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  1. someone please confirm boost moto e lte 4g will work with both cdma and gsm out of the box??
  2. xiaomi mi4 indian version does not support 4g but mi4i support both band 3 and 40. yu yureka, yu yuphoria, lenovo a6000, a6000+ and a7000 also support 4g.
  3. ya but you did not mentioned you want data on tata and your profile says Reliance cdma so i thought you want data on R cdma my bad. page #2 has settings for tata i hope you already tried them.
  4. read post # 45 properly it will help you to get data.
  5. you sure boost moto e lte works out of the box??
  6. i am not able to make local mobile call without adding '0' any solution??
  7. Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android

    ooh only 2g but still its better then no gsm data.
  8. Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android

    gsm data working on 2g or 3g?
  9. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    its ok you should try with different account because its working fine for me.
  10. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    can you share the item you want to purchase.
  11. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    this coupon is not for geb.
  12. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    15EBAYDEAL 9% discount.
  13. CDMA REV B handsets?

    261 reviews of grand s2 available at amazon.
  14. i think unlock not completed read the first post carefully.
  15. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    imho eveready led bulbs are most vfm and have natural light compared to philips.
  16. as per many users rev.b not working with lg tribute.
  17. hey, can you please tell me which sim are you using? even I think i got it unlocked, but when insert reliance CDMA sim its not detecting. Do we need to click on "sim lock" in the Simunlocker app with UICC sim inserted in the phone? Please help me.. Thanks in advance! i think its RGE series sim. you dont need to put any sim before unlocking.
  18. did everything again from beginning and this time all done smoothly thanks.
  19. ITS WORKING FOR ME: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2yq87z9yetb371d/b.img https://www.mediafire.com/?2yq87z9yetb371d thanks a lot link working, flashed kernel without any issue all errors now gone but still sim unlocker not working for me. now kernel version is "3.4.0 rbheromax@ubuntu #7 SMP PREEMPT" rooting done successfully, Root Explorer installed, renamed HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk and HTCOMADM_SPCS.odex to HTCOMADM_SPCS2.apk and HTCOMADM_SPCS.2odex your given HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk file moved to /system/app Directory , have set the permission rw-r-r and rebooted but still when i run sim unlock helper and click start nothing happens. btw i am not getting "Device Verified" message.
  20. This has already been addressed. Most probably this issue may occur if the kernel is still write protected. Please flash the below stock write protection removed kernel and try unlocking. Please note the below stock kernel has front camera issue. Once unlocking is successful then flash stock kernel. http://forum.xda-developers.com/desire-510/development/sprint-virgin-mobile-stock-desire-510-t295i am not able to download i am not able to download kernel from above link.
  21. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    does it support HDMI input??
  22. agreed but now what to do?? many other members are facing same issue, i also got some pm regarding this issue but cant help them even i am clueless. requesting OP, senior members and all those guys who done iy successfully please help us.
  23. but how to change nv mode to ruim only mode without DM on??