9530 - Verizon

    Yey yey yey See Arun, Hitesh bhai mera pehla shikaar , o o o I mean I helped solving a problem for first time. Now don't I deserve to be at the elite panel of RimWeb? He he he just joking, maine to tukka maara tha jo lag gaya. I am still learning and there is still a long way to go, that is why I silenty keep reading the posts to gain more knowledge Aalok bhai ka case mere bhi saath hua tha jo Hitesh bhai ne hi solve kiya tha bas mujhe yaad tha, So I shared it with him. @Aalok bhai it is all my pleassure when I get a chance to help a senior. :-D
  10. Storm Problem 9530 - Verizon

    He he he what a great coincidence.. Mera bhi Hitesh bhai ne hi theek kiya tha. AAalok I suggest you better consult with him once and I promise all your problems will be solved by him. Although he is a damn busy guy you ping him say "hi" and reply comes after half an hour. This I am telling you so that you don't get disappointed and dishearten when you won't get a reply from him for a good amount of time. But one thing is assured once he is ON then he will turn all your problems OFF. So all the best.
  11. Storm Problem 9530 - Verizon

    Bhai have you changed the country code to 91. There is one more option which says prefix 1 for international calls.. Seniors please guide as I don't have the complete solution for this problem.
  12. Samsung Galaxy Tab In My Hand!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Hetal bhai aapka itna pyaar mere liye dekh ke meri aankho me aansu aa gaye. Aap mujhse itna pyaar karte hain ki aapne Galaxy mujhe gift karne ka decesion le hi liye Wow Thanks brother. Jaise hi milega main aapko confirma karunga ;-)
  13. Blackberry Ban In UAE, Saudi Arabia

    So as you all must be aware that Indian Govt officials also woke up and decided to take action in this concern. I didn't understand what they or UAE officials will do? Will they ban Blackberry handsets or will they bar the Blackberry internet services thus preventing BB users from accessing internet. Another point in this concern that as of now most of the handset are offering Push mails. Are they safe and secure from Govt's perspective?
  14. Storm Problem 9530 - Verizon

    I have 2 Verizon sims. Do tell me you want it I can send it to you.
  15. Is there any role of OS version in this. I am facing the same prob. I have OS 5.0
  16. Forum Software Upgraded To IP.Board 3.1

    Wow nice feature addion to our beloved RimWeb, Hope everyone will be benefitted from the new features available My fav is topic preview.. Thanks Arun and Good Work
  18. I will keep that in mind May be I should have said they are lying with me unused from last few years. When I packed them they were in good working condition. Howz that??? Need some polishing with your language dear, i guess this may put off members.. even if its free!
  19. Hi Friends I have 1 Nokia 3310 and 1 Nokia 6630. Which I am offering here for the needful taker. 3310 is dumped for almost 6 years and 6630 is dumped for almost 3 years. 6630 was working last when I purchased a new phone. I don't have charger for either of them so I will be giving away phones only. Thanks