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  1. I have recently recharge my reliance number with Rs.5 recharge from online reliance portal. and I got 60MB data for 1 day. I m in a remote area so no question of EVDO, only 1X available here. But quite stable. I was satisfied. Recently I found here Rs.5 recharge coupons are available for GSMs across the retail stores. Can I use those coupons in my RCDMA to get 60MB data ? WEST BENGAL CIRCLE
  2. is the plan available in GSM in Kolkata circle ??? any one recharged here ???
  3. Yes it was being activated with my presence.... shopkeeper told me to go with Rs.82 FRC but I declined . and Here a rare portion of people go for CDMA even with any offer.
  4. The day before yester I bought a RCDMA sim, I told shopkeeper to recharge it with FRC 17. He did it. SIM is activated but as told in thier website 22 mins local min will be given free, I did not get it as outgoing call is terminated for zero balance. Again rechage with top up 10 got Rs.7.41 talk value. But I m being charged at Rs.0.99/Min for local. Can any one help me to figure out the problem. The snapshot of FRC Rs.17 here... why I m charging Rs.0.99/Local call and why 22 min talktime was not credited in my a/c ???
  5. how to activate evdo if i purchase a new sim ????
  6. can u please give me the link ???? or the snapshot ????
  7. 1GB 3G & 2G UL available @Rs.198 from Aircel.
  8. If I would know this... will surely download atleast 5GB per day with Rs.19 pack... but believe me I did not do that on a single day as I knew that MTS will not withdraw this suddenly. feeling regret. Thought to buy a Mtag 3.1 but mind changed to buy a handset without EVDO.
  9. same here... I am not getting EVDO signal from day before yesterday. after recharging with Rs.140 are u getting EVDO signal or not?????
  10. @MAILGUJARAT plannig to buy a Mtag like you. just wanna know how about the handset ??? is is all good at this budget ?? How about the battery backup ??? please give me the reply.
  11. oh no... this is just pathetic.... just register with DND first. and then lodge a complaint.
  12. I also set that to married but no fusion any more.
  13. @saket can you explain a bit??? means what about new version of mts mtag ??? @ujjal bro can u hint some more... something big means what???