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Found 5 results

  1. The new Nexus 6 is very easy to program. RGERUC and RECRUC068 work out of the box on this device. Data needs simple steps by DFS. Required:- Latest Motorola BP drivers, DFS Not required:- Root, bootloader unlock 1. Boot the phone into BP tools and select port "diag mdm" with no SIM inside and airplane mode turned on. 2. Make RTRE config to RUIM pref and reboot back to BP tools (can make it RUIM only after programming is complete) 3. Write omhxxx in ppp usr and S1912xxx in ppp password 4. Continue in data section in DFS, HDR SCP force AT config= RevA_MFPA HDR SCP force rel 0= Evdo_RevA Hybrid mode=enable Data MDR HSPD mode= MDR only 5. Insert RGERUC SIM and continue programming 5. Enable all six profiles in MIP section and write omhtestxx in all the six fields with MIP=Mobile IP 6. Reboot and enjoy.
  2. Hi, Gurus please help me. I have a Nexus s4g with ICS 4.0.4 on it. The problem is its radio is off and i am unable to find any solution to turn on the radio. I tried flashing the stock rom using odin which was done successfully but the problem is still there. On checking the status in phone settings, its showing the MEID as "unknown". I also tried turning on the radio using secret code: #*#*4636*#*# but its not turning on. Also i am unable to put the phone in diag mode using the 8778 code. Its not getting detected by computer in diag mode whereas in normal mode it is detected as nexus and disk drive is also working. Guys please help me to get this phone working. Hope to hear from the technical gurus soon. Thanks Deepak Rahuja 9312270605
  3. I was thinking on buying sprint galaxy nexus LTE (ofc for jellybean goodness) but I don't see much info on whether RCDMA or tata CDMA can be flashed over it (or anyone tried it) Please can someone let me know if it can be used with rcdma and what method is used to flash it? Thanks in advance !!!
  4. WiFi issue with Samsing Nexus S

    Hello Guyz , I am newbie , sorry in addvance for mistakes . My problem is , My Nexus s internet not working , I have wifi modem connected to my main Antenna Modem , Laptop , Iphone etc. getting internet because they are able to connect Main modem threw wifi modem . but nexus s connect to wifi modem , but not main antenna modem . if i open nexus s opens wifi modem config page , but laptop , and iphone open main modem's connect page .... ............ please guyzzz get me out of this problem , my modem is open no security , infact i have tried to put password on , but nothing worked . i have reset my phone twice , reset modem , Nothing working guyzz ... waiting for your replies hope u guyz reply soon ______________________ see this rough graph so u can understand the problem ...
  5. Unfortunately when you Dial *228 on Nexus S & Epic Touch, Call goes for IVR Activation but U dont get Keypad option to Select language option On Epic touch *228 is working to connect IVR On Nexus u need to Dial *228001 to connect IVR HCC will not work on this but if your MDN is retained through webworld than u can get your No OTAF & relieved from entering MIN no Manually After is ask to Select language on IVR press the Home Key, Now open the dialer & randomly press any no & any language will get selected, u may not be able to select your desired language but your no will get OTAFED & your phone will be activated. In-case of Nexus when u press Dialer u need to select Add Call On S2 Epic Touch Just press Dailer on home Screen & press no randomly Hope this will be helpfull for many while activating this handset