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Found 4 results

  1. When the whole Telugu race is been in the news for all the wrong reasons(fighting over state bifurication) for the last few years (thanks to some cheap & dirty politics by some politicians), here is a proud moment for all the entire Telugu race & to all Indians, the new CEO of Microsoft is Nadella Satya, an Indian & hails from Andhra Pradesh. He is just the 3rd CEO of one of the most prominent software company that has had long lasting effect on people & their usage of computers. Many business, technical news sites including Bloomberg, Cnet, New York times & Wall Street Journal have reported few days back that Microsoft is preparing to announce Nadella Satya, who is working as the chief of Cloud Services division within Microsoft, as the next CEO. The reports also said that the Board hasn't taken the final decision at the time of reporting. Now all is official and this position of Nadella Satya is effective immediately. He is been working for Microsoft since 1992. Along with the new CEO the Microsoft also has other few changes, Bill Gates will no longer be the Chairman of the company, he will be Technology Adviser & John Thompson will be replacing him as the Chairman of the company.
  2. MD5 Checker

    Download Link: http://download.cnet.com/MD5-Checker/3000-2092_4-10410639.html
  3. Root/Unroot HTC EVO 4G LTE on Windows

    Hello Rimwebians, There is too much difference between rooting htc evo 4G (& others also) and 4 LTE Special Thanks to Parin and Hetal because they are currently selling these phones hence I have got an opportunity to post a new topic So lets move to our subject, For rooting you will need to do following things: Download following things: 1. DRIVERS 32bit 64bit 2. Rooting Files Link (Mirror) update drivers using driver files and then double-click on runme.bat. ROOTING Step 1. First, you will want to make sure USB debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer options. Step 2. Connect your phone to PC and make sure USB connection is set to “Charge only”. Step 3. Make sure you have drivers installed for your Windows computer. Go into device manager and make sure you have “My HTC” or kind of “ADB” driver. Step 4. Your Evo 4G LTE will reboot about 3 times and will root. Step 5. Once rebooted after rooting, verify you have “SuperSU” app . Hence your phone is rooted!!!! How to Unroot your HTC EVO 4LTE Step 1. First, you will want to make sure USB debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer options. Step 2. Connect your Evo 4G LTE to your computer and make sure USB connection is set to “Charge only”. Step 3. In bootloader menu you will notice that you have “TAMPERED” Step 4. Go into Settings->About Phone -> Software Information and find the software version, for ex: say 1.13.651.1. Go ahead and download the same version of RUU. Step 5. Make sure you have HTC Drivers installed, you should see “My HTC” or “Android ADB” in Device Manager. Step 6. Now simply run the RUU .exe file and dont run any softwares on your PC while this process! Step 7. Hence, your phone will be unrooted within 15-20 minutes. Step 8. After Unrooting reboot your phone in bootloader and you can see the LOCKED instead of TAMPERED Now you have successfully unrooted your phone! Special Thanks: Youtube link- XDA evohacks
  4. Today I came across an article on cnet.com titled 'Why Apple is winning?' The article praises Apple as if there is nothing beyond that. It also highlighted short comings of Windows, Windows Phone, Metro UI and Adnroid. This is the same author, who few months ago, was all praise for Android against Windows Phone. To me, it seemed more of a PR work from Apple. Now coming to the topic, lets discuss really Apple is that great. Since the launch of iPod to iPad, most of us have used one or the other product of Apple and mostly 'iProduct'. What are your feelings? Ease of use Ease of data sharing and syncing with other devices (PC/net etc) User interface liking Simplicity cost of ownership I had used Mac about 10 years ago and after that never really get a chance. That time, I was coming from Windows 98 and found it to be good enough and learning curve was low. During that time I was using both Windows and Apple. Recently, about 3 months ago, I again got a chance to use Macbook Pro. I used for 2-3 days and then found there are lot many things to learn. On PC, I can work with closed eyed but not with Mac. May be its new environment and never used. But I also found that Mac limits the access to various settings. though they were not that essential and for most users, those settings never make sense. My nephew also has iPod (2nd gen) and I always make fun of him due to limitation like non sharing of files and need iTunes. Further, upgrading itunes is also headache. Download ~85 mb and then install it. Any problem in syncing htrough iTunes, be assured to loss your data. Even one of my friends had same problem. She lost all her pictures and never got it back. After that she never touched her iPod. I've seen those who used Apple products, they simply feel windows is useless. But I beg to differ. Many are so much engrossed with Apple that they feel uncomfortable with other products. I also fail to understand why Macbook Pro is more expensive than a laptop of similar configuration. They use same Intel processor and what differ is OS. I always argue in favor of windows because its easy, cost and getting help is always easy. while for mac, you have to visit service centre. Many argue that you do not need any help for Mac. THey do not have virus problem, they work out of the box with other products like wi-fi netowrk etc.(also mentioned the same in cnet article). But then today's PC industry is because of Windows and not Mac. If there was no Windows, there would not have been Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc. even our Rimweb would not been there. There are many developers developing windows app, thanx to VB. There is entire PC based eco system for development tools to user software. we have wide range of hardware that we can select and similarly for software. The main idea for this topic, bloody Apple has $90 Billion in cash and stock prices are up by $100 in a month. Its profit is sky rocketing. A company is in consumer product but not FMCG and still so much of cash. Definitely there is something about the prodcuts. Either we hate it or love, Recession or boom, Apple don't give sh**t about it. It has mastered the art of marketing and creating hype for its products. I want it, you want it, everybody wants it.