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  1. JioFi2 MiFi

    Same problem. This worked for me. Go to settings>network and choose lte/3g. When I did this sim began to work!
  2. Honor Holly 2 Plus supports Rcom 4G

    On netvelocity, click on the '+' sign at the bottom right, then click on 'RF Information'. You'll see Band - 850 MHz or 1800 MHz or 2300 MHz as the case may be. Read more at http://rtn.asia/t-t/20272/rcom-reliance-jio-joint-4g-network-tamil-nadu-kerala-karnataka#cjeD7YiyscAbq8rd.99 Netvelocity is available here: those who don't know how to check band can download netvelocity enterprise https://jioappstore.jio.ril.com Read more at http://rtn.asia/t-t/20272/rcom-reliance-jio-joint-4g-network-tamil-nadu-kerala-karnataka#cjeD7YiyscAbq8rd.99
  3. Quote  Tejas DoshiMarch 29, 2016 12:03 pm I got reply from RN3 about proper functioning of JIO sim card. follow below steps: For back-up Setting> backup and reset> Local Backup> backup> unchecked system option> backup For ROM flash go to formum page of miui.com Click on downloads> select your device> global> download full ROM After downloading ZIP file , copy it to phone folder named ” downloaded_rom”. Go to Tools> updater Tap on ‘….” icon at the top right side/long press menu button select update package select download package update now again restore the data.
  4. Some people charged with employee offer of 25gb free voucher on jio app and could not use the preview offer. My preview offer is activated. Now a message has come saying my preview offer is expired, and instructs me to recharge with free voucher. What to do?
  5. I got call. I explained my invite went to wrong email. I messaged him my correct address. He followed it up and got invite re-sent. So most of us in first batch of 20 received invites.
  6. Received my invite. Have filled and submitted CAF and purchased wind4 handset. Waiting for activation. Many thanks to Guru Sir!
  7. https://broadbandforum.co/goto/post?id=1054752#post-1054752 Quote 'I am using jio sim with my nexus5 now. Its working fine. Today is Sunday i will go tomorrow for my phone replacement.' So it's not locked to the LYF phone? That's great news!
  8. http://www.shop.mtsindia.in/internet-devices/mts-mblaze-ultra-wi-fi-prepaid/p-7436430-91517623793-cat.html?commit=buy+now%21#variant_id=7436430-31322500935 MTS WiFi dongle available for 999/- with 20gb data valid for 30 days in Bangalore.
  9. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    I bought this on OLX for 14k! Rev B rocks! Is it safe to use thus ROM? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2418162&page=32 Quote 2015-04-21, 7:08PM |#320 Junior MemberThanks: 0 I have a lolipop rom for htc dual sim 802d.but i can post the link here.its a chinese rom but it is quite stable nd all things are working pretty good.Using it for 5 days still no issues.U can google it.It will be in chinese so better translate it. is a post on xda.
  10. Received 2 screen guard and 1 backcover for htc m7. Thanks very much. Please PM us your prepaid mobile account number so that we can cover your shipping costs!
  11. Hi bro, please send to the address in the PM. This fits perfectly for stylus for my 2 tablets. Thanks in advance.