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  1. OK, thanks for the reply. I'll explore wvdial. Could you reply with the text your wvdial configuration file? I'm new to Ubunutu and Linux. How do I get wvdial to work? Thanks.
  2. Hi All, I live in Kollam, Kerala. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 from a 4gb USB stik with about 2gb of persistent space. The 12.04 has all the updates. I have a Reliance NetConnect+ account with a ZTE-AC2736 modem. I went thru the Ubuntu 12.04 Network Settings and created a Mobile Broadband connection. This works and I can get on the internet, but only sometimes. Sometimes the Reliance modem connects, sometimes not. The modem is plugged directly into my USB port; no extension cable. I also have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on my laptop (dual boot system). Reliance *always* connects when I'm in 10.10. Any reason why Reliance only *sometimes* works in 12.04 and *always* works in 10.10? I have the small Reliance CD that came with the modem. Should I install the Linux drivers onto my 12.04 system? Or will that only mess things up? Will the drivers work in 12.04? Or are the driver too old? Anyone else trying to use Reliance NetConnect+ with Ubuntu 12.04? How is it working for you? Thanks very much for your help. Kind Regards, Advait "...and I grow dizzy..."