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  1. Indeed what you said is right. Since it was my mistake, he categorically said 2013 and he asked me to buy from money he saved, I had no excuse left. We have made a deal that he will be given 20 bucks every fortnight (he is just 10 so this much is enough till now ) and he can buy junk food / things of his choice. If he wish he can skip taking money and but things of saved sum. I have taken him to the places where under privileged children lives but not to show what kind of life they live but to show that apart from having families kids do survive in hostels and they are not destitute, I do not believe in spreading philosophy "दुनिया में कितना गम है मेरा गम कितना कम है" rather I believe that miseries are miseries. Under estimating or over estimating misery is not necessary. It may sound very odd to many but I do not give away any thing to a person who can not afford such thing otherwise except education related stuff. Every one must earn their money. In Gujarat, storing food grains for the whole year is a custom. Just like prevalent society then, most people had limited financial resources so they were constrained to do many jobs themselves. My mother would offer us 10 paise per some measure of wheat cleaned. We all 3 siblings would earn few rupees and will save them to buy stuff for ourselves. When we grew old, my mother would offer we siblings to mop house / clean clothes / wash utensils and money saved on household help would be given to us. My father was government officer and we had lots of household help available free but was seldom used for these reasons. This way my parents taught us to earn money ourselves and I always believe it has been one of the greatest lesson we learn about life and importance of money. PM me your address, I will courier it to you.
  2. Cricket Attax 2012 cards (BRAND NEW UNOPENED PACK) http://www.flipkart.com/topps-ipl-2012-cricket-attax-carry-box/p/itmdbv2a4k8mkk9m?pid=CDGDBVFH273D2CFE&ref=776faff4-647f-4197-ae25-b2c08e5ec6ed&srno=t_6&otracker=from-search&query=cricket%20attax I ordered 2012 cards instead of 2013. So available for any one whose child may be interested in playing with 2012 cards.
  3. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    This is problem of carrier lock phones. even in Gsm US phone some times have locked features.
  4. @sadanand<br /><br />Nothing will work on nexus s 4g. Please don't waste time.<br /><br />I forgot the reason but it is related to codec.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3

    then will suggest you to reflash entire system with ODIN and ERASE EFS (PHONE EFS CLEAR) It will clear any corruption in phone NV and may resolve your problem. you will have to reprovision your phone, reroot and restore.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3

    In your Device Data DedicatedTransmission Mode (DDTM) is ON. Switch OFF DDTM. I dont know how to reach to that setting. Usually it can be reached by dialer codes. ##000000# or may be some device specific..
  7. @Rajan This is advantage of your involvement. New and better apps. :-)
  8. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    This phone is tempting but I wonder about battery life with 2 processors.
  9. @ Kanagadeepan Check screen Download here http://goo.gl/OfKls
  10. NO recording is useful on many instance let me give you some example 1. While driving you cant take notes. That time this is the only way to take notes, order, numbers etc. 2. I know a person who has used recording against insurance company where company sales person made false claims and both gave recordings to court. DSA recording was tempered. 3. Legal cases where either of the party is on receiving end. Why think that call recordings are always misused? Even using call recording in legal case is not easy task. So unless one has genuine intentions call recording is useless.
  11. Select handset as DROID BIONIC, ROOTED handset and ALSA installed. It is working on my MAXX 98.72.16, XT912
  12. @nitink, try that is the only way. Even if you make 15 will not make diff as system is designed to handle that value. @ Amitabh, in past I made JUGAD, I have no photo of it now but what I did was, used ordinary wire handsfree, glued one ear pod on MICROPHONE of it and used one ear pod for listening. That way it become LIKE ON SPEAKER for system. Microphone is receiving opposite party sound. It was fairly successful for me.
  13. I agree allowed sar for US is less than EU. I am talking about methodology to test SAR.<br /><br />http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specific_absorption_rate
  14. No, ask Verizon D2G owner.<br /><br />About sar,I AFAIK testing methodology of us and EU IS different. so values are different.
  15. True, most imports with CDMA back ground has poor radio performance.<br /><br />If signal strength is first priority, consider phone having no CDMA background.<br /><br />I too have experienced same thing wIth many Motorola and two HTC phones.
  16. Medicinal Facts and Alternates

    Excellent info. Forwarded to couple of people who would find it useful.
  17. Thanks, CDMADevTerm seems to be a great find. Posting missing link. http://code.google.com/p/cdmaworkshoptool/
  18. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Does it require lte sim like Motorola phones?
  19. Motorola Razr Maxx - Actual Use Review

    I deleted my post. After factory reset it started working. May be because of build.prop / sqlite edits it was not working.
  20. My friend bought ACER S3 ultrabook yesterday for about 49K. If you are looking for ultrabook I think this is good deal. Aspire S3 Corei5 W7HB Intel® Core™ i5-3317U processor Mobile Intel® HM77 Express Chipset 4GB DDR3 RAM/13.3" HD LED Display Intel® HD Graphics 4000 with 128 MB of dedicated system memory 500GB HDD +20GB SSD (Here is dispute after he bought, there is no SSD showing in HW manager) Optimized Dolby® Home Theater® v4 audio enhancement 1.3M camera/ BT4.0/Wifi 2-in-1Card reader/2X USB3.0/1X HDMI combo audio jack Win7Home Basic 3 yr CC upto 6hrs battery life*
  21. iPhone Exchange Offer

    Not all phones are accepted under this offer. They have list of handsets accepted.
  22. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Yes, you are right, I was over excited about possibility of having unlocked boot loader.
  23. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Wow rajan, I will download and unlock bootloader tomorrow <br /><br />Thanks a ton
  24. We need some one who can develop micro controller based system capable of switching valve in milliseconds. It should be industrial grade system with high reliability as we are going to use it for testing of our valves. We have got few system developed on bread boards or such general purpose board but they are not at all reliable and we face lots of problems. We require maximum 2 such units. If any one can help me developing such system, do let me know, I will send full details by mail.
  25. These low cost battery back up are not upto the mark. My two friends recently bought such power banks. One from Croma and another bought some known brand from local market. Capacity of both declined by more than 60% in less than 6 months. I will rather prefer buying original spare battery with suitable wall charger for spare battery.