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  1. Microsoft Ships Free Vista Beta2 Cd

    Just wanne know does anyone has got vista beta 2 cd......
  2. Laptop Discussion

    I recently got Dell Inspiron E1505 imported from usa i dont know i might be under warranty or not but still i have not recived any problem from its side.. the screen qualtiy is clear and crispy... still playing out with its ... I will let u know how is it in few days........ I forgot to mention its price i got in 751$ ..
  3. Who Offers Fastest Net Connectivity?

    Place Mumbai ( Mira Road , Mulund , Bhayandar, Vasai ... This are the places where mine cable wala operates ) Isp Local Cablewala (GNS) Download speed 130-180 kbps ( Have hacked in their systems, dont ask me how) Ips.. I dont get real ip ... thats what i hate... Charges... I pay only 530rs... actully this are the charges it give to customer for Unlimit 64kbps line.. Downtime... sometime due to technical problems...
  4. Microsoft Ships Free Vista Beta2 Cd

    ..... Answers were easy question were hard....... Hope i get DVD shipped ... soon
  5. Reliance RUIM card for R-UIM slot enabled handsets

    I need A RUIM Card for mine Current Number... Is it possible to get from reliance WW or any guy in Mumbai Area Could help me out ... I am ready to pay Cost For the RUIM Card... Contact me by mail or pm me ...
  6. Surging Network Problems

    Mine line has come to normal but it was worse for prepaids... I Have total of 4 conection of which 2 are postpaid and 2 prepaid.. All the connections are more than a year old... Mine post paid connection started working perfectly.. but prepaids were down till Now... I visited the WW... They are asking me due to mine documents the connection are down... i mean i need to re submit mine documents... I tryied to justfy myself but all in vain ... i was just about to leave I found a person shouting for same problem .. i just came to know there were more then an half a dozen peoples around at that time for same problem .. i was shocked I thought only i was the person who had the problem but i was wrong... there were many other customers u had same problem.. their mobiles were down... without no reason ..... they even had not informed us... that ur connections will be suspended.. i know something had gone wrong in their computers... but they wil never admit it ... I Cant trust this guys now .. but there is also no option left.. giving out you number to every client and then thinking of changing your Number... Not possible to any of us...
  7. Surging Network Problems

    I dont know but right now reliance network is down at mine place .. i see complete network .. but mine both cell phn and land line is not working .. whenever i m trying to make a call its saying plz check the number... i have even check out the customer care number its not working.... is there same problem at other circles or place...... Time 1:55 AM
  8. I wannt a new 7135 can any one pm me price in mumbai... Few questions in mind .. how is mp3 sound quality and how loud is it ... is it upto mark of nokia 6630 or 7710.. whats is it weight.. will it fight in back pocket of jeans..