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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Newly got verizon XT1528 phone. Upon receiving phone has lollipop version 5.0.2. With the reliance OMH card everything was worked without any modifications(call/sms/3Gdata). Phone prompted for OTA update & accepted it. After OTA update to 5.1 version, phone lost data connection. Call & SMS working. Now network symbol shows with exclamation mark. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  2. How to transfer MDN from old Reliance HSD data card to a RUIM for use in a better unlocked data card with UIM slot? Old data card (with in built MDN) has weak signal reception.
  3. Cricket ZTE Engage MT N8000 RUIM ? Hi, I have imported one unlocked Zte engage Mt n8000 (original carrier: cricket) When I inserted reliance OMH , it's not showing any signal. Anyone can help me to use ruim in this mobile? thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, I was so desirous to use Kitkat on my G2, the only thing was barrier to my desire was no data on OMH and I didn't wanted to use in on NV. I was so desperate and was messing with it since long, yesterday, something clicked in my mind, I have marked that it was showing 'Service Disabled' on lock screen when CDMA SIM was in. I thought it must be something related to internal lock that is preventing device to get connected to data. I started exploring build.prop and yes, here it was. I found solution. So, here you go! It has cons as well, I have discussed them below, I hope veterans like Vinod ji and others will have solution for it. Have a look and enjoy! Here is the tutorial : Requirements : 1- Must be on Kitkat (Of course, lol!) 2- Must be rooted 3- Must have ROM Toolbox Lite or Root Explorer Execute ROM Toolbox Lite and go to performance tab by sliding your finger left, there is "build.prop Editor", click it and it will present to you with lots of texts, find ' ro.build.target_operator ' as below : <a href="http://imgur.com/zRNRjfb"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/zRNRjfb.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a> Your phone must have it's value as SPR, change its value to REL as shown in the above pic and restart. Whoila! You have data on Kitkat on OMH! But wait, there are cons : 1- You will have to dial 0 before calling, else, phone application will crash. Wifi works perfectly for me!. 2- You will have that old looking thick network signal bars. I absolutely hate it and I am working to get those slim and modern looking network signal bars back. (Vinod ji, please help!) 3- Wifi hotspot not working at all. (Working on that too) You can lock the device back by changing value to SPR and you will have those slim network signal bars again with no data! So, those were cons, I have not found anything else since last 24 hours. Some of you guys may discover. Thank you all and sorry for such lengthy tutorial as I could just have said ; "Edit build.prop and change ' ro.build.target_operator ' value to REL!"
  5. Good news is that SPR L720 works on OMH very well with data. I received a few phones last week which were shipped on 4.3 OTA. Rooted, flashed phil's recovery and updated to NAE 4.4 modem.tar, flashed rooted stock TW NAE 4.4 flashable ROM.zip from recovery and it reads any RUIM. Have also tested other international CDMA SIM cards on this baked tutorial. Chinese tutorial:- http://www.cdmamod.com/thread-1840-1-1.html the files:- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqsUCJU Note 1:- that GSM unlocking requires MDC modem, s4 unlocker and such, and that hidden menu may not be operable on 4.3/4.4 so please make sure its done before this procedure. The chinese tutorial states that a stock MK2 odin file is used, and then the 4.4 zip and the NAE modem, but i have not updated to 4.3 bootloader. Note 2:- OMH/GSM/NV mode (3 networks as called in China) also works on MDC base and CM roms. *Please use your favourite CDMA software to make the phone RUIM only/RUIM if avail before proceeding to this topic. *GSM usage by this method is under development. The entire tutorial is experimental and aimed towards achieving stock like performance.
  6. Hi All, Need a suggestion for a CDMA OMH which is less than Rs. 7K (New). Must have's Wifi Largest screen possible within the price mentioned Memory card slot Local warranty within India, need reliability Any decent brand should do - expected usage at least 3 years Should Work on Tata docomo/indicom CDMA network Android OS 3G Touch screen Can have Mint/New imported handset Can extend the budget upto 9k for local/imported handset
  7. Hi RIMWebians, Thought of upgrading my phone, budget is not an issue. Essentially I want to be able to use the same phone (voice, data, SMS, USSD) all over the world - CDMA in India and US and GSM elsewhere is what I am thinking. Been reading the forums and I am confused and was hoping that folks here could help. Reason I need an OMH set is that I am pretty sure if I take a programmed phone to the US it will stop working. Worst case scenario, probably if there is nothing, I might need to reprogram while in US and once again I am back. On basis of what I read in RIMWeb I believe the phones can be Droid DNA, Sprint HTC One, Razr Maxx HD. There may be some older models I remember Kapilji and Tusharji were talking about Droid Razr and there is the Droid 3 too... Can the experts please let me know what is the right choice here. Thanks
  8. I have a HTC Desire VC with Reliance CDMA. I have OMH card installed and activated, EVDO activated and have subscribed to MOBILENET94 plan. This has been working fine from Jan till upto 2 days ago. Now net is not working. When I go to settings, under mobile network it says " Turning On" and is stuck there. I called Reliance Customer Care and they say my OMH card is not updated. But till 2 days ago it was working fine. I wrote to HTC and they say I have to factory reset my device. What I want to know is this - 1) Does it seem like a network / reliance problem or hardware problem? 2) Do you think a factory reset is necessary? 3) In case of a factory reset, do I have to activate OMH, activate EVDO and activate Mobilenet again? Please advise urgently and thanks. Regards Madhabi
  9. Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I939D has the following specifications - 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display 1.4 Ghz Samsung Exynos 4412 quad core phone 1 Gb RAM Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS 8 mega pixel camera rear side 1.9 mega pixel front facing camera Dual SIM GSM + CDMA connectivity untitled.bmp
  10. Dear Rim Gurus, Im using Jelly bean Samsung Galaxy S3 OMH (US Cellular), How can I tether Internet over hotspot or by USB. I know currently its been disabled by Mobile neworks in US. Guru's please help .
  11. bro need a single CDMA handset. Need good battery backup, a decent music player. thats all I need.( no desi brands like Micromax, Spice etc) I have not much idea about imported handset. can anyone let me know is there any handset available in this budget. I m using MTS with Samsung Muzik 219 but this handset creating problem frequently as there is accidentally some liquid insertion by me. till now thought to go for Mtag 3.1. Suggestions appreciated.
  12. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid Razr

    Guys, Again I am here with something new for you... Most of you must be knowing that Droid Razr works on CDMA OMH without doing anything. Simple slip in your UIM, and use it. But NO data works. I have a trick using which we can try to get Data working on Razr using CDMA OMH. For this I need a volunteer having -- Motorola Droid Razr Activated Reliance CDMA OMH If you have the Phone pre-rooted it would be a additional benefit for me. PM me if anyone is ready to volunteer. This will be done free of cost.
  13. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid 3

    May be Motorola 3 is not famous since its Bulky & Thick. But It seems I have a reason for you People to like it now.... Motorola Droid 3 works on CDMA OMH with 1X & EVDO Data (APN Settings) & Same Applies for GSM with 2G & 3G DATA (WCDMA & HSPA). Voice ofcourse works on Both.. Advantage of Verizon Droid 3 ROM --- Apart from CDMA OMH Moto Phone Portal (Thru USB, Wifi & HDMI) Call Firewall Call Record menu+power to screen shot FM Radio Now I can call this Phone at Par & Better than Incredible 2 (in Terms of Hardware Specs)... And a Strong Competitor for Motorola Photon 4G.. But again its Thick & Bulky due to its Physical 5 line Keyboard. Original Post --- http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1249720 RSD Lite v5.6 http://forum.xda-dev...77&d=1321414457 XT883 ROM SOLANA_SLNCT-57.1.60 http://www.gokuai.co...6G5i3Xh6K3baCsK XT883 Rom v60.3.250 Android v2.3.6 --- Check for OTA Updates Root 60.3.250 with MotoFail --- http://www.4shared.com/zip/0Gpdc25p/motofail_windows.html Steps ----- Warning I followed these Steps on Verizon 5.6.890, DO NOT FOLLOW THESE STEPS IF YOU ARE ON ANY VERSION HIGHER THAN 5.6.890. Your Phone MUST be GSM unlocked if you wish to use OMH UIM. 1. Charge phone to at least 50%. 2. Download THIS (http://www.gokuai.co...6G5i3Xh6K3baCsK) 3. Download RSDLit 5.6 (http://forum.xda-dev...77&d=1321414457) 4. Open RSD Lite 5.6 & Locate the ZIP downloaded above & Extract 5. Turn off phone. 6. Slide out keyboard and hold down M and Power button.(this will get you into Boot Mode Selection Menu) 7. Use Volume DOWN button to scroll the list down to "Recovery". 8. Use Volume UP button to select "Recovery".(you should see the !▲ and Robot) 9. Hold down Volume Up AND Volume Down.(this brings up the Recovery Menu) 10. Use Volume DOWN to scroll the list to "Wipe data/factory reset". 11. Use Power Button to select and once again to scroll down/select "Yes". 12. After the wipe is done return to "Boot Mode Selection Menu" -Slide out keyboard and hold down M and Power button.(this will get you into Boot Mode Selection Menu) 13. Use Volume DOWN button to scroll the list down to "AP Fastboot". 14. Use Volume UP button to select "AP Fastboot". 15. Connect Droid 3 to PC using stock usb cable, if possible.(Your phone should say "USB Connected - OK to Program") 16. RSD Lite -- Start & Wait for the Phone to reboot. After reboot, dial *#*#2468#*#* to Unlock CDMA/GSM/WCDMA networks. Reboot. Check if Your GSM works, than only check for System Update to XT883 v60.3.250 Android v2.3.6. Google Applications Service Package Full Version for XT883 (need flash via recovery mode x+Power): http://www.gokuai.co...2CGAG79Dn96710I It has been reported that --- *#*#2468#*#* did't work in OTA v60.3.250, so don't wipe, GSM/WCDMA network will be kept. Original Post --- http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1249720 Its not easy like HTC Incredible 2. Chances of Bricking your Motorola are far higher as compared to HTC. So do at your sole risk. Yes, Its Chinese ROM for Motorola Milestone 3 XT883, But most of its Chinese is removed Already.. And I hope I am good at removing it again that's a manual process. Removed Apks using "root explorer 2.17"
  14. Hi ALL, I have Samsung galaxy pop (CDMA) handset, and every time when i restart my phone, there is a notification message appear on this phone i.e. "Please upgrade R-UIM, in order to obtain data services on your phone". So anybody can help me out of this, that how's it could be resolved, and am not able to access data services my phone yet. Is it required to replace my current SIM Card with OMH SIM card, is both of different, if yes then differ in what sense ?