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  1. Reliance Wireless Data Card Vs RIM Phone

    thats pretty silly, undemocratic and backward. in that case Reliance should offer at least SOME handsets which are not a public embarassment.
  2. Reliance Compatible Handset Specs

    Even I want to know if its possible to get an unlocked CDMA phone from the openmarket (liek the Treo 650, LGVX9800 etc) and run it on Reliance. I mean legally...dont like any of Reliance Handsets, and only half decent one, the Kyocera 7135 is hopelessly old and hopelessly expensive.
  3. check out http://www.macandmobile.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=90 i have successfully connected Nokia 6255 Reliance to the internet. great phone.
  4. Reliance Wireless Data Card Vs RIM Phone

    thanks i think what you say makes sense. anyone else feels similarly? the only problem is Reliance has such terrible looking handsets, I feel cheated to buy one, when there are such wonderful handsets for GSM and for CDMA abroad. Which brings me to anotehr question...If I get a Treo 650 CDMA from Sprint/Verizon, how can I get it to work on Reliance in India? If Reliance cannot give me a nice handset, I should be able to look for me own... also LG VX9800 and Moto V710 are pretty decent CDMA handsets. Wish they were availbale here.
  5. Sos

    dude get onto www*macandmobile.com if you want focussed help on macs what kind of software are you looking at? Sync software? whats you Mac setup like? what OS what machine? let us know in detail.......