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  1. I miss diversity of handsets

    So, digging around I found KaiOS based handsets. The Nokia 8110 4G is particularly interesting. 25 days of standby.The OS has apps for YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter (third party), Google Maps, TEDx App etc, Sounds like a good one. Almost feel like buying it. Wish form factor were candybar like Nokia E71/72
  2. I miss diversity of handsets

    I really miss the diversity of handsets.With a diverse OS. i remember starting with a Motorola Startac or one of those first brick phones that came to India. Outgoing was Rs 32 a minute, incoming Rs 16. Over the years, would excitedly look at new handsets, from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson etc. i have owned Ericsson Flip Phones (forgot the model numbers, they were coloured, and the display was slim and only one line, but the smallest smartest flip phones of its time). Sony Ericsson had the W Walkman series which was cool. The Nokia E72 was one of the best phones I had. It had 3G, Qwerty Keyboard, great build quality, gsm, wcdma, gps etc. Symbian S60 was cool. The App Store of its time was getjar. I used spreadsheets on it. And google maps too. It would support J2ME apps. then I had the Sendo X. Another super phone. I used it as a Bluetooth modem with my old PowerBook G3. The Moto Razr was perhaps the best and smartest looking phone ever. There was a candy bar version of Razr which I owned. It had Apple iTunes. The Motorola A780 was a sexy Linux based smartphone with a touch screen as well as a clamshell. I loved it. also had the palm based Kyocera 7135 too. Then the blackberries were cool d the bold. Which had amazing email, the best even by today’s standards. And excellent tools for spreadsheets, word processors etc. loved it. I loved the choice of various phone brands, OS, form factors. i would use scheduleworld.com or zyb.com to synchronise contacts and calendar data between various phones. Now there is only one form factor. A flat screen. And only two OS to choose from. Both very similar, and yet very different. Each comes with an ecosystem that you kind of get locked into. Not much choice. i love the choice of older days.
  3. Mobile Credit Card Swiping Machine.

    Try EzSwype.
  4. Buying a new Bike? Discuss here!

    Been eyeing the Kawasaki ER 6N. Going at a good deal of 5.5 lakhs on road plus I am sure dealer can be nudged into discounts...
  5. Motorola Q To Launch In India Soon

    RIM should have long released the Blackberry by now. what a mistake. they lost all the big corporates to Airtel first, and then Hutch. and considering carriers in india dont subsidize handset, I am sure RIM lost a lot of money from Hardware sales as well.' An airtel guy told me two years back they had sold much more than 10,000 BBs. At an average price of 25,000 each, the Rs 250,000,000! in Harware sales. add other fees. and an average billing of Rs 1000 per person (its actually way more), for 10,000 users its Rs 10,000,000 per month since the last two years. thats some Rs240,000,000!!!
  6. Smart Phones On Reliance

    reliance WAS testing some Treo 650s, buts its been more than a year. those phones were packed off (probably poor implementation of JAVA for Roworld) but now they are testing Blackberrys. I have seen Reliance honchos sport Blackberries. Also have read it on some forums. but if reliance continue their attitude of trying to get handsets that aqre in-expensive for them to buy, they will continue getting rotten old useless handsets. when is the LG Chocolate coming? RAZR? PPC based stuff? Linux Based Motos? Palms? BBs? no wonder reliance has the lowest ARPU, since its phones are mostly bought by people who WANT TO BE REACHED, mostly for incoming. Since CDMA players, including Tata Indicom, are mostly aunching low end handsets, those kind of consumers are their staple. the PPC phone that they have finally announced on the site is a pain to buy in real life. I have a friend wwho is trying pillar and post to but the phone, but its available to corporates only, it seems. My advise: If you want a great handset, move to GSM. Get Airtel with their cheapest data palns of Rs 7 per day unlimited access, in Mumbai, and browse on EDGE speeds, with a full democracy of handset choice.
  7. Lg 6500 With Mac As Modem

    the LG 6500 works beautifully with teh Mac as a Modem. However couldnt get BitPim to recognise the phone... Reliance CDMA LG RD6000 Platform: Brew ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PPP-> Service Provider: Reliance NetConenct Account Name : Phone number (without country and city code) Password : Same as above Telephone Number : #777 -> PPP Options: Use TCP Header Compression Use Verbose Logging (if you want to see Connection Logs) -> TCP/IP : Configure IPV6 : Automatic -> Modem Script au CDMAone C413S by Sony Dialling: Tone (all else is OFF) apply and save Download speed: 33 kilobits per second Test details: 101 kilobytes downloaded in 24.42 seconds. --- www.yahoo-ht2.akadns.net ping statistics --- 10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 562.521/813.371/1422.775/266.708 ms Source: http://www.macandmobile.com/viewtopic.php?p=1748#1748
  8. Lg2130 & Rconnect Driver For Mac Osx?

    a number of CDMA phones are supported by Macs. A lot of Kyocera ones as well. most of teh time, the au Sony CDMA modem driver works. Else you will have to get a little trial and error method. also dial Reliance Customer Care at *399 or something like that and ask them to activate your phone as a modem. the number is perpetually busy so I tried at 5am and got through. That should solve your PAP Authentication Failure error. the RD5130 is a good phone to connect through USB.
  9. LG RD 8000 Chocolate Phone

    lg chocolate phone is out next month, or even earlier, priced at roughly rs 16k
  10. Motorola CDMA Razr V3c

    Reliuance isnt getting it. TATA Indicom HAS! the RAZR has sold 50 million pieces worldwide. what kind of acarrier would be stupid to ignore such numbers? thats like mmore than the combined total of Reliance and Airtel in India!!! Tata Indicom seems to be getting better handsets, now ith the Samsung Wideo as well...
  11. LG RD 8000 Chocolate Phone

    the LG Chocolate Phone has been officially announced by LG India. When is Reliance releasig ity? I hear soon, and I believe they are pricing it a wee bit on the expensive side. macandmobile
  12. Free E-mail From Our Hand Set?

    get a third party email client based on JAVA and get them on a Java enabled set. also you can try Gmail etc on RWORLD
  13. RConnect & Mac Os X

    Nokia phopnes are working. so are a whole host of others. keep posting your experiences, macusers!
  14. Zte Mc315 Rconnect Data Card

    the ZTE apparently doesnt work. the sierra wireless cad has officially been supported on the mac by Sierra wireless themelves. the ZTE being a cheap asian card, lacks heritage and peripheral vision in terms of support etc. even their website is terrible and completely in chinese. a better alternative would be to get a PHONE and get RConnect on the freedom at midnight plan and connect via USB/Bluetooth. The speed and performace is teh same, teh only f*up would be carrying a spare cbale and charger along. but its cheaper and better if not as good. many people have managed to connect their phones. check macandmobile.com
  15. Mac Is Crashing When Connecting

    upgrade your OS and use Apple Sopftware update to download and update your USB Software. Then look for Mac connect ways at www.macandmobile.com you need to communicate with people who USE macs day in and day out...