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  1. Boost Moto G 4.4.4 Updates & FAQ [All Methods]

    After multiple attempts that failed I came across the post by the Brilliant Hitesh - Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G Used the tool kit for Boost 4.4.2 restore, updated to version 175... and then to 4.4.4 and reprogrammed handset. Thank you Hitesh bhai! Now just wondering whether to update to 5.1 or not based on the mixed feedback about reduce in the responsiveness of the UI.
  2. Boost Moto G 4.4.4 Updates & FAQ [All Methods]

    My Boost Moto G is bootloader unlocked on 4.4.2. However the System Version is 173.44.18.falcon_cdma.Boost.en.US. When i try to update, I get the notification for the 175.. (1.3 MB) update but when i try to download it is on 0% forever Is there a possibility to get the OTA update from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 to 5.1 Thank you for our inputs..
  3. CDMA REV B handsets?

    I have tried these settings in Pune Hinjewadi area. The network type shows as Rev B but the speed are lower than Rev A. Can someone please tell me what's missing here?Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks a ton Vivek for listing the steps! And thanks a lot @iamrafic for your valuable inputs. I was able to get reliance Ruim working on the handset.