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  1. Cartridge Refilling ?

    http://www.ebay.in/itm/Image-King-Autograph-88A-Laser-Toner-Cartridge-for-HP-Laser-Printer-P1007-P1008-/151387774325?pt=IN_Printers_Scanners_Supplies&hash=item233f6a1d75&_uhb=1 Try the above, working well with my p1007 and my latest HP M126nw printers. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Cartridge Refilling ?

    I use new non HP cartridges 88A for my P1007 and M126nw, costing around Rs 700 each.They are easily available on FK, EBay, SnapDeal. They are good enough for 1500+ pages. You can also refill it for about Rs 200 once or twice. The print quality is very good.
  3. Broadband options in Chennai

    ACT has increased the speeds for all customers, the follwoing are my speedtest results: - It is the same Rs 1299 plan where earlier I was getting 25 mbps speeds, now it has been upgraded to 40 mbps speeds, d/l limit remains the same at 75GB per month, uploads not counted.The base plan which was earlier at 15 mbps has been upgraded to 20 mbps, 40 GB d/l limit at Rs 999. I think they have finally realised that if given more speed, customers will use up their d/l limits faster and hence opt for the next higher plan.
  4. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Thanks RM for the detailed info. I also told him to buy from US, but he has some important data which he wants to take from here.
  5. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    @ RM, thanks for your recommendation. How good is adata as compared to Seagate, wd etc. Price wise, performance wise, reliability, service? I am not very active here, so sorry if my query is like a noob one. Any good deals for 3 tb? This hdd is for my son who is going to US for higher studies in August. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  6. @ KD, Hilarious to the core...ROFL
  7. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Hi All, I am looking to buy immediately a 2TB or a 3TB external HDD, portable with USB 3.0. Any good deals? please lmk TIA
  8. Reply by Whatsapp: - http://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/whatsapp-refutes-android-app-security-flaw-claims-calls-them-overstated-495274
  9. Slightly off topic, Mods may move it to appropriate topic, if necessary. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/whatsapp-flaw-on-android-supposedly-makes-chat-history-visible-to-others-495128 http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/use-whatsapp-on-android-your-chats-are-not-so-secure/articleshow/31937233.cms We need to be very careful with the permissions we give to many apps. Techies here may post their views and ideas.
  10. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Me2 using WA+, all seems normal for me also. I checked in the morning and now after reading your post. All OK with me.
  11. ^^^ After 40GB, its unltd but at 144kbps and also 64 kbps
  12. BuySell.RIMweb.in

    Congrats Arun and all at RW!!!
  13. ^^^ Thanks cisco_tech86, Hitesh, Dipan and Sudarshan for the clarifications.
  14. Can someone please explain how Rel Jio is offering WiFi, I thought they had licence for 4G WiFi. Even assuming that they can offer anything free, how will a consumer receive 4G signals on his 2G or 3G handset or his home/office WiFi modem/router? I am asking this because cisco_tech86 has confirmed receiving 'weak' signals of Jio on WiFi - No idea if he got these signals on his HTC One or Z10 or BB9780. Maybe some of these handsets are 4G capable in India? Or have I missed out something here? And if Rel Jio is indeed offering free WiFi in Gujarat for 3 months, can they offer it on any other mode instead of 4G?
  15. 3rd in the whatsapp series, sharing here only for information. Not disputing whatever silent_god has posted earlier. Everyone knows feku too well here. Though I admire Modi, I am totally against such shenanigans.... Ok here it goes, enjoyyyyyyy the 3rd series, expecting Rajkot tomorrow, Lolzzz. Jamnagar declared as Wi-Fi city from today by Shri Narendra Modi. For next 3 months free Wi-Fi. 4G Reliance jio has started free service from today. In 8 Areas Of Jamnagar : 1. Viral bag 2. S.t stand 3. Crystal mall 4. Saat rasta 5. DKV college 6. IRWIN Hospital 7. DHANVANTRI university 8. SASOI dam 9. JOGGERS Park 10. Darbar ghad Tested and verified ! Wi-fi Name- 'GOLINE' Speed: Download- 5 Mbps Surfing- 25 Mbps.........SAUNO SATH SAUNO VIKAS......EK BHARAT SHRESTH BHARAT... Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  16. Again received on WhatsApp just now, Surat people may verify here.... Surat declared as Wi-Fi city from today by Shri Narendra Modi.For next 3 months free Wi-Fi.4G Reliance jio has started free service from today.In 42 Areas Of Surat: 1.Hira bag(varachha) 2. S.t stand 3.Turning point(mota varachha) 4.reliance fresh near baroda pristz 5.P.P savani hart inst(varachh) 6.Civil Hospital 7.Veer Narmad uni 8.Udhana Darwaja (Apple hospital) 9.Iscom mall 10.parle point 11.athea get 12.Parshuram garden (Adajan) 13.L.p savani(pal) 14.Gujrat gas(adajan) 15.sosiyo circle(udhana) 16.bhagal char rasta 17.lal darwaja 18.rander mustak circle 19.city plus(Hajira) 20.Rajhans swapn(Mota varachha) 21.sita nagar chowk(puna) 22.shivani motars(puna) 24.G.D goyenka school 25.rangila park(dhod dod) 26.sahara darwaja 27.S.M.C zone office trikam nagar 28.dumas resort 29.bhavani circle(katargam) 30.rashi circle(katargam) 31.reliance nagar(amroli) 32.rajwadi party plot(amroli) 33.ankur school(katargam) 34.barfi vala collage(sumul dairy road) 35.rajhans office (bhataar) 36.star bazar(adajan) 37.aashadeep school(nana varachha) 39.g.g jadafia school 40.surat cente 41. Sciance city 42.saradar market prime bank.. Tested and verified ! Wi-fi Name- 'GOLINE' Speed:Download- 5 MbpsSurfing- 25 Mbps......... Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  17. Received the following message on WhatsApp, no idea of its veracity. Maybe Ahmedabad people here, can provide more information:- Ahmedabad will be declared as Wi-Fi city from today by CM. For next 3 months free Wi-Fi. 4G Reliance jio has started free service from today. Gandhinagar, 27 February 2014 Chief Minister Narendra Modi today made eight localities of Ahmedabad city Wi-Fi enabled as part of the State Government's resolve to take e-Governance to the next level of Digital Technology of mobile-Governance. The 24×7 scheme being implemented under 'e-Nagar' Project is to be gradually extended to 53 towns in the state. The Gujarat had already implemented 'e-Gram' Project, he said. Extending his greetings to the people of Ahmedabad to mark the city's 603rd anniversary, Mr. Modi sent skyped to common men from his Assembly constituency of Kankaria-Maninagar to announce various ambitious schemes and projects. Speaking on the occasion, he said that with the launch of the web portal will begin the city's GIS-based town planning for civic services and legal rules framework. Since ICT has changed fast the lifestyle of the people, he said, we would have to keep pace with user-friendly Digital Technology or else would remain illiterate. Mr. Modi wished that Gujarat's strides in application of digital technology for the benefit of the citizens would serve as an example and initiative for the rest of India. The Chief Minister also launched on the occasion three-month-long intensive campaign under Mahatma Gandhi Cleanliness Mission as a mass movement. The mission would culminate on the Mahatma's 150th birth anniversary in 2019. India will celebrate 75th anniversary of Independence in 2022. One of the agenda of the mission is to provide toilet at every home, to uphold the dignity of women. He said that 611 villages have been awarded 'Nirmal Gram' prizes. Cleanliness is the prerequisite of health and hygiene to keep diseases away. Ms Anandiben Patel in her welcome address gave details of the cleanliness mission, creating public awareness for sewage, zero waste and other civic amenities. Additional Chief Secretary for Urban Development Aloria proposed a vote of thanks. Prominent among those present on the occasion included Panchayat Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasma, Minister of State Jayantibhai Kavadia, Chief Secretary, Secretaries, Chairmen of Urban Development Corporations, MPs and MLAs. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  18. Broadband options in Chennai

    I have moved last month from AirHell to ACT BB, with 25mbps d/l and u/l speeds and 75 GB d/l limit at Rs 1299 per month. Retained the AirHell fixed line for voice usage only. I had to buy the Cisco Wifi Router from ACT BB at Rs 2000 extra. Speeds with ACT BB are really good, uploads are full free, not counted in the d/l limits. Only problem is they do not have any addon packs once your d/l limit is over. You are back to 512kbps speeds which is very sad after using 25mbps. My Speedtest results are: - With AirHell, i was on 1599 plan at 8mbps speeds and 30GB d/l limits, no free u/ls and the u/l speed was horrible at 0.5 to 0.7 mbps speed only. The lowest voice plan for AirHell fixed line is Rs 399 (full usage value) So now at almost the same cost (roughly Rs 99 extra), I get 3 times the d/l speed, 35 times the u/l speed, 2.5 times the d/l limit and the same voice usage as earlier.
  19. Received from ICICI Credit cards the following, not sure if it can be posted here. Mods may delete, if inappropriate: - Dear Card Member, Greetings from ICICI Bank. Celebrate this new year by shopping from the U.S., with your favourite brands being just a click away. Below are some simple steps you need to follow: Register with your ICICI Bank Credit Card on myus.com, a personal shipping service which provides you with an exclusive shipping address in the U.S Shop from any U.S. based online store and provide your MyUS shipping address The package arrives at the MyUS address and automatically gets forwarded to your address in India Package is received at your door step – Quick, easy and cost effective Special benefits for ICICI Bank Credit Card members: Set-up fees waived on premium membership ($20 savings) Membership fees waived on premium membership for 2 years ($120 savings) 25% shipping discount during first month of membership 20% shipping discount on all subsequent shipments for next 23 months to register now. So go ahead and start shopping!
  20. Motorola Announces Moto G

    Moto G review | NDTV Gadgets - http://m.gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/reviews/moto-g-review-479454?site=gadgetsweb Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  21. Investment & Insurance Related Discussions

    Superb Initiative,
  22. Me2 refused delivery as the Aramex person refused to give open delivery. By this refusal, does our credibility decrease with the Snapdeal website? And do they share these details with other online websites? Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  23. Me2 placed cod order. Lets wait and watch! Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  24. Happy New Year 2014

    Wishing all at Rimweb, a very Happy New Year 2014
  25. ^^^ in prepaid there is only one speedbreaker- 64kbps once you reach FUP. Preposterous In all GSM & 3G plans, the speeds post FUP is 64kbps only.AFAIK, that is.