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  1. read these http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5/general/guide-enable-unlock-edit-add-gsm-lte-t2948822 http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5/general/how-to-add-rf-lte-frequency-bands-to-t2886059 these 2 links shows the ways to enable lte bands , just by enabling bands on dfs will not help ...even don't try on each and every phone it sometime can cause issues to phones such as imei , baseband will show unknown,sound will stop working (mic , speaker none works) , phone not responding to hidden codes , not connecting in diag mode etc. i and few others have faced the issue even flashing rom won't help ...be careful with experiments
  2. Blackberry Q10 -- CDMA

    hey there all, i saw many people complaining about the RGERUC series sim i am selling on ebay for 220 rs...this is not 220 that i get directly in my pocket i have to pay a minimum of 50 rs and sometimes even more in distant areas and also i service charges + ebay fees and those who have bought can confirm how do i pack all my products (packing charges) ....and i clearly have listed these sim are for retail and if someone needs in bulk i can provide that also at even good price but i have a very limited stock and i recently got to know that most of the webworld are out of stock not only RGERUC but any other series also ...and their is shortage of sim card even from manufacturer side and even web world people are paying much higher price atleast in DELHI . I DO NOT WORK IN RELIANCE SO YOU CAN JUDGE HOW MUCH I HAVE GOT THESE SIMS FOR
  3. http://cdma-solution.com/home/11-lg-spc-msl-unlock-code.html any lg phone spc / msl code by meid