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  1. I have purchased used Original ATV 160 GB (1st Gen). It contains beautiful HD Movies synced with seller iTunes account (I do not access to that account) I am able to play those things. I want to know how to transfer the movies to my hard disk. Can any body suggest how to do it.
  2. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Today, I received my Apple Time Capsule 2GB which I bought last week for 290$
  3. Recording TV Programmes

    See the following review. http://www.trustedreviews.com/Iomega-ScreenPlay-Director-HD-Media-Player_Peripheral_review
  4. Recording TV Programmes

    It comes with 1gb HDD. The price you check. It has built in networking unit. (RJ45) you can connect hook up this wifi network with ordinary wifi usb dongle. it can be connected to PC with USB cable and accecess as external Hard drive. So you copy and move the movies from P.C. and to PC. Editing is with P.C. only with ordinary video cutter and join or with any other tools like that. It support all most all formats of video and audio formats. in puts are video (Red white and yellow) connector. Yes you can connect with any Tata sky, reliance, etc or with local cable wall Hathway unit etc. Out puts are same as (Red, white and yellow) connector or with HDMI to T.V. Price long ago, i purchased for 10k. It seems that, now it is available for 6 or 7K.
  5. Recording TV Programmes

    I am using Iomega screenplay pro hd for recording the tv programs and keeping as network media drive. I can copy, edit the live(delete the ads) and burn DVD also. It is good and cheep. In tata sky and other DVr if un subscribe there is no way view the old recordings and moreover those recordings property based and can not read in other systems. I recommend this type of device.
  6. [Debate] Is Apple The Best?

    Forget about the marketing and every thing, any iOS device can be used by even a child without any effort. Because of its easiness in using, the iPhone is good in my opinion comparing with any other mobile using other OS.
  7. Need Advice For Printer Purchase

    For the last 6 years, I am using samsung mfd with fax, copier, scan and printing without any problem. It is user friendly for refilling also. But when I got the problem of bulb in the Scaning area, the same could not be provided by the company. It is not a networking printer. Hence I researched and got wifi networking printer of Brother and now I am able to scan and print even from my motorala photon or iPhone. I am happy with this brother printer. If networking and wifi functionality is not necessary, just I will suggest samsung laser printer with fax option but this prater does not support duplex printing.
  8. International Travel - SIM/Service Suggestion

    purchase local sim with data plan, and use outgoing calls to india through google voice. it would be cost less.
  9. before transfering my number iphone 4s, EVDO was activated on the Nubmer. Right from the day of transfer my iphone 4s, I am also getting 3g icon. but when I try to browse, I getting message "Could not activate cellular data network" when I pressed the ok button I am getting message "Cannot open Page because it is not connected to the internet" Since every body says data not working on Iphone 4s, i have tried any thing.
  10. What's Your "typing Speed"

    I took the test and I got 56 speed.