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  1. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday to Rimweb, congrats to all the winners and also a Merry Christmas to all members.
  2. @RM, Thanks once again for your guidance.
  3. Have finally decided to go with RCOM's BB - the sales person told me to go for a 2mbps unltd plan initially for 1 month and then switch to 4mbps unltd. Now I need to buy a wifi router (without modem - no idea why) Any suggestions and the likely setback? The sales guy asked me to get Belkin or Netgear, he was saying it will cost ard 2.5k, he did not know the model numbers also. What type of wifi router will work with RCOM BB? What is the difference between 150 mbps and 300mpbs routers? My flat is ard 2000 sq ft, should I go for 150 or 300 mbps? Pls also give me the model numbers and the links for online buying, if possible.
  4. Non SMS Stuff

    Dr. Marc Faber, the investment guru, concluded his monthly bulletin with the following comments! : Dr. Marc Faber tells it how it is "The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China . If we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer, it will go to India . If we purchase fruits and vegetables it will go to Mexico , Honduras and Guatemala . If we purchase a good car, it will go to Germany and Japan . If we purchase useless crap, it will go to Taiwan . In short, none of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in the US . I've been doing my part....."
  5. Non SMS Stuff

    Name of Gandhiji's Son.. Teacher: Name Gandhiji's Son.. Tamilian student: Dineshan ! Teacher: What Rubbish? Tamilian student (yangrily): whadd rubbish?!! Phrom KG yonwards we have been dold daat "Gandhiji is THE FATHER OF DINESHAN!" ( the nation) .
  6. @rm, Thanks for your timely input... :-)
  7. Hi, You were using YOU BB some time back. Any reason for hitching onto Threesa apart from double d/l limit and also cost? How was YOU BB services? Is their 12mbps/25GB plan good? Costs Rs 1212 pm in Chennai. Worth it? VFM in terms of speeds, consistency etc? Any other problems with YOU? My 5 year old BSNL 4mbps/8GB plan is giving me a lot of speed and other problems since the last 6 months, so I am seriously thinking of ditching it. Threesa not avl in Chennai. Any other ISP for Chennai, that you are aware of and maybe, I am not? TIA
  8. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Me also suffering from very poor speeds, I think it's lower than 1x. Rgsm edge is better now. Seriously planning to move to airhell now... Only hitch is my Photon does not support ussd codes. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Password Manager for PC/Laptop

    ^^^ Any reason for not using currently? I used avast Easypass for one year, was quite OK. I am thinking of renewing the licence. Any other reliable alternatives
  10. Motorola Photon 4G Tegra Dual Core World Phone

    @pulsar220, On RCDMA, my 1 year old Photon's battery lasts me for 8 hours max with data on. If I switch off data, then it last 14 to 15 hours. I recharge the battery twice or thrice every day. Never tried with data on, on GSM. So No idea.
  11. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Ktd, surprised to see your results.. My speeds have gone down by about 35 to 45% from ydays speeds. Still I am getting ard 0.85 to 1. 05 Mbps d/like speeds. Try complaining with 198.. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    My EvDo services are restored now, speeds are very good also. I am getting abt 1.71 Mbps d/l, 0.79 Mbps u/l and ping of 81ms. This is far better than the 0.2 to 0.4 Mbps d/l speeds I was getting over the last 5 to 6 months. Hope RCOM does not read this and mess it up again. It is indeed very nice to see the Blue coloured signal bars and the 3G signs. The signal bars are also remaining at full strength now (all 6 bars) Although GOD could not proceed with the reconfiguration of my Photon because when he was free, I was busy and vice versa, I thank him for his commitment to atleast address the problem and try to set it right. It is a year since I bought the mobile from him.
  13. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Even my data is totally off for the last 3 days. All of a sudden, data fully stopped - not even 1x leave alone EvDo. I complained at 198 and got a call from RCOM, Mumbai - they told me that all data settings are active on my account and there should be no problem. He told me to switch off and then after 2 minutes, switch on again. All should be fine. I did the same but to no avail. And like sumitnda, I too did not install any new apps, and all other services like calls, texts is working flawlessly. One thing I have noticed is that the signal bars are now constant at 6 bars and previously, they were fluctuating wildly anywhere from 0 to 4 and sometimes rarely at 6. I called up GOD-RW and he advised me to do a fac reset, I did, but still no data. Today he will reconfigure my phone. lets see what happens next. I think RCOM is upto something sinister nowadays. My data usage according to ZDBOX shows about 1.2 GB and my RCDMA bill shows 2.35GB. Till last month it was more or less equal give or take some 200 to 300 MBs, which is normal. While complaining at 198, I was also informed that there is some problem All India with 1x services, the next day, the Mumbai man did not agree on this. Just for info.
  14. Any plans for Chennai? Tariffs look very attractive, but how's the service and speeds? We all know about you telecom as well as tikona... Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  15. For me, from my RCDMA to my Airtel mobile, SMS' are going perfectly, no delay or loss.... Maybe, the war has still not travelled south of the Vindhyas
  16. Android application in-app purchase done accidently

    I have a doubt whether the PIN is applicable for in-app purchases also or only for purchases on GPS? I am a very safe persona nd I had enabled the PIN as soon as I saw the option some 6 to 8 months back. One more doubt - if CC transactions online require a Security Code and for telephonic transactions we require a OTP, then for these mobile GPS and in-app transactions also, there should be some such secondary code mandated. Maybe we all should collectively complain to the RBI, so that such accidental purchases are not made and the country's precious foreign exchange is not wasted. My 2 cents...
  17. EVDO Speed Is Too Slow As Like 1X

    And I thought that I was only suffering poor evdo speeds. In my home or office area, I get only 0.12 to 0.2 mbps speeds. The moment I go across to a neighbouring area about 2 kms away, the speeds touch 1.95 mbps. I complained about this and got a call from Mumbai who told me to register a network complaint. I did that and today I got a call from Chennai office, asking me for my exact problem. I explained in detail and the nincompoop asked me finally which data card I was using. I decided to junk the complaint. I had told him my mobile model earlier but the joker wanted to eventually know my data card model. As if evdo cannot be accessed from any mobile. :wub: Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  18. How to stop SMS spam?

    Have you tried using Mr. Number app? Maybe it will work, try it out. I had installed it once as some ICICI calls were irritating me no end, After some time, I uninstalled the app as there was no further use. Hope it helps. When I was using the same, I tried to block some similar numbers, but the problem was that these numbers starting with LM etc were also sending me bank account and credit card details and I could not afford to lose out on these SMS', so eventually I uninstalled the app. Maybe you can give it a try.
  19. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Thanks RM for your untiring efforts to dig out so much info and help me out. Never has any app reported any low memory error, just its horribly slow. Finally, any way out to downgrade back to GB from ICS? Is it advisable? EDIT: Sorry your link already has the answers, will do it leisurely. But Rooting an ICS device is so darn complicated than GB on my Photon. If there is any one click root method, I would love it. My ICS version is 4.0.4, Build number is 4.1.B.0.587. @kanaga & kalpak, Nice to know your observations reg ICS, GB and JB. Thanks
  20. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    ^^^ My wife bought a WT19i Walkman Live mobile about 4 months back. The performance is very sluggish and I feel like throwing out the mobile due to the time it takes to load any app including the stock Dialer. I even installed Dialer One - it appeared fast initially, now this also has become sluggish. It is on ICS, stock, and is unrooted as yet. I searched the net a couple of months back for rooting but could not locate anything for ICS stock. Then I gave up. Now my question is if I buy the above RAM Expander app, will my SE WT19i mobile become faster? Any ideas or links for rooting this model? Sorry for Noob queries. TIA.
  21. Non SMS Stuff

    JUST JOKING BREAKING NEWS! WARREN BUFFET HIRES SONIA GANDHI’S SON-IN-LAW by shovonc In news that has relieved lovers of money everywhere, legendary investment guru Warren Buffet has announced that the search for his successor is finally over. New Delhi-based entrepreneur Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Indian Supremo Sonia Gandhi, will soon be taking over as head of Berkshire Hathaway. “Despite an extremely rigorous gym schedule, this extraordinary young man has become a billionaire in just four years,” said the Sage of Omaha. “Not only did he convince real estate giant DLF to give him an entire suburb of Delhi at throwaway prices, he also got them to lend him the money, interest free. My sources inform me that he is also acquiring two or three other Indian states, but he’s too modest to talk about these things.” Members of Sonia Gandhi’s domestic staff have welcomed the move. “I kiss his boots on a regular basis,” said Law Minister Salman Khurshid, “It’s amazing how smooth he keeps the leather.” “He’s extremely dynamic,” said baggage-handler Manish Tewari. “When I carry his bags at the airport, I can barely keep up. And it’s not just because he doesn’t have to go through security.” DLF has rubbished allegations of corruption, and maintains that all dealings have been completely transparent. “We did everything very openly,” said a spokesperson for DLF. “There is no question of favouritism. We are committed to providing the same benefits to anyone who marries Priyanka Gandhi.” Others have also earmarked Vadra for international glory. "Let me just get through this election," said US President Barack Obama. "If I win, I'm going to use this man's help to revive the US economy.
  22. We are using DishTV since the last 2 years, no serious problems as yet. Some viewing problems due to rain affect any Digital TV services like Tatasky, BIG TV, DishTV, Airtel TV, Videocon etc Charges are Rs 350 pm for the Super Platinum pack. Am planning for HD pack with Recorder as well, charges will go up by Rs 150 to Rs 200 per month, will take a call shortly. Not too sure whether to continue with Dish or go for other providers. Am scanning Topics here on this.
  23. Too many conditions for a max 240 secs of local call time? The worth is merely Rs 1.20 (on a rate of 30 ps per minute or 1 ps for 2 secs) Better to stay away from it.Sorry, but I am not being cynic. My 2 cents, thats all.
  24. Great job... Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  25. Medical insurance advise

    I will take sides with Dharmesh and agree with his recos... I have mediclaim with ICICI, Reliance and MaxBupa. Of these my experiences with Reliance and ICICI is very very good so far. Maxbupa - I have taken just this March, so no comments, except the fact they do not have any TPAs, they deal directly. ICICI was really fantastic with my claims settlement - absolutely no issue, that too in Cashless. Icici is a bit costly premium wise compared to all others. Choose your insurer after studying all opinions and recos here and elsewhere also - I mean online (other websites) as well as offline (friends, relatives etc).