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  1. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    And I guess all those on kitkat ZVC should revert back to a previous build before they too encounter such a problem.. Its better to be safe on ZVA than sorry on ZVC..
  2. Samsung Note 3 sprint USB not detecting

    uninstall and re-install drivers.. Or uninstall device from device manager by right click menu and then reconnect to pc using usb cable..
  3. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Follow Vinodji's guide on rooting through ioroot.. It works on ZVC too i guess.. So is your phone Sprint Unlocked for International??
  4. ShopAndShip / PPO Box & other package forwarders

    Ishopinternational has stopped shipping Used, Bad Esn & Carrier Locked phones till further notice.. I would suggest you go with HSG, Shop&Ship or PPOBOX..
  5. How To:- Enable Diag Mode For Samsung Legend i200.PP

    Open App --> Open Diag Menu --> Select PDA --> Tap on Qualcomm USB Setting --> Select required option Hope that helps..
  6. How To:- Enable Diag Mode For Samsung Legend i200.PP

    Check device manager to see whether it shows what port the phone is connected on.. Use that app to switch from MTP+ADB to DM+MODEM+ADB.. I have changed spc of your phone to 000000 earlier so it is the same now and finding that is not a problem..
  7. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    And to be double sure.. Just put a service request of "EVDO not working.. Getting only 1X speed.." through Instacare app..
  8. I had encountered two cases where RUIM was getting sms even after transferring to another handset.. Getting data is something new..
  9. I just sent a service request from new handset that "Phone not getting EVDO signal.. I am getting only 1X speed.." and the request was resolved in 2 days..
  10. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    I changed my Reliance prepaid number from RUIM to Handset(Evo 3D).. Faced same issue of only 1x working and getting message of HSD already active on your number.. Since I was not going to use this handset for more than 2 weeks didn't go through the process of calling CC for EVDO de-activation & activation as it takes 4-5 calls and 3-4 days to do so.. On sunday evening I was just doing some TP on the phone and opened the Reliance Instacare app.. Saw that there was a service request feature which I hadn't tried.. So I just sent a service request that "Phone not getting EVDO signal.. I am getting only 1X speed..". And to my surprise.. Today morning EVDO was active on my phone.. I don't know whether it was activated yesterday as I didn't think that the request would see any action.. So others can try this same method and confirm whether it works for everyone or I just got lucky..
  11. ShopAndShip / PPO Box & other package forwarders

    Check last few pages of this thread.. You will find method to get SNS account for 10$ given by Hitesh ji..
  12. ShopAndShip / PPO Box & other package forwarders

    You can use either PPOBOX or hopshopgo.. Depending on your price of phone opt for either one.. For lower priced phone ppobox is the optimum choice.. For a high value phone I would suggest to opt for HSG instead..