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Found 3 results

  1. So, while we wait for Reliance to upgrade us all to 4G and GSM networks, many of us will want to change to a VoLTE enabled device like a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 or a Mi5. The good news is that these support CDMA but the bad news is that they have some small problems that are annoying at times. So, let's just do a quick run down of the problems we face when using foreign handsets on CDMA: 1. +91xxxxxxxxxx prefixed numbers don't dial. You need to prefix with zero and change your entire address book and it's a pain in the a**! 2. Call Conference. The merge option doesn't work. Solution: 1. For +91 prefixes: Download an app in the Play Store called Prefixer (HERE). Now create a new rule. Fill up the data in the fields as follows: What this does is that it just modifies the number on the fly and dials it without the _91 prefix. It does not alter your address book. 2. For call conference: This is simple, after you have made the calls to the two parties, just go to the dialer, through the contacts app - press digit 3 and dial it. This should join the call for you. I know these are very first world problems and most people won't even think they are problems to begin with but this helped me, so I thought I'd share. Hope this helps.
  2. Ok, so I got myself an MTS MTAG 3.1 (Huawei C8511)/(Huawei C8500S China Telecom) which was ruim unclocked but data incompatible for Reliance. This guide works for other various Android non-OMH CDMA handsets as well. This is for those whose APN list is not editable or custom APN cannot be saved.Tested. This is my sole invention and work and is not published anywhere else till now. Use is as per your discretion. 1. Make sure the handset is rooted and busybox and SU are installed and updated. 2. Open Root explorer and allow SU permission if opened for the first time. 3. Delete the cust folder in the root system of the device. This folder carries operator files, multimedia, operator apks and NV traces. 4. goto apns-conf.xml in /system/etc folder 5. Longpress on apns-conf.xml and select open in text editor 6. Once the text editor pops up, scroll down and you will see China Telecom, Sprint, Verizon, M-pcs, Virgin, APNs list. 7. Edit the first APN (default one) with Reliance APN settings we all know here. 8. Keep changing all the APNS till down with various settings. Once can edit the defualt value with usr=net/pass=net and the other ones with mdn/mdn combination. 9. Be careful do not put any extra space or delete any comma or double colon. 10. Click to save and exit, original bak will be backed up automatically. 11. Goto root using root explorer and in system folder locate build.prop 12. Longpress and open using editor 13. Goto ro.cdma.home.operator.numeric= ____ change it to 404 00 and ro.cdma.home.operator.alpha=______ change it to Reliance 14. This can be a little troublesome so bak is imp. Click to save and exit. 15. Reboot. 16. In some devices, the APN list in Network settings gets automatically updated, in some you have to put it manually but now the custom APNs will be saved.
  3. MTNL APN setting for Mumbai & Delhi Mobile customers from 10th March State-run MTNL is all set to simplify the Access Point Name (APN) settings for its mobile customers in Mumbai & Delhi. APN is an attribute provided by mobile service providers to its customers. The APNs required to setup 3G/GPRS internet access in mobile devices including Tablets. At present MTNL provides different APNs to prepaid and postpaid customers; and these settings are different in Mumbai and Delhi. Now MTNL has decided to simplify the process by providing common Access Point Name (APN) – “mtnl.net” for prepaid and postpaid customers in Mumbai & Delhi circles. MTNL mobile customers using existing APN for 3G/GPRS internet access may continue or switch over to new APN. MTNL Mumbai APN : gprsppsmum (for prepaid) and gprsmtnlmum (for Postpaid) MTNL Delhi APN : gprsppsdel or pps3g (for prepaid) and gprsmtnldel or mtnl3g (for postpaid) New MTNL APN : mtnl.net (common for Mumbai & Delhi prepaid/postpaid customers from 10th March’2012) MTNL Settings for mobile Internet (GPRS/3G) : Connection Name : MTNL Data Bearer : Packet Data Access Point Name(APN) – for prepaid : mtnl.net Access Point Name (APN) – for postpaid : mtnl.net User Name : leave blank Password : leave blank Authentication : Normal For more information please dial 1503. Courtesy : Teleguru