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  1. HTC One on Sprint - World phone

    I'm on stock rooted 4.3 with updated radio and latest firmware here's what i did 1) RUU'd 1.29 2) unlocked bootloader, flashed twrp recovery and flashed su 3)updated TWRP to 2.6.3 4) relocked bootloader 5) copied the stock rooted 3.04.651.2 ROM to sdcard 6) fastboot flashed latest firmware w/o hboot,boot recovery (on reboot at this stage, touch won't work as rom is still 1.29) 7) adb reboot bootloader, and from recovery flashed the new 4.3 stock rooted rom
  2. S4 flash tool on XDA works like a charm to get gsm unlocked
  3. would be nice if md5 for the file is also mentioned, to guard against bad downloads before flashing
  4. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    Kindly post the custom kernel link.
  5. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    sweep2wake is a real cool feature available on flashing custom kernel.....its real fun to show others we can wake phone just by swiping over capacitive buttons when screen is off
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3

    flashed the newest firmware MC3 on sprint s3, and everything is fine. They have included the premium suite in this version , so now am able to get the multi window functionality officially Best modem so far
  7. Does anyone have LCD screen / digitizer for epic 4g touch....need it for a friend whop dropped his phone the very first day he got it and screen cracked
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3

    seems culprit is touchwiz
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3

    3 way call conference works perfectly fine on Sprint S3 on CM 10.1
  10. I believe it's Reliance AT&T........finally the much awaited re-entry of mukesh bhai is gonna happen...he is the only person who understands the real potential of this industry
  11. Update Your Sprint Galaxy S III SPH-L710

    one can also use the pre-rooted one-clicks, then install goo manager which allows you to flash TWRP recovery from there
  12. Samsung Galaxy S3

    getting better speeds with the newest modem - MA4 (Sprint). GPS too locks fast
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Google Ears works fine on S3
  14. Samsung Galaxy S3

    updated to latest leaked sprint jellybean rom and flashed latest LIF modem....everything seems fine so far ,though can't find much difference with the new modem
  15. Samsung Galaxy S3

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1787677 , here you go !!
  16. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    yeah, i've tried almost all the 2.13 based custom rom's....really strange that youtube works after I switch on hotspot
  17. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    for some reason youtube does not work on 3G after the latest 2.13.651 OTA , even after zeroing out proxy settings. simple solution is to switch on mobile hotspot or wifi tether......youtube works fine after switching on mobile hotspot
  18. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    took the latest OTA which got me updated to build: 2.13.651.1 and baseband :, but as expected hboot got updated too and bootloader got locked, and after update lost root. Luckily since i have s-off, flashed lazy panda hboot from fastboot and got hboot downgraded succesfully, which allowed me to flash again twrp recovery, and from there to flash a pre-rooted stock de-odexed rom to gain back root, and all is well now.
  19. I had similar issue with a nexus, where was not able to connect to Odin.....problem was with the USB connector on phone....once I got connector replaced, could Odin back to stock
  20. SMS Issue on TATA with HTC EVO 4G LTE

    I tried flashing to tata by (taking care of meid, but strangely meid starts with 'a', not 'A') and writing akey, min, prl and ssd , but got only evdo working....no voice / text....dialing *228 pushes mdn and prl to the phone, but errors out with reference no

    happy birthday hetal ji
  22. ICS/Jelly Bean for EVO 3D - Step By Step

    sorry, if I gave the wrong impression.....was just sharing my experience for people in same situation as I was before taking the ota
  23. ICS/Jelly Bean for EVO 3D - Step By Step

    took the latest OTA to ICS on a rooted evo 3d running mean rom.....since there are contradicting reports on XDA on howto get back to stock and take the OTA (especially there's lot of confusion whether to write secureflag or not), thought i would share my experience of how I did it I was rooted s-on hboot 1.5 and on the mean rom 1) ran 'fastboot oem lock' by rebooting to bootloader from adb after this was not able to android boot, always booted to the bootloader which showed 'relocked' with 'security warning' 2) connected device to pc on fastboot mode and ran the 2.17 RUU, which completed succesfully 3) on reboot everything was working , nothing was reset like spc or data settings 4) after this just went to system updates and took the OTA, which got me to the latest ICS build and hboot 1.58
  24. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    i used the firmware with hboot, i think i also flashed the stock rooted rom (1.22.651) - but my build is 1.22.651.3
  25. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1704612 http://forum.xda-dev...hlight=firmware