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  1. WiFi issue with Samsing Nexus S

    Hello Guyz , I am newbie , sorry in addvance for mistakes . My problem is , My Nexus s internet not working , I have wifi modem connected to my main Antenna Modem , Laptop , Iphone etc. getting internet because they are able to connect Main modem threw wifi modem . but nexus s connect to wifi modem , but not main antenna modem . if i open nexus s opens wifi modem config page , but laptop , and iphone open main modem's connect page .... ............ please guyzzz get me out of this problem , my modem is open no security , infact i have tried to put password on , but nothing worked . i have reset my phone twice , reset modem , Nothing working guyzz ... waiting for your replies hope u guyz reply soon ______________________ see this rough graph so u can understand the problem ...