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  1. Will the htc one m9 sprint edition work with Indian gsm carriers ? If yes how ? Thinking of buying one from ebay Thanks
  2. Xiaomi MI 3

    any one who has used both the mi3 and mi4 please tell in real life which one looks better both the phones have amazing specs but if looks are the only concern which one to buy and if the mi4 is released in india wht price could be expected ps- can wait 4 months for the mi4 pps- already have a mi3 also read somewhere that the mi4 has full illumination jdi display (dont know what that means though) but looking at the above link of gsmarena both the displays look almost same
  3. read somewhere need to put a re otaf request to get my min back any help on how to do that????
  4. While doing total reprogramming, have you saved your MIN from phone (or before any time) If you are getting network and unable to dial any number, then 100% its MIN issue . If you have your MIN, dial ##000000# and enter your min Calling and sms should work. Sent from my Moto G using Tapatalk 2 no sir i dont have my min what should i do now or hot to get the min?????
  5. gurus please help yesterday by mistake did the software update for my phone and as expected network gone reprogrammed it completely once again signal is back again even *228 says phone is already configured to use with reliance but unable to make or receive any calls please help
  6. BuySell.RIMweb.in

    sir i am not able to lgin into buy/sell forum using my current id getting errror " Username or password incorrect. " please help
  7. Moto G CDMA Working On BSNL CDMA Network

    anyway to get the moto g cdma working on bsnl